Date: 2003
Director: Christine Jeffs
Production Company: BBC Films

Stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Graig, Lucy Davenport, Jared Harris
Location(s): Cambridge, Cornwall, London, New Zealand

Region(s): , , ,


Sylvia Plath falls in love with Ted Hughes along with plentiful poetry and heartbreak. SJ

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Paltrow cycling in Cambridge.

image no 1

Trinity Lane looking towards Trinity Street. A similar cycling scene was seen also in the opening of The Theory of Everything. SJ

Trinity Lane to be precise.

image no 2

Oddly this is further east away from her cycling direction. SJ

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Arriving at the end of Trinity Lane at Clare.

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Now we are at St John's further north.

And again.

image no 5

New Court, St John's College, Cambridge looking through to the 'Backs'. Adrian Wild.

Punting on the Cam.

image no 6

Clare College Bridge. Also seen in Nothing But the Best. SJ

Craig punts while Paltrow serenades cows with Clare College and King's College chapel in the background.

image no 7

Now. SJ

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Nice big church. Craig and Paltrow wed,

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Set in Massachusetts as Paltrow takes Craig home to meet Blythe Danner but could have been filmed elsewhere.

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Maybe New Zealand.

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And this beach could be NZ.

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Another view.

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And this is definitely the Univeristy of Otago, Dunedin, which is why the above could also be New Zealand,

Back in London probably ... and in record time, under 24 hours, confirmed as definite by Greg, well done.

image no 15

No. 10 (the dark blue door) and no. 11 (the red door) Wharton Street, Pentonville, WC1X 9PX. Looking north/northwest. Discovered by Greg Mishevski (13/10/2011): google shot now replaced by SJ

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This sequence is set in Devon, so this could be the real thing.

An inlet. Now looking more like the several possibilities in Cornwall.

image no 17

Lionel Sear did the honours with this picture of Port Gaverne on the North Cornwall Coast immediately to the east of Port Isaac where the Doc martin series was filmed.

Reverse pov of above with Paltrow. Cornwall or Devon.

image no 18

Looking inland from the beach at Port Gaverne. Image by Lionel Sear.

Another view of the beach.

image no 19

Port Gaverne west side. Confirmation by Lional Sear.

Paltrow going suicidal in fonrt of the maybe London houses seen above in 015.

image no 20

The corner of Granville Street and Wharton Street, looking northwest towards nos. 10/11 (red door) Wharton Street, Pentonville, WC1X 9PX. Discovered by Greg Mishevski. Google now replaced by SJ