That’ll Be the Day

Date: 1972
Director: Claude Whatham
Production Company: Goodtimes Enterprises

Stars: David Essex, James Booth, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Billy Fury, Deborah Watling, Rosemary Leach
Location(s): Hampshire, Isle of Wight, London

Region(s): ,


A suburban school dropout leaves home and drifts through a succession of dead-end jobs until he finds an outlet for his frustration in rock ‘n’ roll.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Cathy Reevell and Ian Christie sent us additional shots of the films locations as they appear in 2018 and can be viewed here.

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Outside the family shop, a young Jim MacLaine (Sacha Puttnam) watches with his Mother (Rosemary Leach) and Grandfather (James Ottaway) as his Father returns from the war.

image no 1

Meaders Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Now shot by Bernie.

Jim's Father (James Booth) leaves home. Meaders Road, Ryde.

image no 2

Another now image from Bernie who notes that, at the time of filming, the road was a dead end.

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Jim's friend Terry Sutcliffe (Robert Lindsay) collects his bike after school. Sandown High School, The Fairway, Sandown, Isle of Wight.

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Jim MacLaine (David Essex) and Terry cycle home. Sandown High School, Sandown. Now called the Sandown Bay Academy.

Terry and Jim go to a local cafe. Michael Green advises that the cafe was called The Caribou.

image no 5

Cross Street looking to the corner of Union Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Now image provided by Bernie.

The friends enter the cafe. Michael adds that the cafe is still known as The Caribou.

image no 6

Another now shot from Bernie. Cross Street, Ryde,

Jim and his friends go to the cinema. Church Street, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. The building is now full of flats known as Kingsview but features the Rex Piano Bar.

image no 7

Kieran replaces Tonyk's Google Streetview with an up to date shot from the correct angle. (RL)

Jim and Terry cycle to school on the morning of exams but Jim decides that's not the life for him. Golf Links Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight.

image no 8

Kieran provides a shot of that same bridge revealing a number of changes and much more greenery. (RL)

After arriving in a seaside town, Jim looks through the window of his run down bedsitter. Paul Coueslant advises that this was a house adjoining Shanklin Gas Works which was demolished along with the gas holders to be replaced with a supermarket and housing.

image no 9

Paul also provides this picture of the location now. Image copyright Google Streetview.

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Jim gets a job as a deckchair attendant and watches two girls on the beach. Shanklin, Isle of Wight with Shanklin Pier in the background. The pier was destroyed by a storm in 1987.

The Ocean View Hotel stands on Shanklin Esplanade and has since been renamed The Shanklin Beach Hotel.

image no 11

Kieran provides a comparative shot showing that the steps to the beach remain in place but there have been changes to the hotel. (RL)

Jim MacLaine keeps eying the girls. On the beach at Shanklin with the Esplanade in the background.

image no 12

Ian Christie provides this view of the location now.

That evening, Jim escorts the two girls to the fairground. IMDB mentions Southsea's Clarence Pier which is justified by a kiosk selling Southsea Rock seen in other frames of this sequence. However, S. M. J. Hince recalls the fairground at Lakeside in Wootton on Isle of Wight, which is now a Spa Hotel, being used adding that the film crew drank in The Sloop Inn opposite.

image no 13

This is Clarence Pier Fairground. Jim and the girls are to the right of the Dodgems. The fairground was downsized and redeveloped. This area is now the car park of the Premier Inn. SD

An earlier frame shows the fairground's big wheel. Southsea's Clarence Pier had a unique wheel which had saucer shaped cars that rotated - is this the one?

image no 14

The wheel is indeed the Clarence Pier Corbiere wheel. To the right is the Ghost train, and to the left the Billy Manning Gallopers. After redevelopment this area is now a pirate themed golf course. SD

Jim's Mother turns up unexpectedly. The beach, Shanklin.

image no 15

Kieran provides this up to date shot revealing the disappearance of the pier following the 1987 hurricane but the groyne remains. (RL)

Mrs MacLaine leaves money for her son. Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

image no 16

Not a deck chair seller in sight when Kieran was there. (RL)

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Jim gets drunk after buying drinks with the money. Shanklin Pier, Shanklin.

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After getting a job in at a holiday camp, Jim meets Mike (Ringo Starr). IMDB claims that Pontin's Little Canada Holiday Camp, Wootton, Isle of Wight was used for the holiday camp scenes. However, information from Bernie in Ryde shows that Warner's Puckpool Holiday Camp was used.

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Jim and Mike talk as they walk. Puckpool Holiday Camp, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

The chalet where the new friends are lodging. Warner's Puckpool Holiday Camp, Ryde.

image no 20

Picture and information from Bernie who adds 'the camp has been derelict for 6 years and it may be demolished soon'.

The pair play crazy golf in their spare time. Puckpool Holiday Camp.

image no 21

Kieran advises that the majority of the crazy golf has been moved to Ventnor and admits that he has cheated with this shot of the same repainted holes. (RL)

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Jim and Mike watch two girls. Puckpool Holiday Camp.

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Mike chats the girls up and they arrange to go out that evening. Puckpool Holiday Camp, Isle of Wight.

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The friends discuss the previous night. Warner's Puckpool Holiday Camp, Ryde.

Jim looks through the window of a hairdressers shop after returning home to make a go of working in the family business.

image no 25

Location found by Ian Christie and photographed by Cathey Reevell to replace the Google StreetView from Tonyk. Additional "now" shots from Cathy and Ian relative to the Puckpool Camp in 2018 can be seen via the Header Section. (RL)

Jim (David Essex) takes his future wife Jeanette (Rosalind Ayres) to a picnic area. (RL)

image no 26

The picnic spot located and photographed by Ian Christie. Wootten Bridge, Isle of Wight. (RL)

A van pulls up outside the MacLaine's shop.

image no 27

Bernie captured Meaders Road, Ryde.

Jim shows his mother a new van that he has obtained for the business. Meaders Road, Ryde.

image no 28

With that fence, we'll never know if Rosemary Leach is still in the garden. Now image sent in by Bernie.

Jim uses the van for courting his future wife, Jeanette. Following years of research, Ian Christie has located this field behind Hazely Combe in Arreton. The building behind the nearest power pole is Heasley Manor and the hills in the far distance are Shanklin Down and part of Wroxall Down.

image no 29

Ian provides this modern view adding "Over the last 46 years there has been a lot of tree and hedge growth, hence much of the background is obscured. The far left chimney of Heasley Manor is now only barely visible. The view of the Downs are now blocked by hedges as well. However the power poles still exist as can clearly be seen."

Jeanette (Rosalind Ayres) asks Jim if he has been seeing her sister. Meaders Road, Ryde.

image no 30

Another shot from Bernie.

Seen through the window, Jim approaches a secondhand shop. Cross Street, Ryde.

image no 31

Bernie strikes again from behind a thicker window frame!

The first guitar is about to be purchased. Cross Street, Ryde looking towards Melville Street.

image no 32

Our Isle of Wight correspondent, Bernie, sent in this picture.

Jim takes his son for a walk and ponders his life. Alex Fitzsimon located this as the boating lake/pond in Oakwood Park, London N21 adding that he used to live by the park in the 70's as a child.

image no 33

Ian Christie advises that the pond has now become the Oakwood Wildlife Pond and only some parts of the wall can be seen, but not from this angle.

Jim remembers his father. Identified by Alex Fitzsimon as the boating lake in Oakwood Park N21.

image no 34

The willow trees have taken over at the Oakwood Wildlife Pond. In Ian Christie's comparison, part of the pond wall can now be seen to the left.

Just as his father before him, Jim leaves his wife, child and home. The street sign is a bit of a giveaway but this is facing St Johns Road at the corner of Meaders Road in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

image no 35

Same corner, different view. Now picture provided by Bernie.