Take a Girl Like You

Date: 1970
Director: Jonathan Miller
Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Albion Film Corporation

Stars: Hayley Mills, Oliver Reed, Noel Harrison, John Bird, Sheila Hancock
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey



A young woman heads to the South of England to start a new career as a school teacher and in a short time, becomes involved with one of the local lads.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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A train brings naïve Jenny Bunn from the north of England to take up her new teaching position.

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Jenny Bunn (Hayley Mills) looks through the carriage window as the train passes under a road bridge.

The train arrives in the fictional town of Hendge. The Windsor platform at Slough railway station in Berkshire.

image no 3

The goods service ceased and the platform screens were removed long ago. (PW)

Jenny alights from the train as other passengers board. Facing eastward on Slough station with Stoke Road Bridge in the right distance.

image no 4

Same view, different era. (PW)

Slough station was also seen in 'The Last Journey'.

image no 5

Looking towards the main building from the 'Windsor' platform. (PW)

Jenny leaves the station to find a cab. Looking out onto the junction of Mackenzie Street with Station Approach outside Slough station.

image no 6

The same doorway. (PW)

The frontage of Slough railway station.

image no 7

Remaining practically unchanged but now standing on what has become Brunel Way. (PW)

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The cab drives Jennie through Hendge town centre. The junction of Thames Street and High Street in Staines, Surrey.

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High Street in Staines with the Angel Hotel to the left. The "upon-Thames" suffix was added to the town's name in 2012.

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The cab carrying Jenny approaches her new lodgings. Kingston Road in Staines.

Jenny arrives outside the suburban home of Labour councillor Dick Thompson. This building on Kingston Road has been demolished and replaced . . . .

image no 11

. . . as we can see from Paul Riddell's picture.

The Driver helps with Jenny's suitcases before being paid. Kingston Road, Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey with the, still trading, Tolstar Garage in the background.

image no 12

Amazingly, the garage across the road is still in business. Image from Paul Riddell.

  • 'Now' required

Thompson answers the door and inside the young teacher meets his wife Martha as well as Patrick Standish, the boyfriend of Anna, another lodger at the house. A low rise block of flats now occupies this site.

Outside the film's Albert Road Primary School Patrick Standish (Oliver Reed) asks Jenny to dinner. Kingston Road Junior School on Kingston Road, Staines.

image no 14

Paul R's modern shot shows the replacement for the school.

A Mother buttons up her child's coat near the playground gates. Looking onto Kingston Road from the Junior School.

image no 15

Paul Riddell provides this comparison shot of a very changed background.

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The pair continue to a restaurant where they bump into Thompson and his wife as they dine with Julian Ormerod who is helping the Councillor with his election campaign. Kingston Road with the since demolished Staines Methodist Church in the background.

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After dinner Patrick takes Jenny back to his flat above a car showroom. Looking onto Kingston Road in Staines from the roof of the, still standing, building opposite Sidney Road.

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The following day's lunchtime, Graham McClintoch (Ronald Lacey) and Patrick leave the College where they teach. Ashford Grammar School in Ashford, Surrey identified by Maggie Flannigan and confirmed by David Morris. Maggie adds that the school was demolished in 2018.

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The friends get into Patrick's Morris Minor Convertible. David Morris recognised this is Ashford County Grammar School on Church Road in Ashford.

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The two drive away to an expensive pub where they discover Julian. Ashford County Grammar School in Ashford, formerly in Middlesex located by David Morris and Maggie Flannigan.

On Sunday, Patrick drives Jenny, Ann and Graham to a busy, trendy pub. Looking towards The Green on Windsor Road, Wraysbury in Berkshire.

image no 21

A similar view now by Paul Riddell.

Patrick peers across the packed car park as Jenny, Graham and Anna Le Page (Geraldine Sherman) stay seated. The George Inn on Windsor Road, Wraysbury, Berkshire.

image no 22

The George is still in business as witnessed by this shot from Paul R.

Patrick listens to Julian as he appears from the restaurant, telling everyone that the place is full. Facing The Grange from The George Inn's car park on Windsor Road in Wraysbury.

image no 23

Paul provides this up to date photo.

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Julian Ormerod (Noel Harrison) introduces Wendy (Aimi MacDonald) after inviting everyone back to his place for lunch. Outside The George Inn on Windsor Road, Wraysbury. The pub was in Buckinghamshire at the time of filming.

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Wendy trots over and climbs into Patrick's car with Anna. The car park of THe George Inn with the end of a modern residential terrace on The Green in the background.

Jenny and Graham are driven away by Julian in his Pontiac Firebird. Facing west on Windsor Road, Wraysbury in Berkshire.

image no 26

Paul Riddell captured a similar view.

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Whilst Patrick struggles with his car's retractable roof, Julian approaches his home. Identified by Geoff Dodd as Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Bucks. (RL)

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Julian turns off the main road to drive through the gates to his country house. The gates to Hall Barn on Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Bucks. as identified by Geoff Dodds. (RL)

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The camera watches as the Pontiac approaches the house. Geoff Dodd has identified this as Hall Barn, Beaconsfield, SW of Junction 2 of the M40. The house was reduced in size around the time of filming and is now without the left hand wing shown above. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Julian, Jenny and Graham get out of the American convertible. Hall Barn once again. (RL)

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The three go inside and Julian puts on music before sorting out some food. Hall Barn, Beaconsfield, Bucks as identified by Geoff Dodd. (RL)

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On the way to Julian's abode, Patrick takes a wrong turn.

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After school one day, a Teacher (Nerys Hughes) warns Jenny about Patrick. Outside Kingston Road Junior School on Kingston Road. The new Staines Police Station now occupies the site.

  • 'Now' required

A campaign van urges people to vote for Dick Thompson. Kingston Road in Staines.

  • 'Now' required

The electorate turn up to vote at Albert Road School. Kingston Road Junior School on Kingston Road.

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Jenny and a Lady (Penelope Keith) from the Conservative Party stand at the doorway of the Polling Station. The entrance to Kingston Road Junior School.

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After behaving badly on the previous Sunday, Patrick asks Jenny to dinner again. To the right is the rear of the Salvation Army Hall located next to the school's playground.

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Ashamed after being turned down, Patrick walks away. The playground of Kingston Road Junior School with Staines Methodist Church in the left background.

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After a bit of persuasion at Thompson's victory party, Jenny agrees to go for a walk with Patrick. This appears to be either one of the Staines Reservoirs or the King George VI Reservoir.

The two end up holding hands as they near Patrick's flat. Kingston Road with the former Fear Brothers Ltd premises on the left.

image no 40

Paul Riddell captured the still extant building.

The rear of the former Fear Brothers Ltd premises on Kingston Road, Staines.

image no 41

A picture of the whole back of the premises by Paul.

Inside the flat, Patrick has no better luck in wooing Jenny than his earlier attempts. Fear Brothers Ltd was voluntarily wound up in 1962.

image no 42

Paul found that steps still lead up to the first floor.

  • 'Now' required

Julian drives Patrick as the two talk about the virginal Miss Bunn. Facing south-west on Sidney Road, Staines upon Thames.

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The corner of Kingston Road and Sidney Road.

Patrick is puzzled as to why they are stopping at the Thompson's house. Kingston Road with Staines House at the junction of High Street and London Road in the distance.

image no 45

A wider view of the area by Paul R. that puts the various modern buildings in perspective.

  • 'Now' required

Dick Thompson (John Bird) waits for Julian to take him to the television studio. Kingston Road in Staines.

  • 'Now' required

The three set off to watch Thompson try to save Julian's house from airport redevelopment. Looking south-east on Kingston Road in Staines with the North Star public house and the sign for Staines railway station in the centre distance.

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Julian and Patrick leave Thompson making a fool of himself on screen and, after meeting Wendy in the studio's green room, head to her parents house. The Manor House in Shepperton identified by Steve Cook, which is also seen in 'Double Bunk',

  • 'Now' required

Patrick and Wendy make their way to a yacht moored at the end of the garden. The Thames at Shepperton Manor located by Steve Cook.

  • 'Now' required

Lights come on in an upper room as Patrick looks back at the house. Steve Cook found Shepperton Manor in Old Shepperton, Surrey.

Jenny arrives back from her weekend away up north. Outside the front of Slough railway station in Berkshire.

image no 51

And in daylight. (PW)

Patrick meets the young teacher at the station. Station Approach in Slough. The background has been redeveloped.

image no 52

Maybe a return visit is in order. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Harry (George Woodbridge) prepares to lock up as the last customers leave his pub. Possibly a real public house but maybe part of a set.

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When asked if he can cash a cheque, the publican tells Patrick that the till has already been made up.

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Graham drives Thompson, Anna and Jenny to Julian's house to say farewell to the stately pile. Looking towards Kingston Road from the side entrance giving access to the rear of the former Fear Brothers Ltd premises.

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A very drunk Thompson is driven home. Facing south-west from opposite the Village Hall on The Broadway in Laleham, Surrey.

The camera pans with the car. The Broadway in Laleham with Home Farm Cottages and the sign of The Feathers public house on the far side of the road.

image no 57

Not much change here. Comparison from Paul Riddell.

  • 'Now' required

Having learnt that Jenny is alone with Julian at his house, Patrick retrieves his Morris and races to save her from seduction.

The gates begin to close at a Level Crossing. Pooley Green Level Crossing at the junction of Vicarage Road and Pooley Green Road in Egham, Surrey. The location was seen in 'Spaceways'.

image no 59

Automation and roadway changes at the crossing. (PW)

Patrick waits impatiently as the first of two trains passes. Vicarage Road in Egham, with a train approaching Pooley Green Level Crossing from the direction of Egham station.

image no 60

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

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Eventually arriving at the house, Patrick dashes inside to find Jenny and Julian getting dressed. Hall Barn House to the south of Beaconsfield.

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As Jenny walks from the house, Patrick follows her in his car. Hall Barn House near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire which was also seen in 'Chariots of Fire' and 'Nobody Runs Forever'.