Straw Man, The

Date: 1953
Director: Donald Taylor
Production Company: Hedgerley Films Ltd

Stars: Dermot Walsh, Clifford Evans, Lana Morris, Amy Dalby
Location(s): Brighton



An investigator from an insurance company is hired to look into the mysterious murder of a wealthy client’s female friend. The insurance detective begins suspecting the wife and a local private eye that he was using of being behind the killing. Eventually the insurance investigator corners the private eye, who attempts to kill him. At the close the wife kills the private eye and admits they together framed the husband in order to collect the insurance monies.

Other than the opening sequence the whole film is studio based.

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Screen shots and now pictures uploaded by Richard Lovejoy.


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Lucy Graham (Amy Dalby) exits 10-11 Pavilion Street, Brighton, her place of employment.

image no 1

Now part of the Brighton University.

She posts a letter on her way home.

image no 2

The original KEVll letterbox is still there.

After which she looks to catch a bus. Grand Parade, Brighton facing the Royal Albion Hotel.

image no 3

No shortage of buses these days, particularly when taking shots for RS.

A car follows her bus along Marine Parade.

image no 4

Pity about that pole but that's progress!