Salvage Gang, The (Children’s Film Foundation)

Date: 1958
Director: John Krish
Production Company: World Wide

Stars: Christopher Warbey, Ali Allen, Mandy Harper, Frazer Hines, Richard Molinas, Robin Ford, Charles Lamb, Wilfrid Brambell
Location(s): London



When they break a saw whilst building a rabbit hutch, a group of children do odd jobs to earn money for a replacement.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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When Pat's Dad's saw gets blunted, Kim and his pals set out to earn some money to buy a replacement.

At the canal, Kim (Frazer Hines) shouts down to a Boatman (Robin Ford) who's busy painting. Looking down onto the Grand Union Canal towing path from Warwick Crescent in W9 with Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge in the distance.

image no 2

Health and Safety clearly demands railings now. (RL)

Freddy (Christopher Warbey), Pat (Mandy Harper), Ali (Ali Allen) and Kim persuade the Boatman to let them finish painting his narrow boat while he rests. The junction of the Grand Union Canal's Regent's Canal and Paddington Branch in Maida Vale.

image no 3

All the painting has been done for this year. (RL)

The children start painting as the Boatman falls asleep in the cabin. In the background stand properties on Blomfield Road. The area was also seen in 'The End of the Affair', 'Interlude', 'The Blue Lamp', 'Georgie Girl' and 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds'.

image no 4

A tranquil autumn day. (RL)

When he wakes up the Boatman is furious to see the whole of his boat painted yellow and the children make a run for it. Regent's Canal in London's Little Venice.

image no 5

I struggled to find a reference point for this shot, so very happy for it to be replaced. (RL)

Trying again to raise the required cash, Ali and Pat start a dog washing service. The corner of Colebrooke Row and Gerrard Road N1 with the Church of St John the Evangelist on Duncan Terrace in the background.

image no 6

Greenery obscure the view in this picture by Peter.

Deciding to wash cars instead, Freddie and Kim go in search of Mr. Caspanelli, a tea stall owner who has a car.

image no 7

Peter took this looking towards Duncan Terrace from the corner of Colebrooke Row and Gerrard Road in Islington.

At a nearby construction site, the two boys attract Mr. Caspanelli's attention and he agrees to let them wash his car.

image no 8

Peter provides this comparison courtesy of a location identification by 'StoneAgeMan' from the Britmovie forum. This is Bramber overlooking Judd Street Park on Cromer Road in WC1.

While Ali marches up and down with his sandwich board, Pat sets about washing Freddie's dog Sally again. Looking along Colebrooke Row from the corner of Gerrard Road, Islington N1.

image no 9

Peter was at the same corner, now with new buildings to the left but the row of chimney pots to the top right are still visible through the trees tops.

Sally gets bathed for the fourth time. This corner of Colebrooke Row and Gerrard Road is now occupied by Hermitage House.

image no 10

Hermitage House seen in this image from Peter.

Pat calls after Sally when she runs off. Facing the junction of Duncan Terrace with Charlton Place from the corner of Colebrooke Row and Gerrard Road.

image no 11

Peter's camera found a similar view.

Sally runs through the streets as the children race after her. The corner of Gerrard Road and Devonia Road with Our Lady of Czestochowa and Saint Casimir church to the left.

image no 12

The same corner from Peter.

Mr. Caspanelli (Richard Molinas) is livid when he sees that Freddie and Kim have caused several parts to fall off his beloved car. Judd Street Park in Bloomsbury.

image no 13

Peter captured the area almost sixty years later.

Pat and Ali follow Sally onto the building site where Freddie and Kim are trying to put Mr. Caspanelli's car back together. The area is now Judd Street Park, or Judd Street Open Space, and the church is Holy Cross on Cromer Street, London WC1. Identification by 'StoneAgeMan' of the Britmovie Forum.

image no 14

Comparison picture by Peter.

The friends run from the building site leaving Mr. Caspanelli with his wrecked car. Scrubs Lane in NW10 with Mitre Bridge over the West Coast Main Line in the left background.

image no 15

Quite a change on this stretch of road. (PW)

Out of breath, the four youngsters pause. Scrubs Lane, White City.

image no 16

There's not much to see but a scrap yard still operates on the site. (PW)

The children tell Shorty (Charles Lamb) about their predicament but the salvage collector tells them that he can't help as business is poor. Scrubs Lane NW10, also seen in 'The Knack' capture 17 as pointed out by Roland-François Lack. (RL)

image no 17

Some of the buildings still stand. (PW)

Having the idea of collecting and selling their own scrap metal, the Kim, Freddie, Ali and Pat deliver leaflets to the surrounding streets. Facing north-east on Linton Street in N1.

image no 18

Linton Street now, by Peter.

More leaflets are delivered. Looking at the north-east side of Union Square from Linton Street in Islington.

image no 19

Peter was at the same corner.

The last leaflets are delivered before the children go home. The corner of Union Square and Linton Street.

image no 20

The post box appears to have put on a little weight! Picture by Peter.

On the morning of the children's planned collection, Shorty is delighted to see so much scrap left in the streets. Linton Street at the corner of Union Square.

image no 21

Peter found the steps still there.

After helping his Mother to prepare for their house move, Freddie races on his kart to meet with his friends to begin the salvage collection.

image no 22

David Corne found this location for us, Wharton Street, London WC1 looking towards Bethany House in Lloyds Square. (RL)

When the children arrive in the street they are disappointed not to see any scrap waiting for them to collect. Linton Street with The Hanbury Arms public house and the corner of Mary Street to the right.

image no 23

The pub appears to be in business without a name in Peter's present day image.

A Lady brings saucepans to Shorty and his overloaded handcart. Union Square N1 with the spire of St James's church in the top distance.

image no 24

Peter captured this view from the pavement as the roadway was full!

Sally runs away and the children set off after her. The south-east side of Linton Street.

image no 25

Except for the cars, an almost identical view taken by Peter.

Shorty pushes his loaded handcart from the street. Union Square with Linton Street in the background.

image no 26

Peter provides the comparison of a largely unchanged square.

While Freddie chases after Sally, the others continue the search for scrap. Looking towards Packington Street on Raleigh Street N1 with Chantry Street crossing to the left and right.

image no 27

The same street, snapped by Peter.

When they turn into the street where Freddie lives, the children at last find scrap metal has been left out for them to collect. This is Chantry Street, facing the crossroads with Raleigh Street and Cruden Street in the distance.

image no 28

Peter found trees lining the street now.

Ali spots a brass bed leaning against railings. Chantry Street in N1. This side of the street has been demolished and the City Of London Academy now occupies the site.

image no 29

The same street now by Peter.

Freddie catches up with Sally and takes her home, just missing Pat, Ali and Kim as they take the bed. Peter found Chantry Street looking towards the junction of Raleigh Street.

image no 30

This shot by Peter has Rheidol Terrace in the far distance.

Meanwhile, Shorty struggles into the salvage yard with his barrow. Looking towards Scrubs Lane in White City.

image no 31

With thanks to the guys at Capital Metal Recycling for allowing access. (PW)

Pat, Ali and Kim also head towards the salvage depot with the bed that they found. The builders yard stood at the junction of St. Peter's Street and Colebrooke Row in Islington N1.

image no 32

Peter remarks that the wall appears to have been rebuilt a few times and has lost three courses of bricks.

The children hurry on their way. Colebrooke Row looking towards Essex Road, London N1 say Ron and Ray. (RL)

image no 33

A slightly off angle shot as Peter tries to highlight the building . . . . not the van.

When they arrive at the depot, the Owner (Harry Brunning) agrees to buy the bed for ten shillings. In the background runs Scrubs Lane NW10.

image no 34

The location of the weighbridge. (PW)

Freddie's Mother (Bay White) is angry with removal men Bill (Brian Sunners), Alf (George Tovey) and Sam (Hamlyn Benson) when it's discovered that Freddie's bed has gone missing. Chantry Street in Islington.

image no 35

An enlarged educational establishment now stands to the right in this shot from Peter.

Freddie runs from the house to find his mates . . . and his bed! Looking south-west on Colebrooke Row in Islington with the Church of St John the Evangelist to the extreme right.

image no 36

Peter took a view along the same road some 58 years later.

Pat, Kim and Ali head home from the scrap yard. Colebrooke Row with St. Peter's Street in the left of centre background.

image no 37

A modern view from the same spot by Peter.

Kim, Ali and Pat feel pleased with their work until Freddie catches up with them and explains that it was his bed that they sold. Colebrooke Row in N1.

image no 38

Peter found a few cars making an accurate comparison impossible.

Herbert (Geoffrey Matthews) approaches and buys the bed. Looking out onto Scrubs Lane, London NW10.

image no 39

Looking from the yard now operated by Capital Metal Recycling. With thanks to the staff for their assistance. (PW)

A hardware shop is passed on the way back to the salvage yard. Ray Glenister locates a redeveloped Essex Road, London N1 with the reassuring news that The Kings public house remains in business at No59 on the corner with St Mary's Path. (RL)

image no 40

With a lorry obstructing a more accurate shot, Peter takes a closer view of The Kings at the corner of St. Mary's Path.

Herbert secures the bed onto the back of his lorry as the children approach the salvage depot. Facing north on Scrubs Lane with Bee Bee Biscuits' Sunya House at the corner of Hythe Road to the top, left of centre.

image no 41

From street level. (PW)

Finding that the bed has been sold, the friends chase after Herbert's lorry as he drives away.

image no 42

More of Scrubs Lane. (PW)

When they lose the truck, the four decide to follow by bus. Outside the former City Arms on City Road facing the junction with City Garden Row to the left and Central Street and Macclesfield Road over on the right.

image no 43

The pub's become a shop and, across the way, there's a touch of urban redesign on the far side of a busier road. (PW)

Jumping onto a number 78, the children continue to chase the lorry carrying Freddie's bed. City Road in EC1 with Cayton Street heading west in the centre.

image no 44

From street level this is the remarkably little changed view 58 years on. (PW)

The camera pans to follow the two vehicles. City Road with Moorfields Eye Hospital on the right. The hospital was seen in 'The Day of the Triffids'.

image no 45

A street-side view of the same spot. Shame about the missing buildings. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Herbert's Bedford lorry is held up at a junction. Ron and Ray Glenister pinpoint the junction as that of Old Street and to the left, Bath Street, London EC1 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The children keep tabs on the lorry from the upper deck of the bus. Old Kent Road, London SE1, Marcia Road off to the left and further on the right hand side the junction with Surrey Square. Those acquainted with area of London may recall the magnificent premises of Geo. Carter on the left here. (RL)

The journey continues. Looking south on City Road with the junction of East Road on the left.

image no 48

The view from the top deck of a bus is much clearer now. (PW)

The children spot Herbert when he takes a break at a corner cafe and they get off the bus at the next stop. The snack bar stood at the corner of City Road and Haverstock Street in EC1.

image no 49

Same place, different business. (PW)

As the children's bus catches up, Herbert drives away. To the left stands Warwick House, premises of bookbinders Webb, Son and Co. Ltd. that stood opposite the snack bar on City Road.

image no 50

Something is missing! Maybe it's a beautifully designed building . . . . or is it just a lorry? (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Hot on the bed's tail again! Old Kent Road, London SE1 just past Penry Street looking south east. The opening on the left hand side is to a garage, the site still looks after the needs of the motorist but now hand washing and valeting services. (RL)

Herbert takes his lorry across Tower Bridge and drives on, south of the river. The bridge spans the Thames connecting Tower Hamlets and Southwark.

image no 52

A similar view by Peter.

When they see the lorry parked up while Herbert takes another break, the youngsters alight from the bus and climb over the tailboard.

image no 53

Found by Ron and Ray Glenister, Queen Elizabeth Street, London SE1 at the junction with Tower Bridge Road and supported by a shot from Google Earth. (RL)

When it's explained what has happened, Herbert agrees to let the children take the bed.

image no 54

Western side of Queen Elizabeth Street, London SE1 at its junction with Tower Bridge Road identified by Ron and Ray Glenister and supported by Google Earth. (RL)

Pat, Ali, Freddie and Kim set off with the bed.

image no 55

Another view of Queen Elizabeth Street from its junction with Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 identified by Ron and Ray Glenister with the aid of Google. (RL)

The bed is taken back over Tower Bridge. In the background stand the warehouses that once stood around Potters Fields in SE1.

image no 56

Peter took this from bridge level.

The children carry on, pushing the bed through the City. This is facing east on Tower Hill with The Crooked Billet public house standing in the left distance and the Tower of London out of view to the right.

image no 57

This comparison from Peter shows quite a few changes.

  • 'Now' required

Looking west along Upper Thames Street from King William Street with the ruined Cannon Street station train shed in the distance and Fishmonger's Hall and Fishmonger's Hall Street to the left. The road leading off in the near right is the Miles's Lane, the other end of which is seen in the next image.

The Monument seen across King William Street from Arthur Street EC4 with the now lost Miles's Lane on the right.

image no 59

Peter grabbed the best shot possible as the area from where the screen capture was taken is currently a building site.

When the bed's wheels start to squeak, Freddie dashes into a garage to find some oil. The sign reads 'Golden Acre Service Station' which was situated at the corner of Central Street and Mitchell Street in EC1. The building seen to the top right is Wenlake House, which still stands off Old Street.

image no 60

Can't see Wenlake House as it's now obscured by a later built block. (PW)

The others struggle onward. Looking north along Central Street with the White Horse public house at the corner of Paton Street in the centre distance.

image no 61

Spot the difference!! (PW)

Freddie oils the wheels before the bed is pushed onwards. The Golden Acre Service Station which stoodat the corner of Central Street and Mitchell Street. The site is now occupied by the Bunhill Energy Centre which provides district heating.

image no 62

It's a close view but this is the woodwork that surrounds the Bunhill Energy Centre. (PW)

Another street, and it appears that the friends are getting nowhere.

image no 63

Our Sydney sleuths Ray and Ron locate this as Viscount Street, London EC2 at the junction with Brackley Street looking towards St. Giles-without-Cripplegate. Well, St Giles was visible after the War! With thanks to Google Earth. (RL)

The long trek continues. To the right stands St. Mary Somerset Tower at the corner of Upper Thames Street and Lambeth Hill in EC4.

image no 64

The tower is now an isolated survivor from a past age. Picture by Peter.

When they come across St. Paul's Cathedral the children realise that they've gone the wrong way. This was a bomb damaged Upper Thames Street but the heavily redeveloped thoroughfare is now called Castle Baynard Street. The area was well used by the Lavender Hill Mob.

image no 65

Peter provides this modern shot with St. Paul's still partly visible.

The bedstead is pushed towards The Royal Exchange. This is the junction of Prince's Street, Poultry, Queen Victoria Street, King William Street, Cornhill and Threadneedle Street in EC3 with the Bank of England on the left. The recognisable location is also seen in 'Tube Tales', Circus of Fear', 'The Sandwich Man' and many other.

image no 66

Less cloud in this picture by Peter.

Looking down onto Lower Thames Street EC3 from King William Street with the Steam Packet Tavern public house at the corner of Fish Street Hill on the left. A similar view was seen in 'Hue and Cry'.

image no 67

Peter found roadworks in progress.

Bollards bar the way but the bed is too heavy to be lifted over them. Mitchell Street at the junction with Ironmonger Row in EC1.

image no 68

It doesn't appear that the brewery ever got around to rebuilding the Eight Bells public house on the left. (PW)

The bed is dismantled and taken between the bollards. Behind the railings stands St. Luke's Church.

image no 69

The spire of St. Luke's Church was seen in 'The Cracksman' and 'What a Crazy World'. (PW)

The journey continues after the bed is rebuilt. Facing west on Mitchell Street with St. Luke's church yard on the right and St. Luke's Garden to the left.

image no 70

It's obvious that more vehicles are allowed down this section of road now! (PW)

It's a tight squeeze when more bollards are reached. The corner of Mitchell Street and Helmet Row in EC1.

image no 71

There's an easier way through the bollards now. (PW)

The kids are getting tired.

image no 72

In front of Bowater House on Fann Street EC1 with Fortune House and St. Mark's Tower on Fortune Street to the right. (PW)

Kim spots a drinking fountain. The south-west corner of Finsbury Square in EC2.

image no 73

A completely redesigned and re-shaped Square. (RL)

While Freddie 'parks' the bed, the children have a drink during a well deserved break. The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association's fountain in Finsbury Square.

image no 74

The fountain has been moved to the South-East corner and appears now to be "dry". (RL)

A Man (Keith Pyott) is trapped inside a telephone box after Freddie leaves the bed blocking the door. Finsbury Square with Finsbury Pavement on the extreme right. Julie Andrews was here in 'The Americanisation of Emily'.

image no 75

The same location now. (RL)

Freddie tells his pals that they've gone the wrong way again. But Ray and Ron can help them because they have found exactly where they were, between Nos 35 and 36 Canonbury Square, London N1 (RL)

image no 76

And it's not long before Peter comes along to capture the spot.

Not watching where they are going, the children push the bed into the back of a car, outside No 32 Canonbury Square identify Ron and Ray.

image no 77

Another up to date shot from Peter, this is the the corner near 32 Canonbury Square.

The car driver gets out and is recognised as the Man from the phone box. Standing outside No 31 Canonbury Square advise Ray and Ron. (RL)

image no 78

More proof by Peter.

The route of the earlier bus ride is retraced in reverse. City Road in EC1 with the corner of Britannia Walk N1 to the left of centre.

image no 79

The passage of time is very evident. (PW)

As a Tramp (Wilfrid Brambell) sleeps on a nearby bench, the children leave the bed and cross the road to look at the prices of saws in hardware shop. Clerkenwell Green in EC1. The right background building has been home to the Marx Memorial Library since 1933.

image no 80

Peter found a few changes here.

The Tramp wakes and looks over the bed while Kim, Freddie, Ali and Pat cross the road to browse the shop's window for a saw. Looking towards Aylesbury Street from Clerkenwell Green with Woodbridge House at the corner of Sekforde Street in the right of centre distance.

image no 81

The same location taken by Peter.

The bed's springs are tested. Facing The Crown public house at the corner of Clerkenwell Green and Clerkenwell Close.

image no 82

Peter found that the pub is still open.

The saws are expensive, more than the ten shillings. Clerkenwell Green in EC1 with Aylesbury Street to the right. The location was seen in 'A Fish Called Wanda'.

image no 83

A similar view in this image from Peter.

When they return to the bed, the friends find the Tramp fast asleep. Clerkenwell Green with Clerkenwell Close to the right.

image no 84

Looks like Peter found all of the buildings still standing.

Deciding to carry on, the children start to push the bed with the Tramp on board. Mike Taylor advises that the public house in the background was named The Star until around 2007.

image no 85

It would take more than a change of name to fool Peter where pubs are concerned. The corner of Baldwin Terrace and St. Peter Street, London N1 (RL)

Realising that the Tramp is awake, the youngsters take him to the construction site where Mr. Caspanelli helps to get rid of him. Facing north-west on St. Peter's Street with Cluse Court on the right and the the corners of Burgh Street and Frome Street ahead.

image no 86

Peter accepts that he should have been further back but he was hampered by "greenery". (RL)

The gang push Freddie's bed the last few yards towards his new home.

image no 87

Union Square at the corner of Linton Street in Islington by Peter.

When they tell Shorty that the scrap that he collected was meant for them, the salvage collector gives the children enough of his earnings to buy a new saw. Raleigh Street N1 with Queen's Head Street and the former Queen's Head Street School to the left of centre. The houses on the right no longer stand and the whole site is now occupied by the City Of London Academy.

image no 88

The original school stands behind the trees in this shot by Peter.

Ali, Pat, Kim, Freddie and Sally run to the hardware shop. Facing Essex Road from Packington Street in N1 with the spire of St. Mary's Church on Upper Street in the right of centre distance.

image no 89

This is a similar view from Peter.

With the new saw for Pat's Dad, the children head home. Duncan Street in N1 with The York Hotel public house on the left and Upper Street beyond Islington High Street ahead.

image no 90

Peter captured the same location.