Stolen Assignment

Date: 1955
Director: Terence Fisher
Production Company: Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T)

Stars: John Bentley, Hy Hazell, Eddie Byrne, Patricia Holt, Joyce Carey, Kay Callard
Location(s): London, Windsor

Region(s): ,


Henry Crossley is an artist whose wife is spending a week’s holiday with her aunt. But when her aunt comes to see him, worried because her niece has not arrived, a police investigation into her disappearance begins. It seems that Henry was fully occupied at the time his wife went missing, but is his alibi completely truthful?

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Screen captures and uncredited now’s uploaded by Richard Lovejoy


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Having heard of the missing wife, reporters Mike Billings (John Bentley) and Jenny Drew (Hy Hazell) go off to meet the artist husband Henry Crossley (Patrick Holt) at his home, but Inspector Corcoran (Eddie Byrne) is already there.

When the story of the missing wife is front page on a daily newspaper Mike storms off to see Corcoran. Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, London

image no 2

Tourism returns to London.

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Following a tip off that there had been “activity” in the gardens of the Crossley’s house, Inspector Corcoran applies for a search warrant and visits with Mike. Unless it is a different side of the house it looks to be completely different one.

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Margaret Crossley is found dead between the train station and the home of her aunt Ida Garnett (Joyce Carey) so Jenny decides to go and visit her at her home called “The Caravan”, but she is followed and bundled into Ida’s house.

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Insp. Corcoran visits a “model” friend of Henry’s to confirm that he was with her on the evening that his wife died. Unknown location

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Mike travels to “Ambledown” to interview Marilyn Dawn who visited the police. Peter Brown has soon identified this as Datchet station and provided conclusive proof. The station is also seen in 'The Firefighters' and 'Made in Heaven'.

He asks a postman if he knows a shapely young lady. 14 St. Leonards Road, Windsor

image no 7

A slightly remodelled corner.

Mike follows the postman’s directions. Peascod Street, Windsor

image no 8

On balance I should perhaps have been a few paces backward.

Mike catches sight of a “look alike”. Peascod Street, Windsor. Almost opposite No 41.

image no 9

Now it is the reflection of "Caffè Nero".

Horror! "No, sorry, I thought…. " 41 Peascod Street, Windsor in the background.

image no 10

Now the cafe culture.

Jenny, having seen an arrested suspect leaves the police station. St Leonards Road, Windsor.

image no 11

It would have been impossible for her to see Mike from here.

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Having traced the girl, Marilyn Dawn (Jessica Cairns), she agrees to go with Mike for a coffee and tell him all that she told the police. Possibly High Street or Peascod Street, Windsor. With thanks to 'thamesweb' of the Royal Windsor Forum who identifies this as High Street, Nos 1, 2 and 3 to be precise. Thanks also to Clive in OZ who did so much earlier research.

They walk further along Peascod Street together.

image no 13

Now pedestrianised.

Jenny follows close behind. 123/125 Peascod Street

image no 14

She would be less obvious amongst the crowds now.

Marilyn and Mike enter the tea rooms. High Street, Windsor

image no 15

No longer tea rooms.

Jenny peers through the window at them.

image no 16

Taken from outside as the window view was totally obscured.

Realising that Henry Crossley did kill his wife Mike grabs a cab to reach him for “the scoop” before the police arrive. His taxi is held up by the lights. Great Peter Street junction with Marsham Street, London SW1 looking west. We are looking at what was the Queens Head, 68 Marsham Street.

image no 17

No quite the same sense of history.

Inspector Corcoran speeds to arrest Crossley. Unknown location, are they trolleybus wires?

image no 18

With thanks to Christopher Matheson through whom Keith Farrow recognised this as London Road, Twickenham, at the corner (behind right) of Whitton Road. It is Cole Bridge shown as it crosses the River Crane. Christopher confirms with this Google Earth View. (RL)

Their progress continues. I think this Barry Avenue, Windsor but I stand to be corrected.

image no 19

IF I am right, the view today.