Song of Paris

Date: 1952
Director: John Guillerman
Production Company: Roger Proudlock Productions

Stars: Dennis Price, Anne Vernon, Mischa Auer, Hermione Baddeley
Location(s): London



Chap falls for a Parisian girl who pursues him to London but his rival follows up to cause trouble while his mother disapproves. SJ

Additional Information:

Also known as ‘Bachelor in Paris’ (US Title), and I doubt anything was actually shot in Paris.


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Price approaches his office. This looks like the Japanese Embassy in Piccadilly, W1.

image no 1

The same location now from Peter.

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Home to the suburbs after city work. "43 Fetter Drive " is quoted later in the narrative... Ingram Avenue, NW11 identified by Alan F.

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And panning to his house.

Vernon visits Price's office, as seen in 001.

image no 4

Another comparison from Peter. With added steps!

Hmm, illegible sign. court?

image no 5

Jules Ballantyne spotted this one for us, Maitland Court, Gloucester Terrace, London W2 and sends this Google Earth shot to support. Also seen in 'Mantrap'.

Price at his office at 101 Piccadilly opposite Green Park.

image no 6

Peter captured the same place, complete with redesign of the doorway and windows.

The number 19 bus route does travel along Piccadilly.

image no 7

Now there's a number C2 bus passing in this image from Peter.

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Baddeley visits Auer's boarding place. I wonder if these still stand. JT suggests Islington. No, regrettably they do not, Christopher Matheson has located the "Ritz Plaza Guest House" at 15 Westbourne Park Crescent, London W2 that was swallowed up in re-development. (RL)

This probably still does on a suburban common... Whitestone Pond, West Heath Road in Hampstead, identified by the Brit movies forum.

image no 9

A bit of guesswork: I think the long gone fountain stood about here on the corner of Lower Terrace looking across West Heath Road, NW3. SJ

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This is a reverse pov form Auer's guesthouse. With thanks to Christopher Matheson for placing this as Westbourne Park Crescent at the junction with Westbury Road, London W2 as was. LMA Collage 97696 shows the junction and the property on the far back right hand side. (RL)