These Dangerous Years

Date: 1957
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Production Company: Everest Pictures Ltd.

Stars: George Baker, Frankie Vaughan, Carole Lesley, Thora Hird, Kenneth Cope, David Lodge, John Le Mesurier
Location(s): Liverpool, London

Region(s): ,


Soon after his call up for military service, a young gang member goes on the run when he’s implicated in the death of a friend after receiving fake orders.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson Also known as ‘Dangerous Youth’ (US Title)  

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Panoramas of Liverpool open the production firstly with a view looking towards the River Mersey and the tower of St. Nicholas's church to the right of centre.

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The Royal Liver Building appears on the left as the camera pans.

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The shot cuts to Georges Pierhead and Liverpool Landing Stage on river in front of the Royal Liver Building and the Cunard Building.

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Moving from the city centre, this is Dingle Point with South Dingle Jetty reaching into the River Mersey.

image no 4

William Worthington tells us that all of the shore where the film was made has has now been reclaimed and redeveloped and provides this shot of the Britannia Inn that now stands in place of Dingle Jetty. (RL)

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Dave Wyman (Frankie Vaughan), Juggler Dodds (Kenneth Cope), Smiler Larkin (Ray Jackson), Cream O'Casey (Robert Desmond) and Brad Pearson (David Gregory) are the Dingle Boys gambling on The Cazzy. The mudflats off Dingle, to the south of Liverpool.

image no 5

William send this shot of a very different vista now telling us that Garston Dock was behind the boys in the screen capture. (RL)

Dinah Brown (Carole Lesley) and her flatmate Maureen (Jocleyn Lane) walk home from the club where Dave beat her to a £5 singing prize. Paul Canty recognised Manley Street in Primrose Hill, London.

image no 6

This is Paul's modern view of the location.

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Dave appears outside the girls’ flat and begins to croon. Manley Street with Chalcot Place in the left background and Egbert Place to the right. Identified by Paul Canty.

Dinah leaves the building and confronts the singer, knocking him out with her shoe. Manley Street in NW1 located by Paul Canty. The street also features in 'Rattle of a Simple Man'.

image no 8

Paul also provides this shot of the same buildings.

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After Dave and Smiler are called up for National Service, the friends arrive at Bleckworth Barracks. In reality this is Inglis Barracks in Mill Hill, London NW7 which was also known as Mill Hill Barracks.

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The intake make their way into the barracks to join the Loamshire Regiment. The course of this roadway is now followed in part by an unnamed drive off Charles Sevright Way.

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Sergeant Lockwood (David Lodge) tells Captain Brewster (Richard Leech) about the latest recruits.

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The camp Padre (George Baker) runs towards the mess hall when a fight breaks out between Dave and Private Simpson.

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Dave arrives back in Liverpool after going AWOL following his arrest when Smiler is killed by a land mine and Simpson is shot. The since twice replaced Liverpool Landing Stage, now the Liverpool Pier Head Ferry Terminal.

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A News-vendor sells papers carrying headlines about Dave. Outside St. George’s Hall, Liverpool 1 facing St. George’s Place with buildings on Lime Street in the right distance.

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Brad spots the headline. In the left background can be seen the roof of Lime Street station.

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As Brad runs to tell the other Dingle Boys, a squad of Police motorcyclists ride through the city. Looking north on Lime Street, Liverpool 1 with St. George’s Hall in the distance.

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The camera follows the motorcyclists as they corner. The junction of Lime Street and Elliot Street with the canopy of the Forum cinema visible to the left.

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Kitted out with civilian clothing from his pal Danny Bond, Dave keeps a low profile.

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As Danny is approached by a Detective, Dave walks away through the back streets.

The Padre arrives in Dingle to break the news of Smiler's death to his Mother. Don't be fooled by the 'Liverpool' style street sign painted on the wall. Paul Canty has identified this as Manley Street looking towards Chalcot Road in London NW1.

image no 20

A wider view of the street now by Paul.

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Knocking the Larkin's door, the Padre also finds Mrs. Wyman in the house. Extending Paul Canty's identification of Capture 20 Ray Glenister places this as the north side of Manley Street looking south east with the couple standing outside No1 and the vicar knocking on the door of No 3. All lost in redevelopment. (RL)

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Dave continues to walk the streets. Grafton Street, Liverpool 8 with the gasometers beyond Brunswick Locomotive Depot, opposite the end of Harlow Street, in the background.

image no 22

Williams shot of Grafton Street as it is now shows no sign of those gasometers. (RL)

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The young man heads for The Cazzy. Herculaneum Bridge crossing the railway line to Liverpool Central seen from Grafton Street in Dingle.

image no 23

Naturally, William has provided an explanation, "Herculaneum Bridge demolished in the late 60s entrance was bricked up." (RL)

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Police converge on The Cazzy as Dave hides in the maze of shoreline caves before escaping to make his way to Dinah's flat. South Dingle Jetty stands in the right background.

image no 24

Such are the changes William provides an unrecognisable comparison. (RL)

After talking with Dinah at the coffee bar where she works, the Padre waits outside her flat before entering to plead with Dave to return to camp and prove his innocence.

image no 25

Not particularly convincing, I admit, but, trusting the narrative (always fraught with danger) and comparing with 027, this should be about the right place on Manley Street, and I rather like the lamp-post. SJ

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More headlines about Dave appear. Opposite Lime Street Chambers at the corner of Lime Street and St. George’s Place with St. George’s Hall to the left and Wellington's Column rising beyond William Brown Street in the left of centre distance.

Acting on information received from Juggler Dodds, Sergeant Faucett (Martin Boddey) arrives outside Dinah’s flat. Manley Street NW1 with Egbert Place to the left and the continuation of Manley Street in the distance. Location found by Paul Canty.

image no 27

A little too far back but this shows the retention of one side and the obliteration of the other. See also 025n. SJ

Watched by the neighbours, Police gather in force ready to arrest the runaway. The corner of Manley Road in Primrose Hill located by Paul.

image no 28

Paul took this from street level.

Dave climbs out of the building through a back window and runs from the scene.

image no 29

Ray Glenister admits that he is just confirming some locations "that someone else has put their finger on". The same location now courtesy of Google Earth. The map supporting Captures 30 and 31 shows the location prior to the subsequent development. (RL)

A wall is scaled and Dave leaves the back alleyways behind.

image no 30

A map extract from Ray showing the location of this Capture prior to the re-development of the area. Map Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. (RL)

Becoming desperate, Dave looks for a way out of the city. This appears to be the now redeveloped Kingstown Road in NW1.

image no 31

A map extract from Ray showing the location of this Capture prior to the re-development of the area. Map Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland. (RL)

A passing lorry gives the fugitive hope of making his way to Ireland.

image no 32

The scene now provided by Ray courtesy of Google Earth. (RL)

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When he’s cornered inside caves at The Cazzy after being betrayed by Juggler, Dave makes his escape through a small outlet. Inland from the South Dingle Jetty with the tanks of the Dingle Oil Terminal storage facility visible in the left distance. The area is now occupied by housing on Promenade Gardens and Floral Wood in L17.

image no 33

To support the fact that the area is now occupied by housing, William provides this photograph of Floral Wood content that he is 99% sure that he was within 10 yards of where Frankie Vaughan was sitting. Thanks William, that is close enough for us given the changes. (RL)

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Drawing courage from a medal that his father was given, Dave drives back to Bleckworth Barracks. Inglis Barracks, at the time of filming home to the Middlesex Regiment, REME, The Royal Engineers and the Women's Royal Army Corps.

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Sergeant Lockwood places Dave under close arrest. Inglis Barracks in Mill Hill.

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After his name is cleared, Lance Corporal Wyman marches through the camp with sergeant Lockwood. Buildings at Inglis Barracks are also seen in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'.

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The Sergeant turns to discover that Dave is no longer with him. Built in 1905, Inglis Barracks closed in 2007.

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Across the road, Lockwood sees Dave and Dinah embracing. Inglis Barracks in London NW7.