Straight on Till Morning

Date: 1972
Director: Peter Collinson
Production Company: Hammer Films

Stars: Rita Tushingham, Shane Briant, James Bolam, Katya Wyeth, Annie Ross, Tom Bell
Location(s): London



A reserved young woman finds herself attracted to a handsome stranger, unaware of his psychotic tendencies.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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In Liverpool, Brenda Thompson tells her Mother that she's leaving home to find a man to father her child. Looking along the rooftops of Broughton Road in Battersea SW8 with the railway running between Clapham Junction and Victoria on the viaduct to the right. Location found by members of the Britmovie Forum.

image no 1

This will need access to the building over my right shoulder. Until then, here's Broughton Road looking west. SJ

Leaving her Mother in the house, Brenda Thompson (Rita Tushingham) walks towards the waiting taxi. Ingelow Road in SW8.

image no 2

A much better match. This is the north end of Ingelow Road as it meets Broughton Road. SJ

Arriving in Earls Court, Brenda leaves the station and joins the throng of pedestrians. Earl's Court Road in London SW5.

image no 3

Now. SJ

Brenda peruses shop windows. Through the window is Hogarth Road and along to the right is Earl's Court Road.

image no 4

Hmm, but of a filler this one to show the brick work reflected in Brenda's window. SJ

On the pavement outside a newsagent's shop, Peter Clive (Shane Briant) and Brenda collide. Earl's Court Road in Kensington.

image no 5

All looks a bit closed. SJ

Peter crosses the road after leaving the shop. Earl's Court Road was also seen in 'The Stud'.

image no 6

Now. SJ

With his mind full of dreadful deeds that he's committed, the young man gets into his car. Facing buildings on Earl's Court Road from Hogarth Road SW5.

image no 7

All businesses have changed. SJ

Peter drives away in his Jaguar. The junction of Earl's Court Road and Hogarth Road with Earl's Court Underground station to the right.

image no 8

Now. SJ

The E-Type screeches to a halt. He seems to have driven around in a circle as this is facing north-east on Hogarth Road. The building to the left of centre is the former Sorting Office.

image no 9

Confirmed. SJ

Caroline (Katya Wyeth) shouts after being nearly run down by Peter. Here we are again, looking across to premises on Earl's Court Road from Hogarth Road.

image no 10

Traffic-free. SJ

Brenda joins the queue at a letting agency in the hope of finding accommodation. This appears to be looking out onto Hogarth Road with Lloyds Bank, which stands on the corner of Earl's Court Road, to the left.

image no 11

Not entirely sure I'm happy with this one. SJ

In an effort to meet her prince, the young woman starts talking to a Man (Paul Brooke), making him feel uneasy. Earl's Court Road with the corner of Penywern Road behind the bus timetable on the right.

image no 12

Bus-stop, which may have moved, at far right of picture, but there's the corner. Met that Paul Brooke in a Lordship Lane, SE22, bakery many moons ago. SJ

Brenda goes to get cigarettes for Joey and her flatmate Caroline. Outside the former Sorting Office on Hogarth Road in Earl's Court.

image no 13

The window is encouraging. SJ

  • 'Now' required

As Joey and Caroline get romantic, Brenda heads home to the flat.

Upset at discovering Joey and Caroline in bed together, Brenda heads back out into the night. Outside the Hayward Gallery in the South Bank Centre off Belvedere Road SE1.

image no 15

This brutalist passage, currently out of use, links the Hayward to Queen Elizabeth Hall with the Purcell Room to the right. SJ

Brenda wanders through the stark buildings. The South Bank Centre in SE1.

image no 16

Now in the Queen Elizabeth Hall area. A garden and cafe now occupy the space to diffuse the brutalism. SJ

Peter comes into view, calling for his dog Tinker. The walkways between the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Festival Hall at the South Bank Centre.

image no 17

Looking east from close to the riverside. SJ

After hearing Peter's calls, Brenda comes across Tinker. More of the South Bank Centre.

image no 18

Looking west to the Royal Festival Hall. SJ

Noticing the handsome Peter looking for Tinker, Brenda takes the dog home. The South Bank Centre off Belvedere Road in London SE1.

image no 19

The stairway has been bisected by a new-ish wall. Looking back at the Hayward Gallery. SJ

The next morning, after bathing Tinker, Brenda sets out to find the address on the dogs collar. Facing north-east on Hogarth Road SW5.

image no 20

Very close to a brief view seen in 'Laughter in the Dark'. SJ

  • 'Now' required

On the way, Tinker's lead breaks. Looking towards Knaresborough Place on Hogarth Road.

  • 'Now' required

Brenda uses her scarf as a replacement lead. More of Hogarth Road.

The two approach Peters home. Archery Close off Connaught Street in London W2 identified by members of the Britmovie Forum.

image no 23

From ground level. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Shortly after she moves in with Peter, Brenda goes shopping for clothes.

Whilst Brenda has a make-over, Caroline arrives at Peter's house looking for her old flatmate. Archery Close in W2.

image no 25

Changes to the house at the end of the mews where the action takes place. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Brenda spots a wig in a shop window.

  • 'Now' required

As Peter takes Caroline to bed before murdering her, Brenda decides to try on the wig.

  • 'Now' required

Peter buys a newspaper from the Newsagent (John Clive) and spots Brenda and Caroline's pictures on the front page. Looking out onto Earl's Court Road and the junction with Hogarth Road.

  • 'Now' required

More newspapers feature the missing girls as Mrs. Thompson and the police continue their search. Earl's Court Road with the corner of Earl's Court Gardens in the background.

The camera pulls back along the mews as Peter sits alone in his house. Looking into Archery Close from Connaught Street in Paddington W2.

image no 30

Pity about the scaffolding but it does not detract the quiet enclave. (RL)