Saint, The

Date: 1997
Director: Phillip Noyce
Production Company: Paramount Pictures, Rysher Entertainment, Mace Neufeld Productions

Stars: Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, Valery Nikolaev, Rade Serbedziya, Alun Armstrong, Charlotte Cornwall
Location(s): Kent, London, Oxfordshire (UK), Moscow (Russia)

Region(s): , , ,


Simon Templar steals a cold fusion formaula and then wishes he hadn’t as he becomes involved both romantically and with the Russian mafia. SJ

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Kilmer's orphan home, where he hones his skills. Wyfold Court, a grade II listed French Gothic mansion in Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire. Once also a hospital, now apartments.

Serbedziya arrives at the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The real Foreign Affairs Ministry is one of seven Stalinist skyscrapers dating from the late 1940s and 1950s which stands on Smolenskaya-Sennaya Place in Moscow, but . . . . . .

image no 2

. . . . . . this is the entrance to the Hotel Ukraina, now the Radisson Royal Hotel, on Kutuzovsky Prospect, another of the Stalinist skyscrapers. (PW)

This is a reverse point of view from the outside the Hotel Ukraina and in the distance stands The White House on the left and the Bank of Moscow to the right.

image no 3

The view is similar but taken from a slightly different location as the hotel's multi storey car park now stands in the way of an accurate comparison. (PW)

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An interior. Freemason's Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, WC2.

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Another interior, this time the Drapers' Hall, Throgmorton Street, EC2.

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Kilmer in disguise in Moscow.

PW identifies this as the Church of the Theotokos of Kazan next to the huge GUM department store in Red Square, Moscow 3.

image no 7

The original 300 year old church, also known as Kazan Cathedral or Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, was knocked down in 1936 and the current building is a reconstruction built between 1990 and 1993. (PW)

Moscow's Red Square.

image no 8

Confirmed as Red Square by Phil Wilkinson, this view has the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed or Pokrovsky Cathedral, often referred to as St. Basil's Cathedral, in the left distance and the the Moscow Kremlin on the right.

Kilmer arrives at his hideout in 81 Holland Park, W11, once the Halcyon Hotel.

image no 9

Taken when it was still a hotel. SJ

Berlin airport, in fact Westminster School gym, at the time belonging to the RHS, in London, SW1.

image no 10

As it looks now. SJ

A close-up showing the stars on site.

image no 11

Taken after dusk. This interior was also seen in Children of Men, Pink Floyd The Wall, Richard III, Piccadilly Jim and IJ and the Temple of Doom as London Movie Guide will tell one. SJ

Shue at the Shelley Memorial, University College, High Street, Oxford.

image no 12

Now, after a little renovation. SJ

Kilmer watches Shue admire the sculpture.

image no 13

The bench has gone. SJ

Godstow Bridge and The Trout Inn, 195 Godstow Rd., Lower Wolvercote near Oxford.

image no 14

Not straightforward to achieve this angle. SJ

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An interior as Kilmer and Shue dine. Couldn't find this inside The Trout Inn.

Shue somewhere in Oxford.

image no 16

Spotted by Jonathan B-P who showed me the spot on St John Street, Oxford.

Shue tends to Kilmer who's faking a wound.

image no 17

Nice bike. SJ

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A rear entrance to the hotel but this is not the back of Holland Park.

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Escaping from Vilmer's hideout.

Another establishing shot, Broadway SW1.

image no 21

Now. SJ

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An interior with ornate detail around the clock.

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Kilmer and Shue keeping a low profile.

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Kilmer and Shue hide from Nikolaev. Looking north along the Vodootvodny Canal with Sadovnicheskaya Naberezhnaya to the right.

image no 25

A similar view taken from Zverev Most in the Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow. (PW)

Nikolaev senses a presence but Shue is submerged in the ice and Kilmer in the freezing canal.

image no 26

The weather's better but the view isn't. Looking across at the east side of the Vodootvodny Canal from Ozerkovskaya Naberezhnaya. (PW)

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image no 27

From a similar viewpoint, this is Zverev Bridge crossing Vodootvodny Canal. The footbridge links the Zamoskvorechye district with Bolotny Island. (PW)

A close-up of the building in which they take refuge after freezing in the canal.

image no 28

Sadovnicheskaya Embankment. As with many other areas in Moscow, redevelopment is taking place and the building has been demolished. (PW)

Amherst Tunnels in Chatham, Kent.

image no 29

Not the same place but taken from the entrance. SJ

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This'll take some finding in the English countryside.

Now back in Oxford with Shue about to give her lecture on cold fusion.

image no 31

Shue is striding into Radcliffe Square from the Bodleian Library. And thank you to my red-fleeced guide and chauffeur Jonathan B-P casually caught in shot. SJ

She enters Radcliffe Square, but seems to be turning back whence she came.

image no 32

The Radcliffe Camera as seen from the Bodleian Library. SJ

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Kilmer and Armstrong look forward to the lecture in the Speech Room of Harrow School.

The police look for Kilmer in vain, Oxford. Catte Street, which also appears in ‘Sebastian’, ‘Another Country’ and ‘Incense for the Damned’.

image no 34

This is looking north on Catte Street with Radcliffe Square behind me. SJ