Smart Alec

Date: 1951
Director: John Guillermin
Production Company: Vandyke Pictures

Stars: Peter Reynolds, Leslie Dwyer, Edward Lexy, Kynaston Reeves, Charles Hawtrey.
Location(s): London



Young Alec Albion (Peter Reynolds) plans successfully to kill his rich uncle with an unusual method that will leave no evidence. The plan is pure and simple, as is his alibi, but the murder does not go to plan.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

James, the Concierge at Stockleigh Hall (Capture 9) advised that during the War, Canadian, Australian and American troops were billeted there and that they had to go over the road to the London Zoo to eat.

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The film opens with an organ grinder and his monkey preparing to move on. Marble Arch, London looking towards Great Cumberland Place.

image no 1

Significant changes have occurred over the years to accommodate the increased traffic.

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He arrives at ‘Stockleigh Hall’ to start playing. 51 Prince Albert Road, London NW8 Also seen in ‘Four Days’

image no 2

More residents have cars these days. With thanks to James for his cooperation and interest in allowing me to take this and other shots at 'Stockleigh Hall'.

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Following a pan of the building we see Alec (Peter Reynolds) looking up to an apartment

image no 3

As with many apartment blocks an additional floor has been added.

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To see a man, Edward Hale (Frederick Morant), coming onto his balcony.

image no 4

This was the balcony behind Alec!

<?php echo 5; ?>

Gossage (Leslie Dwyer), the Porter, asks if he can help Alec.

image no 5

Nice Art Deco features.

<?php echo 6; ?>

Alec runs towards a delivery lorry to collect a package.

image no 6

And I had to wait for a delivery van to leave.

<?php echo 7; ?>

Uncle Eddie is found shot and he is taken away

image no 7

Fortunately no such activity whilst I was there.

<?php echo 8; ?>

inspector Ashley (Edward Lexy) and Farr (Charles Hawtrey) discuss the case and the fact that it is Farr’s first murder case.

image no 8

If only there had been a vehicle of the same period parked.

<?php echo 9; ?>

Alec is charged with the murder of his uncle and appears at the Old Bailey.

image no 9

The 'Scales of Justice' tipped in my favour amongst all the construction work going on around me.

<?php echo 10; ?>

The Central Criminal Court entrance.

image no 10

Another entrance must have been in use.

<?php echo 11; ?>

The Jury is out! Meanwhile witness for Reelstreets, Ray Glenister, provides the location. Marble Arch looking up Edgware Road.

image no 11

Dave W provides the "now" shot for us revealing that at least some of the original remains to be appreciated. (RL)

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After is acquittal he sees his wife Judith (Mercy Haystead) into a taxi so that she can have a short break

image no 12

Only now did I realise that some of the old had been demolished to build the extension.

<?php echo 13; ?>

As he does so his girlfriend Sylvia (Annette Simmonds) sees the scene unfold.

image no 13

Without an observer.

<?php echo 14; ?>

Instead she diverts the taxi to take her back to ‘Stockleigh Hall’.

image no 14

It is only right to thank James once again.

<?php echo 15; ?>

When it was found that he had actually killed Uncle Eddie’s twin brother, Alec makes his escape. Hyde Park Crescent, London

image no 15

Even from ground level it is clear how much road has been reclaimed.

<?php echo 16; ?>

A taxi drives off as he tries to hail it.

image no 16

A taxi draws up on cue.

<?php echo 17; ?>

He avoids a funeral cortege.

image no 17

Re-development to the background.

<?php echo 18; ?>

But is eventually arrested for the murder of his Uncle Charles.

image no 18

Doesn't it make you nostalgic for 'the good old days'?