Third Visitor, The

Date: 1951
Director: Maurice Elvey
Production Company: Elvey-Gartside Productions

Stars: Sonia Dresdel, Guy Middleton, Hubert Gregg, Colin Gordon, Karel Stepanek, Eleanor Summerfield
Location(s): London



A suave but conceited recluse receives several callers to his isolated house and the next morning, his corpse is found.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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After flying from the States, James Oliver arrives in London. Looking eastward along Fleet Street in EC4 with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral top right and the now removed railway viaduct crossing Ludgate Hill below. The view was also seen in 'The Big Job', 'Old Bill and Son', 'Derby Day' and 'Strange Bedfellows'.

image no 1

Peter got as high as he could for this shot . . . the top deck of a bus!

The American looks for a place to stay before setting out to find Richard Carling. Norfolk Square in Paddington W2, recognised by RL, with the spire of St. Michael and All Angels' Church on Star Street in the right distance.

image no 2

Significant changes to the frontages as the properties have been incorporated into one large hotel. (RL)

Jack Kurton returns home from Leicester to discover that his wife Vera is out. Facing north-east on Park Lane W1 with the Dorchester Hotel on the right.

image no 3

As road system has changed and the pavement removed, Peter took an elevated shot from the safety of a handy grassy knoll.

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A taxi brings Vera Kurton home but when she sees her husband's car she tells the cabby to continue on to her friends the Millington's.

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The home of Richard Carling where police continue their investigations into the owner's death.

Bill Millington (Colin Gordon) leaves his apartment in the film's Cranleigh Avenue Mansions just as Inspector Mallory arrives to question Vera. RL recognised this as Exhibition Road in SW7 at the corner of Prince's Gardens. The apartment block to the right was also seen in 'Suspended Alibi'.

image no 6

The same location now, by Peter.

In the City, Jack Kurton is questioned about his business associate, Richard Carling. Looking west on Fleet Street.

image no 7

Again, Peter took this from the top deck of a bus.

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Inspector Mallory (Guy Middleton) arrives at the home of Jack and Vera Kurton.