Strip Tease Murder

Date: 1961
Director: Ernest Morris
Production Company: Danziger Productions Ltd.

Stars: John Hewer, Ann Lynn, Jean Muir
Location(s): London



When a stripper is fatally electrocuted during a dance routine on stage, the show’s compere turns detective to investigate his wife’s death.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The phone rings in Carlos Branco's apartment, waking him and his Girlfriend. The currently unknown location is also seen in 'Escort for Hire'.

After Diana Black is electrocuted during her act at the Flamingo Club, her husband Bert consults with Inspector Forbes at New Scotland Yard. Looking between the Norman Shaw Buildings of the oft seen location standing either side of Derby Gate in London SW1.

image no 2

The building works continue. (RL)

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Having walked out of her job at the Flamingo Club, dancer Rita (Ann Lynn) makes her way home.

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Watched by Bert and Lou, Perkel leaves Branco's apartment.

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The camera pans to follow Perkel.

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Lou (Leon Cortez) begins to tail the eccentric technician.

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Bert Black (John Hewer) heads to Perkel's workshop.

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The shot follows Bert through a gateway to the workshop entrance.