They Came from Beyond Space

Date: 1967
Director: Freddie Francis
Production Company: Amicus Productions

Stars: Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin, Bernard Kay, Michael Gough
Location(s): Berkshire



Scientists investigating an unusual meteor shower in a rural field are possessed by an alien force bent on an ulterior purpose whilst the population suffers from a crimson plague. Remembered for the actors wearing colanders on their heads towards the end!!

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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  • 'Now' required

An establishing shot of a Radio Telescope starts the feature. Actually a telescope at Parkes Observatory in New South Wales, Australia.

  • 'Now' required

Richard Arden (Bernard Kay) arrives to meet Dr Curtis Temple. Muz Mason is pretty sure that the lab scenes are set at what is now the QPR training ground at Imperial College Sports Ground on Sipson Lane in Harlington, Greater London.

The local town.

image no 3

Paul Hart identifies the location as High Street, Cookham near Maidenhead in Berkshire . . . This shot replaces an earlier Google image. SJ

Lee Mason (Jennifer Jayne) arrives at a bank on High Street, Cookham.

image no 4

Now, with little change. SJ

Lloyds, the target bank in Cookham. The village was also seen in 'The Stud', 'Trog' and 'The Adventures of P.C. 49: Investigating the Case of the Guardian Angel'.

image no 5

No longer Lloyds. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Dr. Temple (Robert Hutton) pulls up at a small garage. Martin Albertini advises that this was the Barn Garage on Hawthorn Lane in Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire. The background building is named Macro's Cottage.

Dr. Temple arrives in town.

image no 7

Andy Greenland found the place. High Street, Cookham in Berkshire. This replaces the google shot loaded on 14/8/12. SJ

Arden doing 'robot walking' in Cookham.

image no 8

There's been little rebuilding on the High Street but to the right is more recent. The central background looks the same though. SJ

Dr. Temple drives back to town.

image no 9

Cookham near Maidenhead identified by Paul Hart. This replaces a google shot loaded on 14/8/12. SJ

Just before the plague strikes in Cookham. Identified by Paul Hart.

image no 10

Telephone box either a prop or gone. There's another up the street to the right by the Stanley Spencer Gallery seen in 'The Stud'. SJ

Dr. Temple in his car.

image no 11

Paul Hart again right with the location. The Crown pub just in view on the left. Replacing the Google image loaded 14/8/12. SJ

Kenneth Kendall reports from the Memorial Cross.

image no 12

Identified by Paul Hart as Cookham again. Another Google replacement with the correct angle and Cookham ex-local Jonathan B-P, playing Kendall, chauffeuring and guiding me with thanks. SJ

Cookham High Street, Berkshire.

image no 13

Paul Hart found the top of the High Street in Cookham. Another replacement. SJ