They Came to a City

Date: 1944
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: John Clements, Googie Withers, Raymond Huntley, Renee Gadd
Location(s): Unknown



Towards the end of the Second World War, nine disparate citizens are transported to a mysterious city where, according to their class and disposition, they find themselves either in an earthly paradise of peace and equality or a hell starved of ambition and riches.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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  • 'Now' required

Asking for a match, J. B. Priestley is drawn into an argument between a Man (Ralph Michael) and a Woman (Brenda Bruce) as they try to answer what kind of world will emerge after the war is over.

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The older man sits down and suggests an analogy during which a train is seen carrying bank clerk Malcolm Stritton and his wife Dorothy on a journey between Leamington Spa and Tewkesbury.

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As Mr. Stritton leaves the compartment the train enters a tunnel plunging the carriages into darkness.

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Ship's stoker Joe Dinmore (John Clements), barmaid Alice Foster (Googie Withers), charwoman Mrs. Batley (Ada Reeve), Mr. and Mrs. Stritton, Sir George Gedney, Lady Loxfield and her daughter Philippa, businessman Cudworth are transported to a strange gatehouse above a mysterious unseen city.

  • 'Now' required

At the end of the film a clearer view of the distant buildings is seen.