Date: 1977
Director: David Wickes
Production Company: Euston Films

Stars: John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Barry Foster, Ian Bannen, Diane Keen, Colin Welland, Michael Coles, Antony Scott, Joe Melia, Brian Glover, Nadim Sawalha, John Alkin
Location(s): London



While investigating an old friend’s girlfriend’s death, Thaw unveils a deeper plot. Spin-off from the successful TV series. SJ

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Bannen off from SW1 to EC3 on important oil business, hence the set expressions.

image no 1

45 mins. too late to match the time! SJ

Arriving at 10 Trinity Square, EC3. The former Port of London Authority is to be converted to a hotel and apartments in 2015, and has been an oft-favoured film location.

image no 2

At least the building will be back to life again. (RL)

Reporters congregate around Bannen for a statement.

image no 3

No one congregating today but a chance to appreciate the ironwork. (RL)

Oops, the stewardess is late for her flight. Call on the Sweeney for a favourable ride to the airport.

image no 4

Longridge Road, SW5, with a few architectural alterations in the background. SJ

And they're late too. Rushing to Baron's Court tube station. Gliddon Road W14.

image no 5

A lot more clutter now. SJ

And out at St James's Park, SW1.

image no 6

Lunchtime on Broadway, SW1, is busy. SJ

And across to New Scotland Yard, which will move to the embankment in 2015.

image no 7

And maybe there'll be an opportunity then to grab a better shot, as the entrance has been screened. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Robbers in action at Southall gasworks, at the end of The Straight, UB2, a popular location especially in 70s films and TV.

  • 'Now' required

The Sweeney intercept and there will be blows.

Thaw meets Melia who thinks his duplicitous girlfriend was murdered. Holland Park, W8.

image no 10

More decorative now. SJ

At the orangery in Holland Park. See London Movie Guide for this oft-utilised location.

image no 11

More railings, fewer chairs. SJ

Joining Waterman at the Holland Park car-park on the west side.

image no 12

Tricky with car-parks but I think that may be the same horse chestnut, which Thaw is brushing past. SJ

Bannen is escorted across Lambeth Bridge. Filmed from SE1, probably the roof of the Albert Embankment fire station.

image no 13

From ground level. SJ

The escort approaches Bannen's house on Redington Gardens. Looking north-east on Templewood Gardens in Hampstead NW3. The postbox is still there and this view means that they were going the wrong way!

image no 14

Tris provides this view which includes more of the buildings and less of the road.

Keen approaches Alembic House, 93 Albert Embankment, SE1, also a frequently used location for its views of Parliament. More in London Movie Guide.

image no 15

The path has changed and those trees have sprung up in the years. SJ

She is cut off by Glover.

image no 16

Different look to the high-rise now. SJ

Keen and Foster entertain the oil men. imdb suggests Julie's Restaurant, Portland Place, W11, but this has the look of the Grand Royale (see 26).

image no 17

Alan Draghi captures the scene from the best available angle. (RL)

Fake policemen (Coles and Scott) drive up to Melia and Glover's car breaking yard, situated (no longer) in Michael Road, Fulham SW6.

image no 18

This is what the approach looks like now. SJ

Thaw views the bloody aftermath. There's a gas container helping to pinpoint the location.

image no 19

Unfortunately the container was empty so no sign of it today but the piping indicates the correct view seen behind Thaw. SJ

Thaw is pulled over after a boozy night in the pub in King Street, Hammersmith W6.

image no 20

Alan Draghi provides this shot of 128 to 130 King Street as it is now. (RL)

Forced to drink even more, he crashes into a market place. Shepherd Bush?

image no 21

Directed by the commentary of David Wickes (Director) and Ted Childs (Producer) contained in the Definitive Collection Box Set, Alan Draghi provides this shot of what was the old Brentford Market. (RL)

Thaw is now suspended.

image no 22

Alan positioned himself at Shepherds Bush Green between Rockley Road and Holland Road to provide this shot for us. (RL)

He loses his tail by crouching down on an escalator in the Concorde Centre, now West 12, Shepherd's Bush W12.

image no 23

Alan tells us thast this is West 12 shopping centre on Shepherds Bush Green, generally iunrecognisable since redevelopment. (RL)

He alights a no77 bus.

image no 24

Alan Draghi captures the Albert Embankment, also with a number 77 bus and the original London Fire Brigade HQ in the background. (RL)

Thaw attends "The Dunchester Club" to meet Foster. The Grand Royale, 1-9 Inverness Terrace W2.

image no 25

A more accurate shot to replace Clive Brett's Google shot. SJ

Foster and Thaw begin cordially.

image no 26

Taken from outside as I was too mean to buy a drink inside. Inverness Street, W2. SJ

Thaw in Harrington Gardens, SW7.

image no 27

Reassuringly the same, and for once an emptier street. SJ

Thaw enters the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-13 Harrington Gardens, SW7.

image no 28

Alterations here though. SJ

Then known, more simply, as The Gloucester.

image no 29

And alterations here too. SJ

The killers are after Thaw and Keen after they escape from The Gloucester after their bus (no22 off its route) temporarily blocks their car. St. Stephen's Church Hall to the right puts this on Emperor's Gate, SW7.

image no 30

Looking towards Darling and Hennessy territory. SJ

But how did they suddenly get here? Running south on Grenville Place towards the east branch of Cornwall Mews South, SW7

image no 31

And London Movie Guide had this as Kynance Mews just a little further. My apologies. SJ

Maybe Osten Mews, SW7.

image no 32

Indubitably. SJ

Thaw and Keen run past 16 Grenville Place, SW7, now heading north.

image no 33

Scaffolding alert. SJ

Now a leap to Waterman's flat at 24 Longridge Road, SW5.

image no 34

Still a few finial tops missing. SJ

And up the stairs.

image no 35

Being smartened up at the time: hope they get to that missing finial. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Welland at Colet Court, 100 Hammersmith Road W6, where the TV series was based after the school moved across the river to Barnes. The church seen out of his window is unclear in this shot.

Waterman enters his gaff, or is that "Minder speak?"

image no 37

Longridge Road, SW5, now. SJ

Trying to smuggle Keen out but Coles and Scott are waiting. Still on Longridge Road.

image no 38

Looking west. SJ

Waterman helps the wounded Thaw back on Broadway, SW1.

image no 39

The sign keeps travelling around the various parts of the building. SJ

Waterman at The Tower Hotel, St Katharine's Way, E1.

image no 40

Realigned gardens and now a popular tourist spot. (RL)

Foster exits and the Sweeney are in place to "nick" him.

image no 41

Rather a forgotten corner now. (RL)

Thaw needs crutches to watch the arrest.

image no 42

Much busier now as the Thames Path and with River Boat services. (RL)

Reading the warrant.

image no 43

The exact angle is no longer possible with the changes to and growth in the gardens. (RL)

It all goes wrong as Coles takes out his man and out of the hands of The Sweeney.

image no 44

Further changes. (RL)