Street Corner

Date: 1953
Director: Muriel Box
Production Company: London Independent Producers

Stars: Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Anne Crawford, Rosamund John, Barbara Murray, Eleanor Summerfield, Michael Medwin, Eunice Gayson, Dora Bryan
Location(s): London



A pseudo-documentary in style with an emphasis on the daily work and routine of women police built around three different story lines.

Additional Information:

Stills and now shots by that intrepid sleuth Aidan McManus.
Chelsea, Pimlico and Belgravia seem to be the main locations.
50’s London streets, not a bad one of its genre, Campbell Singer as a world weary desk sergeant again! Is that all he played? The Blue Lamp, Pool Of London and a few others I cant think of, obviously the go to guy for avuncular copper roles. All the women are upper class who would naturally flock to the ranks of London’s finest, sorting out the poor misguided proles, the subtext of these films is quite scary, “respect your betters” what! But that’s not our remit here. The young mum with the terrible Irish accent who gets caught thieving in a Sloane Square department store, hope she had a pot of their fine tea before she started hoisting. Think they blew most of the budget on the downbeat club set. Doing well on locations, but as usual they edit to something that’s not there, but they will not defeat me. Went into the jewellers that they steal the van outside of and the owner’s father was there in the 50’s; I showed her the pictures and told her about the site and asked if I could talk to her dad. I left my number so fingers crossed. Got told to stop taking photos by the landlord of the pub in the film in Belgravia, “It’s a private mews and you need a permit from the Grosvenor Estate”. Waited for him to leave and carried on! Pompous $%&œ)(%” .

Also known as ‘Both Sides of the Law’ (US Title).


Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Our brave sloane ranger policewomen from Chelsea nick obviously had to help out their hard pressed fellow bluestockings in camden tahn, hence they were patronising the working classes in Mornington Terrace NW1.

image no 1

Now. Aidan.

The girls arrive to investigate.

image no 2

Now. Aidan.

Dandy (Nichols) and her mate get all nosy-parker working-class indignant when the bogies turn up. (Bogie, a police man. UK slang.)

image no 3

Now. Aidan.

Watch out, the baby's legging it!

image no 4

Now. Aidan.

Legging for help towards Delancy St nw1, really high tone area now which shows what a lick of paint and putting the railings back can do - shame that the people who wrecked London in the 60's couldn't have thought of it before they got the bulldozers in.

image no 5

Now. Aidan.

The clientel of the Edinboro Castle in Mornington Terrace down pints to watch the human drama unfold.

image no 6

Now. Aidan.

The baby's safe, thank gawd.

image no 7

Now. Aidan.

Chelsea police station, Petyward SW3.

image no 8

Chelsea police station, Petyward SW3. Aidan captured it back in 2010 when it was covered in scaffolding, at long last it has been taken down and I was there on another mission. (RL)

image no 9

The scaffolding was still there when Simon visited in 2011 but at last it has gone. Clearly now awaiting the Commissioners visit. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The old County Court on North End Rd W14, now empty, check out the recess on the wall behind them, the slippery slope towards a life of crime starts here for our young shoplifting Oirish ingenue.

image no 11

Now. Aidan McManus.

  • 'Now' required

The boys turn up and some skullduggery is afoot. North End Rd, the corner of Fitzjames Avenue in the back ground.

image no 13

Now. Aidan.

Our knight in shining armour is off to work, Burne Jones House in the background, North End Rd again.

image no 14

Now. Aidan again.

  • 'Now' required

Jules Ballantyne has resolved this one for us, Pont Street, London SW3 having turned in from Walton Street. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Here, Jules follows on with the van turning right from Pont Street into Lennox Gardens, London SW3 (RL)

Walton St, SW3.

image no 17

Still looks the same. Aidan.

Walton St again.

image no 18

The jewellers is still there and still in the same family. Aidan.

image no 19

Now, filling in the gaps. SJ

image no 20

Now. SJ

image no 21

Doorway of above tomfoolery emporium. Aidan.

image no 22

Reverse shot, check that drainpipe action. Aidan.

image no 23

Now that's what I call a drainpipe. SJ

image no 24

And panning right. SJ

image no 25

And some more. SJ

image no 26

And all the way to where we started on Walton Street, opposite Lennox Gardens Mews. SJ

Walton St.

image no 27

Looking the other way down Walton St. Aidan.

Cheyne Walk.

image no 28

Now. Aidan.

Cheyne Walk.

image no 29

Cheyne Walk, some sort of boat yard. Aidan.

image no 30

Same place (close to Lots Road) but wrong angle. I didn't like the look at that scary CCTV sign! Also seen in The Deadly Affair. SJ

image no 31

Petyward, SW3, next to the police station, see stc002. Aidan.

image no 32

Now. SJ

image no 33

See stc002 police station, front door, Aidan.

Churchill Estate, Pimlico.

image no 34

Churchill Estate, Pimlico, Johnsons Place. Aidan.

image no 35

Same as above. Aidan.

image no 36

Churchill Gardens again. Aidan.

image no 37

A close up of Chaucer House, just to the west of Johnson's Lane. This is the entrance to flats 55-72. SJ

Fulham Road. The boys pull up over the road from Mullers hoping to get rid of the tom (Tom (tomfoolery) - jewellery. 'Tom' now means any form of stolen goods.)

image no 38

Now. Aidan.

image no 39

Fulham Road at junction with Redcliffe Road. Sleuthed by Greg. "W.J. Henderson & Co. Ltd." is now "Made in China", 351 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9TW. "F.W. Muller" is now "Se7en Hairdressing", 353 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9TW. (Copyright: Google Maps Street View.)

Chick crosses the road from Redcliffe Road into the Fulham Road SW6.

image no 40

Now. Aidan.

image no 41

(Copyright: Google Maps Street View.) Thanks to Greg.

Chicky boy unloaded the tom to Muller and goes back to the car.

image no 42

Now. Aidan.

image no 43

Greg found this one. Fulham Road at junction with Redcliffe Road. The bakery is now "Fulham News", 200 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9PN. (Copyright: Google Maps Street View.)

Back at the motah looking up Redcliffe Road.

image no 44

Lots more trees these days compared to back in the black and white days. Aidan.

Not the Dorchester, maybe the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane?

image no 45

In the film they call this the Grosvenor House Hotel Park Lane, been remodelled but this looks like it might fit. Aidan. Ray Cutler says that it "is definitely the Grosvenor House in Park Lane". (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Cherry's or C Berry's?

The corner of Fulham Road and Limerston St SW6.

image no 47

Pizza these days and someone's had the post box away . Aidan.

  • 'Now' required

The adjacent corner, a bombed site in those days.

image no 49

Now. Aidan.

  • 'Now' required

Fulham Road. Muller on his way back to the shop from the bank with the blackmail wonga. Wonga = NZ / UK slang for money.

image no 51

Now. Aidan.

image no 52

(Copyright: Google Maps Street View.) Identified by Greg.

Jet Harris walks back up Redcliffe Rd after watching the money arrive safely in the shop why did they cover the pillars with that rubbish and in the film still what were those spikes there for?

image no 53

Now. Aidan.

See 002, Petyward Street SW3, again.

image no 54

Looking east down Petyward. SJ

image no 55

Fulham Road at junction with Redcliffe Road. (Copyright: Google Maps Street View.) Discovered by Greg.

Does it say A B Hemming? The boys are back at Mullers again, they cant leave the geezer alone, hope they've got a clubcard.

image no 56

Amazing confirmation from Aidan, look at the grills either side of the doorway!

F W Muller, Kelly's anyone? Number 353. Won't get any points going there at that time of night.

image no 57

Now. Aidan.

image no 58

Fulham Road at junction with Redcliffe Road. (Copyright: Google Maps Street View.) Found by Greg.

  • 'Now' required

W J Henderson & Co. Ltd, number a faily long street, but which? The neighbours are getting restless, probably feel like they're being stalked.

image no 60

Now. Aidan.

image no 61

Fulham Road at junction with Redcliffe Road. (Copyright: Google Maps Street View.) Found by Greg.

Chelsea nick, again.

image no 62

Now, corner of Lucan Place and Petyward, SW3. SJ

  • 'Now' required

  • 'Now' required

  • 'Now' required

Chelsea Police Station at the corner of Petyward and Lucan Place in SW3. Also seen in 'The Party's Over' and 'Three Steps to the Gallows'.

image no 66

image no 67

Petyward, side of the police station shown before. Aidan.

The law hang around inconspicuously waiting to walk three yards behind the suspect and not get spotted, Chelsea nick again.

image no 68

Now. Aidan McManus.

image no 69

Churchill Gardens again. Estate built just after the war obviously named in a flush of triumphism. Aidan.

Churchill Estate, again.

image no 70

Filling another space here. That's Marryat House to the right. SJ

Sydney Mews.

image no 71

Lennox Gardens Mews, SW1, just opposite the Walton Street shots: film crew did a crafty single park, dual location trick. SJ

image no 72

Trouble is there's been a lot of frontage alteration, and there is a distinct lack of drainpiping. SJ

  • 'Now' required

View to Fulham Road.

image no 74

Fulham Rd at junction with Sydney Place, rebuilt but shops and post box still there. Aidan ... Mike Doubleday observes that the post box (here and below) with its double band has changed, for an unknown reason, to a single-banded version. (SJ)

image no 75

Bank building still there on left. Aidan.

Watch out!!! Barbara Murray is just out of shot a yard behind you, you're gonna get nicked, entrance to Sydney Mews again, check out the big stone they used to put at the entrances to stop cart wheel hubs bashing into them.

image no 76

Now. Aidan.

image no 77

Sydney Mews - more drainpipe action for you John. Aidan.

image no 78

Lennox Gardens Mews again, much rebuilt. This fooled me for quite a while as the arched double doorways are very similar to those in Sydney Mews. So the entrance is Sydney, the mews Lennox mixed with a bit of Wilton Row. SJ

image no 79

The jury's out on this one. The steps worry me a bit. SJ

image no 80

Mebbe, mebbe not. SJ

image no 81

The mews again - check the stone in the bottom left hand corner. Aidan.

image no 82

But the bend of Lennox Gardens Mews cheers me up. SJ

image no 83

And the building at the end on Milner Street, SW3, positively euphoric. SJ

image no 84

The Grenadier again, used to be the Officer's Mess of the old Kensington Barracks. Aidan.

image no 85

My contribution. The Grenadier, Wilton Row, SW1. SJ

image no 86

The Grenadier, Wilton Row, SW1. Aidan.

image no 87

The Grenadier. Aidan.

image no 88

Ok this is the view from what is established as no. "7" Sydney Mews but this is Wilton Row, as seen also in stc028jn. So we have some trickery here and what's more I can't match the doorways, windows and drainpipes in either Sydney Mews or Wilton Row. SJ

Sydney again.

image no 89

Lennox again. SJ

image no 90

A closer view of above. SJ

image no 91

In the film it's no 7 and this is no 7 now. I was worried by the lack of drainpiping in the earlier shots and still am (a bit). SJ

image no 92

The building at the end comforts all when there is doubt. SJ

Easier to see the chips in the brickwork here. SJ

image no 93

I think this is the window: check out the chips in the brickwork to the left of the lower frame. And the piping's in the correct place to the right. SJ

image no 94

And this is the doorway below. As one can see the new doorway is set in and the steps maybe added with the drainpipe removed. SJ

image no 95

Fulham Rd and Sydney Place again, looking from corner of Sydney St. Aidan.

image no 96

The entrance to Sydney Mews on Fulham Rd, the triangular roofed building still there. Aidan.

image no 97

Sydney St, SW3, the bay window is the only one in the street, the round window is newer. Aidan.

image no 98

Sydney Mews again. Aidan.

image no 99

This is the only north facing shot of Lennox Gardens Mews. SJ

  • 'Now' required

image no 101

Entrance to old barrack yard next to the Grenadier. Aidan.

We were here before with Fallen Idol. And Blind Date.

image no 102

Old barrack yard where it used to go straight into Knightsbridge, you can see Hyde Park in those days, now built on, more drainpipes. Aidan.

Old Barrack Yard in SW1. Also seen in 'Scrooge (1951), 'Fallen Idol' and 'Blind Date'.

image no 103

Looking back down Old Barrack Yard towards the pub. Aidan.

Trying to make it up Old Barrack Yard to Knightsbridge while Snowy the police wonder dog gives chase.

image no 104

Now. Aidan.

Further on, the road winds round into Knightsbridge.

image no 105

Again the road shape fits. Aidan.

image no 106

Looking down the yard from the other side of the archway. Aidan.

image no 107

The ambulance leaves Sydney Mews. Aidan.

image no 108

Fulham Road. Aidan.

image no 109

On the way to the hospital on the Fulham Rd. Aidan.

image no 110

Getting nearer, can you hear the old style bell in your head?. Aidan.

Chelsea cop-shop again.

image no 111

As Aidan says, this and other nows need retakes if ever the wretched scaffolding comes down ... Here at last is an update replacing the 17/06/11 shot and a better, but not perfect, angle to boot. Ever improving. SJ

The girls just back from waving to their dads in the House of Lords.

image no 112

Embankment by Lambeth Bridge. Aidan.

image no 113

I count 4 lampposts from Westminster Bridge. SJ