Summer Holiday

Date: 1963
Director: Peter Yates
Production Company: Ivy Films

Stars: Cliff Richard, Lauri Peters, Melvyn Hayes, Teddy Green, Jeremy Bulloch, Una Stubbs, Pamela Hart, Jacqueline Daryl, Lionel Murton, Madge Ryan, David Kossoff, Nicholas Phipps, Ron Moody, The Shadows
Location(s): Athens (Greece), France, Hertfordshire, West Sussex

Region(s): , ,


A group of London Transport mechanics convert a double deck bus into a mobile home and sing their way across Europe to Greece.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Apologies in advance for the seemingly endless shots of a bus in various locations . . . . looks like the second unit had a better ‘jolly’ than the cast and main crew.


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Bognor Regis pier is shown as the film opens. Bognor Regis in West Sussex. Information from Andy Meaden.

image no 1

Bognor Regis Pier , but now there is a lot less of it. SD

During the titles a band plays 'Summer Holiday' by the seaside in typically British weather. The Esplanade in Bognor Regis, West Sussex with the pier in the right distance identified by Andy.

image no 2

No rain today and no band either. SD

As the band plays on, the audience enjoys the last of the sunshine. The beach at Bognor Regis with The Esplanade in the background. Located by Andy Meaden.

image no 3

Now, The Esplanade has been extensively redeveloped. SD

Spots of rain start to fall. Bognor Regis, in what was Sussex at the time of filming.

image no 4

The flats on the right have replaced the shops and amusement arcades which were also seen in 'The Punch and Judy Man' and 'The Leather Boys'. SD

Umbrellas are produced as the rain gets heavier. Facing west on Bognor Regis beach. Location found by Andy Meaden.

image no 5

Standing on the same spot now you find yourself level with The Esplanade. SD

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Rain continues to pour as the scene changes to London Transport's bus overhaul facility where Don and his mates work. Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works seen from Elstree Hill South in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

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The film turns to colour as Don drives towards the camera with the bus that will be used for a trip across Europe. The now redeveloped Aldenham Works, Hertfordshire. The houses in the background stand on Sullivan Way, Elstree.

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The boys, and the girls that they meet en route, drive through France.

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Driving around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The French scenes appear to be by the second unit.

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Another snap for the bus family album.

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An unidentified location in France.

At last . . . . the bus stops and an actress gets out. Andy Meaden locates this as near the south entrance of The National Garden of Athens, Greece.

image no 12

Mark Harrison provides an up to date shot without a No 9. (RL)

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Don (Cliff Richard), Sandy (Una Stubbs), Steve (Teddy Green), Edwin (Jeremy Bulloch), Cyril (Melvyn Hayes), Angie (Pamela Hart), Mimsie (Jacqueline Daryl) and a disguised Barbera Winters (Lauri Peters) enjoy a song opposite the bus in the same location as image suho006. The National Garden of Athens identified by Andy.

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Off we go through France again . . . . .

Barbara sings with Grazina Frame's voice at a lakeside. Andy Meaden found Lake Marathon or the Marathon Reservoir near the town of Marathon to the north-east of Athens.

image no 15

Mark managed to include more of the dam structure. (RL)

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"Are we nearly there yet?" . . . .

The bus and crew arrive in Athens, Greece.

image no 17

Mark reveals a very redeveloped Athens where buses can clearly still go against the flow of traffic. West side of Syntagma Square looking south along Filellinon. (RL)

Don and Barbera alight to be greeted by the locals who have heard about the journey.

image no 18

Mark captured the same spot.....and they say buses come along in two's! West side of Syntagma Square looking west along Ermou. (RL)

Stella (Madge Ryan) and Jerry Winters (Lionel Murton) arrive in Athens to find their daughter. Othonos on the south side of Syntagma Square in Athens.

image no 19

The same location. (PW)

Don sings about losing Barbera with The Acropolis in the background. Philopappou Hill in Athens.

image no 20

Mark found a suitable location to obtain a very similar shot. (RL)

The Shadows dance and play 'Summer Holiday' at the end of the film. Ray E. confirms Andy Meaden's identification of Syntagma Square in Athens with the Parliament Building in the background.

image no 21

Looking east in Syntagma Square. (PW)

Mark provides this additional capture taken during the end titles advising that this scene was shot in Vouliagmeni, not far from Athens.

image no 22

And here's Marks comparison of the location as it looks now.