That Riviera Touch

Date: 1966
Director: Cliff Owen
Production Company: The Rank Organisation

Stars: Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise, Suzanne Lloyd
Location(s): Alpes-Maritimes (France), Kent, London

Region(s): , ,


Two traffic wardens take a holiday to the South of France and find themselves caught up in a plot to smuggle a jewel collection.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Traffic Wardens Eric Simpson (Eric Morecambe) and Ernest Clark (Ernie Wise) check parking meters.

image no 1

Trying to avoid the work site in the same location on Carlton House Terrace, London SW1.

The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace and is driven past Horse Guards Parade. Horse Guards Road in SW1.

image no 2

The same corner now with rain and failing light dimming the image.

The two wardens check the north side of Carlton House Terrace.

image no 3

No parking meters now, or many cars!!

The Rolls turns from Horse Guards Road onto The Mall. London SW1.

image no 4

Same place, different decade. The building on the left is The Citadel, built in 1940 as an operations centre for the Navy.

The car approaches Admiralty Arch. The Mall, SW1.

image no 5

The same location now.

Eric and Ernie enter Waterloo Place. It says so on the sign.

image no 6

Looks the same but no street sign now.

The journey continues. Pall Mall at the corner of Waterloo Place.

image no 7

Looking towards Trafalgar Square in the rain.

The car draws up outside The Athenaeum Club.

image no 8

Nice lighting effect. Waterloo Place in SW1.

Eric and Ernie walk along Waterloo Place, SW1 towards the Rolls Royce.

image no 9

The rain and early evening light blurs the view in this now shot.

The Rolls Royce is parked on a yellow line.

image no 10

Waterloo Place, London SW1 looking towards Pall Mall.

Eric walks over to issue a ticket. Waterloo Place with the base of the Duke of York Memorial in the right background . . .

image no 11

. . . and the statue of Edward VII is to the left.

Eric is puzzled by the lack of a registration plate. Waterloo Place, London.

image no 12

The same location now.

Ernest tries to stop Eric from issuing a parking ticket. Waterloo Place, which appears in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', 'Murder Without Crime', 'Man on the Run', 'The Sandwich Man', 'Defence of the Realm' and 'Nothing But the Best'.

image no 13

Looking towards Pall Mall and, across the junction, the bottom of Regent Street.

When the car drives away, Eric realises who it belongs to. Waterloo Place at the junction with Pall Mall in London SW1.

image no 14

To the left of centre stands John Bell's Crimean Guards memorial and statue of Florence Nightingale.

The two decide that now is a good time to quit their jobs and take a holiday in the south of France. Waterloo Place once more.

image no 15

The last shot in London as the story moves across The Channel to France.

  • 'Now' required

An establishing shot of Le Touquet Airport in France. Identified by A. Mackay on Britmovie Forum as Lydd Airport, Kent.

  • 'Now' required

Eric and Ernie disembark and head to immigration after flying in on the car ferry. Lydd Airport in Kent, which was also seen in 'Hysteria' and 'A Weekend with Lulu'.

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A member of Le Pirate's gang, dressed as an airport worker, waits to find a likely car for smuggling stolen diamonds. Lydd Airport, Romney Marsh, Kent.

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Inside the terminal, Marcel approaches Eric and Ernie after their car is chosen by the by the gang.

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Smugglers Marcel and Claudette drive away from the airport. Looks suspiciously like part of a British studio but for now unidentified.

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The body of Renard is disposed of after he is murdered in Villa Tulip, the property that Marcel has persuaded Eric and Ernie to rent.

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Establishing shot of Eric and Ernie's destination for their first day on holiday. Promenade des Anglais, Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France.

Claudette Dubois (Suzanne Lloyd) tempts Eric and Ernie on the beach.

image no 23

Juan Les Pins beach. Google/Neil Rigby (G/NR) and some of the following.

  • 'Now' required

Eric Simpson spots Claudette and picks his way across the crowded beach towards her. Juan les Pins, Alpes-Maritimes which was also seen in 'A Touch of the Sun'.

At Ernest's suggestion, Eric shows off to impress Claudette.

image no 25

Information found from the web. An interview with Suzanne Lloyd gives the beach as Juan Les Pins. G/NR

Ernie moves in on Claudette as Eric continues his sporting antics.

image no 26

Shows the house in front of Eric. G/NR

Renard's body is recovered and brought into the harbour.

image no 27

Quai D' Entrecasteaux, Nice. G/NR

Mauron (Peter Jeffrey) and Inspector Duval (Armand Mestral) recognise Renard as a member of Le Pirate's gang.

image no 28

Quai D' Entrecasteaux, Nice. Note the single storey building as in the "then." G/NR

  • 'Now' required

The two Policeman are taken to question Le Pirate.

Marcel (George Eugeniou) helps Le Pirate (Paul Stassino) into his dressing gown as Mauron and the Inspector arrive.

image no 30

Villefranche Sur Mer. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

Eric is persuaded to visit a casino so that Ernie can spend time with Claudette. Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios, Iver, Middlesex. Seen in 'The Early Bird', 'Nothing But The Night', 'From Russia With Love' and several 'Carry On' films.

Inspector Duval drives to the Police Station.

image no 32

Place Du Palais De Justice, Nice. G/NR

Inside, the Inspector discusses the finding of another body with Mauron.

image no 33

Place Du Palais De Justice, Nice. G/NR

After Eric wins a large sum of money at the casino, the pair move into a plush hotel.

image no 34

Hotel De Paris Place Du Casino 98000 Monaco. G/NR

A new car is brought to the hotel entrance and Claudette, Eric and Ernie go for a test drive.

image no 35

Hotel De Paris Place Du Casino 98000 Monaco. G/NR

The three head out of town.

image no 36

This shows the rear of the Monte Carlo Casino. G/NR

After Ernie is left behind on the journey, Claudette takes Eric to a secluded beach where her accomplice robs him whilst they bathe.

image no 37

I have looked up and down the riviera. In her interview Suzanne Lloyd mentions the beach was hidden. I think the beach is L'Estagnol 83230 Bormes Les Mimosas, France. G/NR

Additional still from NR to prove the beach.

image no 38

Same spit. G?/NR

Black bordered additional still.

image no 39

From further away. G/NR

And here's how NR did it. Note the hill formation at the centre above the bay.

image no 40

This is from Streetview on the D42A, the nearest road to the beach. Looking in the direction parallel to the beach, the mountain shape matches. G/NR.

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Just as Claudette and Eric return to the hotel, Ernie packs and leaves to drive home.

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Claudette persuades Ernie to stay when she realises that he is going to take the car.

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The two set out to report the theft of Eric's winnings to the police.

After escaping from being kidnapped by Le Pirate's gang, Eric and Ernie arrive at the Police Station.

image no 44

Place Du Palais De Justice, Nice. G/NR

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When Eric and Ernie suspect that Claudette is involved with the theft, as well as other incidents that have occurred, she prepares to swim to Le Pirate's boat.

Marcel helps Claudette on board the boat.

image no 46

Villefranche Sur Mer harbour. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

Claudette visits Villa Tulip to retrieve the diamonds. A studio set included for sake of completeness.

The film's chase sees Eric and Ernie speeding after Le Pirate along mountain roads.

image no 48

This is the best shot I can get to show the bend. All the distant features and road shape check out. D153 Lai Barrai onto route Du Mont Agel, above Monaco. G/NR

Inspector Duval and Mauron head to Villa Tulip but join in the pursuit when they see Le Pirate's car.

image no 49

Streetview doesn't cover this exactly. But I present a shot as close as. Taken from Av Des Diables Bleus, route D2564 overlooking Eze village. G/NR... Well done, Neil, this may save someone taking that hairy hairpin bend for the real now!

Le Pirate gains on Eric and Ernie.

image no 50

The hairpin bend. D45 Route De La Turbie by Av Des Diables Bleus D 2564. G/NR ... At least that bend's tarmacked!

After Le Pirate leaves his car and runs down steps to the shore, the duo follow!

image no 51

L'Argent Faux bay near Boulevard John F Kennedy, Antibes. G/NR

Le Pirate pulls his escape boat in as Eric and Ernie get out of their car.

image no 52

L'Argent Faux bay near Boulevard John F Kennedy, Antibes.

A helicopter arrives to join in as the chase takes to water.

image no 53

This is the best shot from Bing. Boulevard John F Kennedy 06160 Antibes. B/NR

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In an attempt to stop Le Pirate, Eric ends up water skiing behind the boat...Bay Golfe Juan, Juan Les pins Antibes. NR

Whilst attempting to rescue Eric, Ernie's parachute opens.

image no 55

Bay Golfe Juan, Juan Les Pins Antibes. This is just north-west of L'Argent Faux bay, seen above. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

After the diamonds are recovered and the gang is arrested, Claudette gets married . . . . .

. . . . but to which one?

image no 57

The ending. By Hotel Suisse, 15 Quai Rauba Capeau, Promenade Des Anglais 06300 Nice. G/NR