Three Cases of Murder

Date: 1955
Director: David Eady, George More O'Ferrall, Wendy Toye, Orson Welles
Production Company: London Film Productions, Wessex Film Productions, British Lion Film Corporation

Stars: Orson Welles, John Gregson, Elizabeth Sellars, Emrys Jones, Alan Badel, André Morell, Hugh Pryse
Location(s): Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, London

Region(s): ,


A trio of strange tales with murder and the supernatural as their theme. In the first segment, an art gallery guide is introduced to the world inside a painting that he sees every day; the second part has two lifelong friends becoming suspects when a girl they both fall in love with is found dead; and finally, a young politician uses dreams to get revenge on an arrogant opponent.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The film's first story contains no locations but the second tells the story of firm friends George and Edgar who attend Cambridge together. The Great Court at Trinity College in Cambridge. The location is also seen in ‘The Scarlet Thread’.

image no 1

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The charming Edgar Curtain (John Gregson) chats to a Girl as the more timid George Wheeler (Emrys Jones) makes his excuses to leave. The Avenue running between Trinity College’s New Court and Queen’s Road with Trinity Bridge over the River Cam and the Wren Library to the right.

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The last ball at university has the two friends enjoying themselves with Edgar being a hit with the girls. The Wren Library at Trinity College, Cambridge seen from Bachelor’s Walk across ‘the backs’ with Scholar’s Lawn in the foreground.

The Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank in SE1 where George takes a break during a concert.

image no 4

What a great view. (PW)

The shot pans inland from the Thames. Looking along Belvedere Road from Waterloo Bridge towards Hungerford Bridge and County Hall beyond with the Royal Festival Hall to the right. This view changed with the construction of The Hayward Gallery which opened in 1968.

image no 5

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George leaves the performance and walks out onto the riverside. The balcony of the Royal Festival Hall which dates from 1951.

image no 6

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The usually shy George glances towards a young woman. Looking down onto The Promenade fronting the Thames with Waterloo Bridge crossing the river.

image no 7

Is it just me or does this location now look a right mess? (PW)

Elizabeth (Elizabeth Sellars) looks back before the two begin to chat. Facing Hungerford Bridge from the balcony of the Royal Festival Hall above The Promenade in SE1.

image no 8

Behind the greenery lurks Hungerford Bridge. (PW)

A photographer snaps the happy couple as their relationship blooms. Victoria Embankment across the road from Victoria Embankment Gardens with Hungerford Bridge in the left distance.

image no 9

I am afraid my camera lens could not incorporate all the relevant items and end up with the wall in the correct line. (RL)

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George courts Elizabeth on the river near Windsor. Looking east towards Windsor Castle with the Eton bank of the river on the left.

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Returning to the office of the advertising agency that he and Edgar own, George discovers that his friend and partner has returned from Manchester four days early.

image no 11

As it now says, No1 Golden Square, London W1 (RL)

The Prime Minister calls for the Foreign Secretary Lord Mountdrago as members of the house demand a debate during a late night sitting. Looking across the River Thames from Albert Embankment in SE1 towards the Houses of Parliament.

image no 12

I still don't understand the perspective of that lamp. (RL)

Owen and Lord Mountdrago pass in the corridors of power as the young Welsh MP begins to affect the Foreign Secretary's dreams, The Houses of Parliament SW1 with Parliament Square in the foreground.

image no 13

It must be a bit of a disappointment for tourists. (RL)

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Lord Mountdrago visits psychiatrist Dr. Audlin on Wimpole Street. Actually, this is Portland Place W1 with the Swedish Ambassador's residence at the corner of New Cavendish Street to the left.

image no 14

Pity about the litter but slightly off line to avoid the dominant building screen to the right. (RL)

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The film ends with a view of The Imperial Institute on Imperial Institute Road, Kensington SW7. The location also makes an appearance in ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’, ‘Raising a Riot’ and 'Against the Wind'.