There’s a Girl in My Soup

Date: 1970
Director: John Boulting
Production Company: Columbia / Ascor

Stars: Peter Sellers, Goldie Hawn, Diana Dors, Tony Britton, Nicky Henson
Location(s): London, Home Counties, France and Riviera

Region(s): , ,


TV star and seducer meets his match with younger model.

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A church, home counties, or at least, the tower.

image no 1

Identified by Shell Rubin as St. Michael's, Bray, Windsor and I support with a shot I took in 2014 whilst there for "Four Sided Triangle", not quite all the tower but I will happily replace with a more accurate shot if someone visits, especially if the sky is blue! (RL)

Same church, distinctive light coloured band of replacement work.

image no 2

Again, to support Shell Rubin's identification a shot that I took back in 2014 and happy to replace with a more accurate one. Not bad since I was nearly two hours late!(RL)

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And in the church approach.

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Houses in church close.

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The reception.

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A nice house.

London street, seen later in daylight. Railings, portico and leaded windows. By virtue of Shell Rubin Torquay locating Capture 10 the property with those features must be No 7 Glebe Place, London SW3. (RL)

image no 7

And Peter confirms with this image.

Could this be Royal Hospital Road, driving east and passing the National Army Museum on the left?

image no 8

Yes it is, and Peter found that the museum was being rebuilt when he visited.

Same road perhaps?

image no 9

Yes! Picture from Peter.

Same street that we saw in the dark in Capture 7. Bus route at the back. Shell Rubin Torquay pinpoints this as Glebe Place, London SW3 with the bus on the King's Road. (RL)

image no 10

Peter found the bus still running!

Same street. Unusual window glazing in mid view. The same street being Glebe Place London SW3 according to Shell Rubin Torquay but that distinctive glazing seems to have been replaced making it a little more difficult to pinpoint. (RL)

image no 11

On a bright but colder day, Peter visited the location.

Same background as Capture 7, so it is Glebe Place, London SW3 (RL)

image no 12

Same background in this shot from Peter too.

.....and a reverse point of view in Glebe Place, London SW3. Shell Rubin Torquay suggests that it is No 16 John Cobbett-Maddy confirms, pointing out that the window sill of 16 is higher than that of 17. (RL)

image no 13

And Peter found it.

Chelsea Embankment approaching Chelsea bridge with The wall of the Royal Hospital, the Chelsea Pensioner's Home, on the right.

image no 14

Peter advises that the Royal Hospital Chelsea is to the right.

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Is this a real town, in the Loire Valley of France? Having watched the film Gordon Wilkie is able to confirm that it is a real Town and provides us with this link A stroll around the Town by Google Earth should enable the location here and that for Capture 16 to be identified. (RL)

  • 'Now' required least the band looks real.

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A chateau, perhaps near the Loire.

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.....says ??? della Poste. A five lerrer word suggesting a place of accommodation....could it be...Hotel?

Carlton Hotel, South of France perhaps, or maybe on the West coast.

image no 19

Manuel Gurtner provides this up to date shot of the entrance to the famous Carlton Hotel at 58 Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes enabling us to appreciate more than just one side it. (RL)

Yes, Carlton Hotel. Do send us a postcard when you find it.

image no 20

Postcards are so yesterday, Manuel has emailed a photo to us. (RL)

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Is this nearby, or somewhere completely different?

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.....with a defensive wall.

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A shop. It may be "a shop" to most of us but Manuel Gurtner advises it is in Saint-Tropez and they stand in front of the then boutique from “Hippie Chic” fashion designer Jean Bouquin, known for his creations for Brigitte Bardot. (RL)

Possibly the 012 bay.

image no 24

In providing this shot Manuel advises that Hawn and Sellers are disembarking at the harbour of Saint-Tropez. Behind the well-known waterfront, the tower of the church Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption can be seen. A slightly wider view to appreciate the scene. (RL)

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Reverse pov.

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There is a clue in the picture.

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Hamsteady? Richmondy?