Smashing Time

Date: 1967
Director: Desmond Davis
Production Company: Partisan Productions, Selmur Productions

Stars: Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Michael York, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl, Ian Carmichael
Location(s): London



Two young women arrive in London to make it big in show business, and become corrupted by money and fame in the process.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Yvonne (Lynn Redgrave) screams as the train bringing the girls to London arrives at the terminus. Looking north from Marylebone station, London NW1.

image no 1

OK, not the exact location. Due to track alterations, sale of railway land and new buildings it's not possible to get the right shot. The bridge that the train is passing over is the one in the mid-ground of the screen capture.

The train from the north slows on the approach to . . . . . . . St. Pancras station in NW1!

image no 2

On a diverted journey from Birmingham to London, the opportunity was taken to capture the same location, compete with the slab like addition to the original station. I'm sure that someone found it architecturally beautiful . . . especially the one that got paid for designing it. (PW)

Brenda (Rita Tushingham) and Yvonne get off the train back at Marylebone station, London NW1.

image no 3

Due to 1970's alterations, the roof and platform layout of today's station is somewhat different but this appears to be the same location.

The girls head for the station exit. Still Marylebone station which has appeared in films as diverse as 'Violent Moment', 'Life at the Top', 'The Day of the Triffids', 'Rotten to the Core', 'Up Jumped a Swagman', Carry on Girls', 'The Internecine Project', 'Don't Open till Christmas', 'The IPCRESS File' and 'One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing'.

image no 4

A reverse point of view from image 03n.

Meanwhile, back at St Pancras station, Brenda stands in the entrance looking out onto Euston Road, London NW1.

image no 5

This is now the entrance to the Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras. The round pillar was hiding!

The girls emerge from St Pancras station.

image no 6

Nearly got the shot - not quite high enough. Was lovely inside though. We were here in 'The Servant' and also again in 'The Naked Civil Servant'.

Brenda and Yvonne outside St Pancras station in London NW1.

image no 7

Same place, different decade.

The girls ask a drunk (George A. Cooper) for directions to Carnaby Street.

image no 8

Outside St Pancras station looking towards Euston Road at the junction with Judd Street.

The drunk says that he is going that way so Brenda and Yvonne follow.

image no 9

The trip from St Pancras to Carnaby street is illustrated by a montage of scenes starting at St Pancras station seen from from Euston Road.

Euston station in the course of being rebuilt as viewed from Euston Road, London NW1.

image no 10

And how much better it looks after rebuilding!

Passing Great Portland Street station on Marylebone Road and heading in the opposite direction!!

image no 11

The same location now looking pretty much the same.

The junction of Tottenham Court Road, Euston Road and Hampstead Road on the boundaries of WC1 and NW1 identified by Peter.

image no 12

Tris provides this view looking south-east across Euston Road to the junctions of Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street with, far left, the University College London hospital, opened in 2005.

In the background stands the Post Office Tower (in those days) now called the BT Tower.

image no 13

Lisa Watson sent this in; Weymouth St, Marylebone, London. Google image.

Interesting building in the background. Tris advises that this is Buck Street in Camden Town NW1. The unusual building to the rear has since been demolished and the mysterious brick structure to the right is the entrance to the Camden Town Deep-Level Shelter.

image no 14

Lisa Watson sent in this Google shot of Buck Street looking from Camden High Street adding "The white building in the background is the ABC Bakery - I think".

The railway is the North London Line and Paul Canty advises that this is taken from Hawley Street looking towards Hawley Road and Leybourne Road in London NW1. The same area where 'The Tall Guy' and 'It Always Rains on Sunday' were shot.

image no 15

Indeed it is, but many changes have taken place. (RL)

The montage continues - passing the The Camden Palace, then known as BBC's Camden Theatre and since renamed Koko. Also seen in 'Breaking Glass'.

image no 16

Camden High Street at the junction with Crowndale Road, Camden Town NW1.

The journey continues past the corner of Chalk Farm Road and Hawley Street in NW1. Found by Paul Canty who notes that the building on the left is now a Costa Coffee.

image no 17

To prove Paul right. (RL)

A road with a bus route and on the right hand corner is a shop called Faustus. Paul Canty advises that this is looking north up Fleet Road NW3 with Siddons House in the background.

image no 18

Confirmed by Peter with this shot of the same location now. More redevelopment and greenery on the left and the roof space of the right background buildings utilised.

The girls finally get to the drunks destination but he misunderstood and thought that they had asked for 'Camden Street'. The junction of Southampton Road, Fleet Road, Mansfield Road and Lismore Road in London NW3. The area has been redeveloped.

image no 19

This is the junction now looking up Fleet Road, NW3. SJ

The drunk is helped onto the lorry by his workmates. Southampton Road runs to the left.

image no 20

Note the towers on the right. NW3/NW5 border. SJ

Mansfield Road runs from left to right, behind Yvonne, at the corner of Southampton Road and the now demolished Lismore Road in London NW3/5. The Mansfield Hotel public house has also long since disappeared.

image no 21

The signs still look the same on the wall. SJ

The lorry drives away along Fleet Road NW3. The buildings on the right still stand.

image no 22

Yup, there they are. Southampton Road, NW5, becomes Agincourt Road, NW3 running up towards Hampstead. SJ

Paul Canty says this is Lismore Road NW5, demolished in the late 1960's. "You can see Fleet Road, NW3 and Southampton Road in the background of later scenes."

image no 23

These are the background buildings which can be seen in later scenes. Taken from roughly where Lismore Road once stood in NW5. SJ

Brenda falls into a puddle whilst Yvonne sorts her make-up out. Lismore Road again. Loz Park notes the caff and a newsagent with attractive art nouveau corners to the windows.

image no 24

A production still from the film. See also: for more images'.

Yvonne leaves Brenda and sets off to find Carnaby Street. Lismore Road.

image no 25

This is, again roughly, what one would see now. See Bacton Tower in the background, which had just been built to be captured in other scenes. SJ

Yvonne dances towards Carnaby Street. Marlborough Court, with Carnaby Street in the background identified by Roland-Francois Lack.

image no 26

The same location now by Roland-Francois Lack.

Tom Wabe (Michael York) takes pictures of models on Carnaby Street, London W1.

image no 27

Richard Lovejoy took this now shot and adds '52 Carnaby Street, a little more interesting in 1967!'

  • 'Now' required

Yvonne walks behind a model whilst she is being photographed. Carnaby Street W1.

A policeman passes Harry's cafe on Lismore Road.

image no 29

Demoliton of Lismore Street was held off until the filmmakers, who had to dress the street suitably to present a vibrant market, were finished. SJ

Brenda waits for Yvonne outside Harry's cafe. Lismore Road NW5.

image no 30

A general shot of what's there now. SJ

Yvonne returns to find Brenda. Lismore Road.

image no 31

Only thing in common is the white-faced Bacton Tower on Lismore Circus. SJ

The girls need a place to live and Brenda needs new clothes. Lismore Road NW5.

image no 32

The junction in the background, as seen in above shots, with Palgrave House, NW3, towering above in both then and now. SJ

Yvonne sees an advertisement for a flat on the films 'Grudge Street'. Lismore Road again.

image no 33

Redgrave is looking north and this would now be her background looking south-east. SJ

  • 'Now' required

16 Grudge Street, the girls new flat!

  • 'Now' required

Brenda leaves Mrs Gimbles shop in her new clothes. The long demolished Lismore Road.

Showing off her new clothes, Brenda is reflected in a car's wing mirror.

image no 36

The then must be Lismore Road looking towards Lismore Circus as it just catches Bacton Tower on its right. This now just missed the tower! SJ

Brenda admires herself in a larger mirror. David O'Connor advises that this is Lismore Circus from the end of Lismore Road. The same corner was seen in 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds'.

image no 37

Looking east. SJ

Brenda just before she trips over a bundle of newspapers about to be thrown down in front of her. The now demolished Lismore Circus in Gospel Oak, identified by Craig Dalrymple and confirmed by David O'Connor who adds that this is at 90 degrees from image 037.

image no 38

I turned 90 degrees. I'm slightly puzzled by not being able to see Bacton Tower in the then shot as it appears in other shots, unless it's hidden by the terrace. Is/Was that the Duke of Cornwall pub to the right? SJ

  • 'Now' required

Bobby Mome-Rath (Ian Carmichael) escorts Yvonne back to his apartment. An unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

Brenda, in a cat suit, clings on to Bobby and Yvonne's taxi.

The cab draws up outside Bobby's apartment block. Clarence Terrace in NW1 identified by Roland-Francois Lack.

image no 41

And here's the proof captured by Roland-Francois.

Brenda sneaks into the building whilst Bobby pays the cab driver.

image no 42

A close-up of the above. Clarence Terrace on the west side of Regent's Park. SJ

The girls make their way home after Brenda rescues Yvonne from the approaches of Bobby. Flask Walk NW3 found by Paul Canty.

image no 43

A little more greenery has appeared over the years and the building behind the trees have also changed.

  • 'Now' required

Wandering through the morning streets. Unknown location.

Nearly home. Lismore Road, London NW5 once again.

image no 45

Taken from Mansfield Road, NW3 looking east. SJ

Charlotte Brillig (Anna Quayle) talks with Mrs Gimble (Irene Handl) outside her shop on Lismore Road.

image no 46

Another shot of the estate. This is the rear of Waxham House and its front is glimpsed in Notes on a Scandal. SJ

Charlotte offers Brenda a job in her boutique and the pair drive off in a converted hearse. Lismore Road with the junction of Southampton Road and Fleet Road in the background.

image no 47

Another shot of the surviving corner. SJ

The hearse drives into Belsize Lane from Belsize Terrace, London NW3.

image no 48

Can't be done now, not on 4 wheels, as Belsize Terrace's been blocked off. SJ

Paul Canty advises that the shop that Brenda works in is on the corner of Belsize Lane and Belsize Place in NW3.

image no 49

In 2013 a restaurant called Hazara, 44 Belsize Lane. SJ

Charlotte gets out of the hearse on Belsize Lane.

image no 50

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

A vicar (Cardew Robinson) preaches in the street outside 'Sweenie Todds' during a slapstick pie fight inside. Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

A pie also hits this Traffic Warden. Unknown location.

Kings College Road, London NW3 looking towards King Henry's Road is where a steamroller driver is blinded by a pie . . . . .

image no 53

I think the block to the right matches. SJ

. . . . causing the steamroller to head for the vicars street pulpit. Members of the Britmovie Forum identify this location as Kings College Road in NW3. However, the area was redeveloped and this section of road now forms part of Hawtrey Road.

image no 54

And so does the one on the left. The block to the right is newer looking and replaced the smaller house seen in 053. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The pulpit is destroyed. Unknown location.

Brenda and Yvonne walk towards Charlotte's 'Too Much' boutique on Belsize Lane NW3.

image no 56

That's Retsina next to Hazara, dig it the scene in 2013, just too much. SJ

A neighbour (Michael Ward) advises that Charlotte has gone to Greece and that the shop is closed. The corner of Belsize Lane and Belsize Place.

image no 57

Another phone box gone missing. SJ

The girls outside 'Too Much' on Belsize Lane.

image no 58

Reassuringly unchanged. SJ

Another montage. This time of fashion conscious women, some of whom stare at Brenda and Yvonne. Kings Road near the junction with Cheltenham Terrace SW3.

image no 59

The same place now taken by Peter.

Kings Road SW3 with the trees of Markham Square in the left centre background.

image no 60

Peter took this from the wrong side of the street as road works got in the way of the correct angle.

The montage continues. Peter identifies this as King's Road again.

image no 61

And also provides the proof.

Cars this time on Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 looking towards Wellington Square.

image no 62

Yes, well within A Clockwork Orange, I Don't Want to be Born, The Servant territory. SJ

Kings Road taken from near the junction with Tryon Street SW3.

image no 63

From further east looking the same way as above. SJ

More unknown women.

image no 64

The women may still be unknown but the location is found courtesy of Ray Glenister and Google Earth, Kings Road in Chelsea with Radnor Walk on the left and Burnsall Street on the right. (RL)

SW3 again looking south west along Kings Road.

image no 65

A closer view of the building in the top centre of the screen shot.

With no jobs or money, Brenda and Yvonne walk dejectedly through the streets. Paul Canty identifies this as Kilburn High Road NW6.

image no 66

Confirmed to be Kilburn High Road as it crosses the West Coast Main Line by Kilburn Bridge. (PW)

The girls stop to watch television show 'You can't help laughing'. Looking onto Kilburn High Road with Coventry Close to the extreme left.

image no 67

A similar view from outside the premises that are currently in use as an amusement arcade. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

During the programme, an old lady (Amy Dalby) comes home to find her house demolished. Unidentified location.

Brenda and Yvonne also arrive home to find the building demolished. Unidentified location.

image no 69

Original British film poster. Smashing Time. Minor tear, and pin holes, glossy and in good condition. Size 28" x 40" about 72cm x 100cm. € 55.00 + p&p

  • 'Now' required

Television personality Dominic (Peter Jones) approaches the girls. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Brenda pushes Dominic into a hole. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

As part of the television show, Yvonne is given a cheque for £10,000. Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

With the money, Yvonne sets herself up as a pop star. Signing autographs in an unknown location.

After her record hits the charts, Yvonne moves into a new apartment. Roland Francoise Lack suggests the old Britannic House, remodeled as City Point.

image no 74

Peter confirms the identification and sent in this image of the same location on Ropemaker Street in EC2.

Tom Wabe takes Brenda to his barge moored on the Regents Canal in NW1. This appears to be alongside what is now Camley Street Nature Park with the spire of St Pancras in the centre left background.

image no 75

The rail bridge has been demolished and a new footbridge (Somers Town Bridge) opened in 2017 nearer to camera. (RL)

Tom and Brenda get out of the car. The Regents Canal near Camley Street facing towards Goods Way, London NW1.

image no 76

It is difficult to believe that there might be such a large towpath in there somewhere. (RL)

The pair board Tom's barge. The Regents Canal near Camley Street NW1.

image no 77

It doesn't say much but the rail bridge has gone and the towpath is or was in there somewhere. (RL)

The following morning, Brenda takes in the milk delivery. The Regents Canal near Camley Street NW1.

image no 78

It's a "now" shot at least! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Brenda has her photograph taken by Tom. St. Pancras Basin on The Regents Canal with Cambridge Street Loco Shed in the background. The basin is off Camley Street, London NW1 and is also seen in '30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia'.

Tom Wabe at work. St. Pancras Basin off Camley Street in NW1. And yes, all of the odd character names are from Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky.

image no 80

Oh dear, I became a little confused here and need to return. Does that building in the middle match with the one to the right of the screen capture? Or is it back to the basin? SJ

Tom and Brenda enjoy the day together.

image no 81

Grand Union Towpath with York Way bridge behind the camera. Replacing Ray Glenisters Google View. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Dramatic pictures alongside the railway line. Looks like the canal basin again, just north of St Pancras station, London NW1.

The couple prepare dinner as a workman reads his newspaper. The two black and white bollards together with the lamp post also appear in 'Robbery' at Capture 53. (RL)

image no 83

Camley Street, London NW1. I should have been further back but fencing prevented. (RL)

More photos alongside the canal.

image no 84

Grand Union towpath with Granary Square off to the right. Replacing Ray Glenisters Google View. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Guests arrive to Yvonne's party in the Revolving Restaurant' at the top of the Post Office Tower. Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

Screaming fans outside the party at the Post Office Tower. Unknown location.

Panorama of London on the morning after the party.

image no 87

Peter took this shot from memory from the right bridge but the wrong spot.

Brenda and Yvonne walk away from the Post Office Tower. Charlotte Street, London W1.

image no 88

Now. SJ

The pair talk about their misfortunes in swinging London.

image no 89

Looking east down Percy Street. W1. SJ

The girls decide to leave London and return home.

image no 90

Looking towards Rathbone Street, W1. Also seen in Sunday Bloody Sunday. SJ

Time for a final song and dance. Charlotte Street W1.

image no 91

Now. SJ

Brenda and Yvonne disappear towards the station and the train back north. Charlotte Street, London W1.

image no 92

Same as above. SJ