Some People

Date: 1962
Director: Clive Donner
Production Company: Vic Films Productions

Stars: Kenneth More, Ray Brooks, Anneke Wills, David Andrews, Angela Douglas, David Hemmings
Location(s): Bristol, Gloucestershire



A choirmaster tries to redirect the talent of three wayward teenagers by persuading them to form a rock group.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Geoff Leonard who has provided some now shots has kindly provided additional information regarding the playing field that appears in the film that can be viewed here.

Adrian Henry has provided us with more background information to this film that can be read here.

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  • 'Now' required

The film opens with a panorama of Bristol. City Hall is prominent to the bottom right with the Floating Harbour, Narrow Quay and Broad Quay beyond.

Confirmed as Bristol by this advertisement for the cigarettes of the same name high on a former boarding house that became part of Tratman & Lowther's ships’ supply shop on Broad Quay. The building was demolished in the early 1970s.

image no 2

Maybe somewhere around here. (PW)

Panning and tilting down, more of Broad Quay is seen.

image no 3

Charles Cruickshank Motors was torn down to be replaced by the Bristol & West Tower which has since been converted into a Radisson Hotel. (PW)

On a Saturday lunchtime, Johnnie and Bill finish work at the timber yard and head to the ferry. The sign on the south bank of the River Avon refers to the Mardyke Ferry that used to run between Gefle and Cumberland Wharves. The right background buildings stand in the Cliftonwood area of the city.

image no 4

Only a tourist ferry calls here now . . . and it goes along, not across the river. (PW)

Johnnie (Ray Brooks) splashes water onto three young women as the ferry takes him across the river. Crossing the Avon on the Mardyke Ferry with Chatham and Gefle Wharves on Spike Island in the background.

image no 5

Taken from the safety of the shore. (PW)

Following the girls from the ferry landing, Johnnie and Bill (David Andrews) head towards a bus stop. Adrian Henry says that they should be walking out onto Hotwells Road but the film takes them about 1 mile away as the crow flies to Upton Road. As shown in Captures 7 and 8. (RL)

image no 6

The still extant steps lead up from Mardyke Landing off Hotwell Road. (PW)

Crossing the road, Bill spots Terry, a girl he knows. Upton Road in Southville, Bristol 3 with the wall of W.D. & H.O. Wills' Tobacco Factory No. 8 in the background.

image no 7

All gone, and we're actually south of the river here. (PW)

Terry (Angela Douglas) speaks with Bill and they agree to meet up later. Facing south-east on Upton Road with the walkway linking W.D. & H.O. Wills' Factories 4a and 8 to the top centre.

image no 8

From a similar viewpoint now. (PW)

As the bus carries Terry away, the two lads continue their journey home. Upton Road as it runs between Greenway Bush Lane and Raleigh Road.

image no 9

Everything in the screen capture still exists with alterations and additions. (PW)

Later that afternoon, Johnnie rides off on his motorcycle to meet up with his mates. Landseer Avenue in Lockleaze, Bristol 7 with Crome Road to the right.

image no 10

The greenery has grown, as one would expect. (PW)

An establishing shot of the water tower where the area's bikers meet. Clifton Downs Water Tower at the junction of Stoke Road and Roman Road on Durdham Down, Bristol 9.

image no 11

Still there. (PW)

Walking from a mobile snack bar, Johnnie takes drinks over to his friend Bert. In the background stand the legs of Clifton Downs Water Tower which dates from 1954.

image no 12

No bikes today. (PW)

Bill arrives with Terry. Stoke Road with Clifton Down to the right and properties on Upper Belgrave Road in the distance.

image no 13

A different season but a similar view. (PW)

With Terry riding pillion on Johnnies bike, the lads go for a high speed run along Portway. Facing north on Portway in the Sea Mills area of Bristol with buildings on Roman Way in the right background.

image no 14

Alterations at the junction but buses still call. (PW)

Bert (David Hemmings) and Bill vie for position with Johnnie. Portway in with since demolished prefabs on Hadrian Close, Bristol 9 in the background.

image no 15

The buildings are still there behind the hedge. (PW)

Johnnie speeds off, leaving the other two behind. Passing over the bridge that takes Portway over the railway line that connects Bristol with Severn Beach.

image no 16

The view around fifty-five years later. (PW)

Traffic lights change to red and Johnnie skids to a halt as Bert and Bill speed past. The junction of Portway and Roman Way with buildings on Hadrian Close in the right background.

image no 17

Same junction, different layout. (PW)

The fast ride continues after Johnnie catches up again. Portway alongside the River Avon with the Clifton Suspension Bridge coming into view in the top left.

image no 18

From about here, I think! (PW)

  • 'Now' required

A driver shakes his fist as the bikes cause him to brake. The A4 Portway which links Avonmouth with Bristol.

  • 'Now' required

A pantechnicon pulls onto the main road ahead. Approaching the junction with Bridge Valley Road on Portway, Bristol 8.

  • 'Now' required

Johnnie swerves to pass behind the lorry. The junction of Portway, Bridge Valley Road and Hotwell Road.

  • 'Now' required

Bert recovers after he and Bill collide whilst avoiding the huge vehicle. Portway as it snakes through the Avon Gorge.

  • 'Now' required

Before the scene cuts to the three friends in court, the camera moves to show the Clifton Suspension Bridge linking Clifton with Leigh Woods in Somerset.

  • 'Now' required

Having lost their driving licences, the three have nothing better to do than hang around the city together. Bristol's Omnibus and Coach Station on Marlborough Street.

  • 'Now' required

Johnnie walks across to a photo booth as Bill arrives. The bus station was opened in 1958 and redeveloped in 2006.

The three friends walk noisily through the streets. This is the top of Market Steps on St. Nicholas Street with Exchange Avenue and St. Nicholas Market in the darkened background. With thanks to Rob Broadbent at The Crown for identifying the location.

image no 26

The same corner now with the market more visible. (PW)

Diners in a restaurant are targeted for ridicule. The top of Market Steps identified by Rob Broadbent at The Crown on All Saints Lane.

image no 27

The steps lead down from St. Nicholas Street to Baldwin Street. (PW)

Books are disturbed outside a shop. This is on Christmas Steps in the Old City.

image no 28

The same buildings in daylight. (PW)

A passing sailor is harassed. Looking up Christmas Steps towards Colston Street.

image no 29

The steps run down from Colston Street to Host Street. (PW)

Bert, Bill and Johnnie carry on annoying people as they continue through the city. The Host Street end of Christmas Steps in Bristol 1.

image no 30

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

Eventually, the trio approach a youth club and go inside. Looking onto Brangwyn Grove in Lockleaze from the front of the Parish Hall.

image no 31

Taken from outside the locked gate. (PW)

The rebellious youths are thrown out of the club after Johnnie plays rock music on the piano. Lockleaze Parish Hall on Brangwyn Grove.

image no 32

The building survives as the replacement St. Mary Magdalene church and this is now the entrance. (PW)

A church is approached as the three look for something else to do. The church is St. Mary Magdalen with St. Francis at the corner of Constable Road and Gainsborough Square in Lockleaze, Bristol.

image no 33

These buildings stand on the site of the church. (PW)

Inside the church, Johnnie plays the organ and the friends are caught by the Vicar and the Choirmaster, Mr. Smith. St. Mary Magdalen with St. Francis in Lockleaze. Although built in 1956, the church was demolished in 1996 due to suffering from alkali–silica reaction.

image no 34

The entrance may have been around here. (PW)

Discovering that the three may have musical talent, Mr. Smith offers them use of the church hall after choir practice. The junction of Gloucester Road North and Station Road in Filton, Gloucestershire with The Horseshoe public house visible on the extreme right.

image no 35

Only one building missing but the road has grown a lot wider. (PW)

Johnnie, Bill and Bert alight from the bus outside the church hall. Facing east on Station Road, Filton to the north of Bristol.

image no 36

No buses stop here now. (PW)

Choristers are heard practicing inside the hall. The hall adjacent to the Parish Church of St. Peter at the corner of Gloucester Road North and Station Road.

image no 37

All is preserved on this side of the road. (PW)

The three approach the building with their instruments. Station Road in Filton.

image no 38

The background buildings have all been demolished and the corner redeveloped. (PW)

Johnnie watches as Anne Smith (Anneke Wills) carries a teapot into the hall. Looking south along Gloucester Road North from the corner of Station Road, Filton.

image no 39

A new wall protects the building from the widened road. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

After an evening practicing and making friends with two of the choristers, the three mates escort Anne home.

When he's asked about practicing at the church hall that evening, Bill tells Johnnie that he's taking Terry out instead. This is a timber yard off Sydney Row and the properties high on the left stand in Cliftonwood. The yard would now straddle Mardyke Ferry Road off Cumberland Road.

image no 41

Having to avoid new trees, this is the best angle possible. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Mr. Smith arrives for work at Bristol Aircraft. Inside the British Aircraft Corporation's factory in Filton, Gloucestershire. Adrian also tells us "that this is the interior of the 'BRABAZON' Hangar at Filton Airfield. Not only was the Brabazon Aircraft constructed there along with several other famous ones.......but the most well known were several 'Concords'. The actual building is still standing but not in use has been considered for a conversion into the New 'Bristol Arena'." (RL)

  • 'Now' required

A new design of jet takes off as Mr. Smith monitors gauges in the control room. Adrian Henry adds, the position that the camera was placed, is now the site of: 'The Royal Mail West of England Distribution Centre' that was opened in October 1997. The small white building on left side was the Fire Station for the airfield..... and the long brown brick buildings behind were all part of Rolls Royce...... that were demolished several years ago. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Mr. Smith arrives home from work to find his daughter shrinking her jeans by wearing them in the bath.

Bill is given a lift to the hall where he finds that Tim and Jimmy have joined the group.

image no 45

The entrance to St. Peter's church hall at the corner of Gloucester Road North and Station Road in Filton. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Having been recruited into the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme by Mr. Smith, Terry and the three lads begin to gain the required skills at the swimming baths. Looking from the window of Soundwell Swimming Pool toward the junction of Soundwell Road with Church Road and Colston Road in BS16.

  • 'Now' required

While Johnnie is in the pool earning his lifesaving skill, Bill and Bert look down as Terry comes into view. The inside of what is now rebranded as the Kingswood Leisure Centre in Staple Hill, Gloucestershire.

As time passes, Johnnie and Anne become closer. The steps lead up from York Gardens to Royal York Crescent in Clifton BS8 and the road in the background is Granby Hill.

image no 48

Work is in progress on York Gardens. (PW)

The pair lark about with each other. Royal York Crescent in Clifton with York Gardens below on the right. The Georgian crescent is seen from a distance in 'A Day in the Death of Joe Egg'.

image no 49

Same ornate lamp standard, just as it ought to be. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Near Clifton Observatory on Clifton Down with Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge. Opened in 1864, the bridge is also seen in 'The Beauty Jungle'.

Social differences begins to emerge as Johnnie and Anne attend the theatre at her suggestion. The Theatre Royal in King Street, Bristol.

image no 51

Ah! The bane of a location seeker . . . . refurbishment. (PW)

The couple leave the theatre. Outside the Theatre Royal on King Street. The theatre's façade was demolished in the early 1970s.

image no 52

Unfortunately, the theatre's modern monstrosity of a façade, that to the extreme left, is not being replaced with anything as worthy as the original. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Sunday dawns and the streets are quiet. Looking up Summer Hill in Totterdown, Bristol with the Church of the Holy Nativity, Knowle in the distance. Location identified by Bill Berry.

  • 'Now' required

Overlooking Bristol and the River Avon.

To the sound of church bells, congregations gather for services. Buckingham Chapel on Queen's Road, Clifton seen from the corner of Gordon Road.

image no 55

A weekday view of the same location. (PW)

Looking north-eastward along Newgate in a Bristol being rebuilt with Fairfax House to the left and the Cat & Wheel and The Bear & Rugged Staff public houses standing on Little Peter Street to the right. The area has seen further redevelopment and Castle Park now occupies what is seen here on the right.

image no 56

The line and grade of the roadway gives this view away as the same location. (PW)

Another deserted street. Facing north-east on The Horsefair. The street was seen from the opposite direction in 'A Day in the Death of Joe Egg'.

image no 57

Almost replicated, but any further back and the whole view would have been obscured by a call box. (PW)

Shutters are firmly closed on market stalls. St. Nicholas Market between High Street and All Saints Lane in Bristol 1.

image no 58

With a different focal length in the busy market. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

After breaking up with Anne, Johnnie goes to find Bill at the football ground. See Capture 60 The Fry's chimney can be seen at the end of the building ridge. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Bill, a loner, casts doubt in Johnnie's mind when he tells him that the Award Scheme is for the individual but only if you join the team. Adrian Henry advises that these are the football grounds and huts on 'Fry's Sports Ground'. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The two pals head off together. See Capture 60, Adrian says that the sheds have gone! (RL)

Johnnie and Bill near their homes. Crome Road in Lockleaze, Bristol.

image no 62

The houses at this corner have been demolished. (PW)

The two pals say their goodbyes before taking different roads. This is the junction of Constable Road and Crome Road and in the distance stand the gas holders of Lockleaze Gas Works.

image no 63

The gas holders were demolished in the early 2010s. (PW)

Johnnie arrives to speak with Anne's father about the Scheme.

image no 64

Geoff Leonard has pinpointed the house to 102 Pembroke Road, Clifton and notes that the bus stop has been moved a few yards. Quite rightly he didn't want to trespass to include the gate posts. (RL)

Having promised to go and listen to the group at the hall, Anne and her father leave the house.

image no 65

Geoff acknowledges that it is not exactly the correct angle but like Arnold Schwarzenegger says "I'll Be Back" (RL)

The two approach the hall and enter to find that Bill and his biker friends have caused destruction inside the building after a fight. Outside St. Peter's church hall in Filton with Station Road in the background.

image no 66

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Johnnie withdraws from his friends, tinkering with his bike while his Mother (Fanny Carby) and Sister hang out the washing. This appears to be at the rear of a property on Landseer Avenue in Lockleaze with buildings on Wordsworth Road in the distance.

  • 'Now' required

With nothing better to do, Johnnie spends his evenings wandering the streets.

Turning a corner, the mixed up youth pauses to look across the road at a pub. The junction of Midland Road, Old Market Street and Lawford Street with West Street Bristol 2 in the background.

image no 69

In daylight. (PW)

Johnnie enters the pub where he discovers his Father is drinking. The Palace Hotel at the corner of Lawford Street and West Street in the Old Market area of the city. Adrian advises that The Palace Hotel was known by many Bristol Folk as 'The Gin Palace'. Whilst not 100% sure he has the feeling that the bar staff were 'real people' and not extras. (RL)

image no 70

Still in business. (PW)

Deciding to find Bill, Johnnie asks bikers if they have seen him. Dean Lane in Bedminster, Bristol.

image no 71

The shop has gone. (PW)

Another biker is questioned. Outside the Magnet chip shop on Dean Lane, Bristol 3.

image no 72

The Magnet appeared to be undergoing refurbishment and was closed. (PW)

When told that Bill is in the Roller Rink, Johnnie rushes inside with the intention of starting a fight. The entrance to Bristol South Baths opposite Warden Road on Dean Lane in Bedminster.

image no 73

The same building. (PW)

Outside the roller rink, Bill says goodbye before Johnnie returns to the church hall to the delight of his friends. Outside Bristol South Baths facing Pope's Cycles and Motorcycles shop at the corner of Dean Lane and Warden Road in Bedminster, Bristol 3

image no 74

No sign of Pope's. (PW)