Three Hats for Lisa

Date: 1965
Director: Sidney Hayers
Production Company: Seven Hills Productions

Stars: Joe Brown, Sid James, Sophie Hardy, Una Stubbs
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


Three young Cockney lads take a day off work to meet a foreign movie star at Heathrow airport.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘One Day in London’.

MEMORIES from Stevie Campbell nee Manser

I remember this film being made in Windsor, Berkshire. I lived with my parents above the shop F. A. Miles greengrocers & fruiterer’s on the corner of Oxford Road & Grosvenor Place, Windsor. It was an open style shop with no windows but shutters all around so it looked more like a market stall type of shop. The shop belonged to my uncle, Fred Miles & my dad Jack Manser ran the shop for him. The cast and crew of  Read More…


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No, this isn't the start of Hitchcock's 'Frenzy' . . . . .

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Johnny Howjego (Joe Brown) cycles as he sings his way through the titles. Warple Road in Wandsworth, London SW18. The street has disappeared under Swandon Way.

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Warple Road from Fairfield Street. A warehouse currently occupies the site.

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Fairfield Street, now known as Smuggler's Way, with Wandsworth gas holder on the extreme right.

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A girl walks ahead of Johnny. The roadway leads to The Causeway from Smuggler's Way in SW18.

Johnny recovers his balance after turning to look at the girl. The underbridge passes over the River Wandle and the background bridge carries the railway line between Wandsworth Town and Putney stations.

image no 6

Now. SJ

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The song continues. The Causeway.

The Causeway, Wandsworth SW18. The location was also used in 'Theatre of Blood' and 'The Optimists of Nine Elms.

image no 8

South of the bridge. SJ

A near collision occurs as Johnny cycles the wrong way along the one way street. The Causeway with the River Wandle to the right.

image no 9

I "think" this is the best we can do. SJ

Johnny sets off again. Facing the junction of Armoury Way with Dormay Street from The Causeway in London SW18.

image no 10

And ditto, as above. SJ

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Flora (Una Stubbs) and her friends sing about boys . . . what else!!

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Johnny approaches a cinema where his idol's latest film is advertised. This is the Adelphi Theatre on Bath Road in Slough, Berkshire. Richard Canavan confirms the location and tells us that it is now a Bingo Hall. (RL)

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A smile for the wooden figure of Lisa Milan. The bus in the background gives a clue that this isn't London. Looking towards Bath Road from the car park in front of the Adelphi Theatre. The theatre still stands but the road was widened which saw the destruction of the background houses.

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The Caretaker (Howard Douglas) scowls after seeing Johnny kiss the cut-out. Outside the Adelphi Theatre in Slough which is currently a Bingo hall.

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Flora talks with Sammy (Dave Nelson) as she waits for Johnny. Tony Dunster advises that this sequence was filmed on Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire.

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After meeting up with Flora, Johnny and Sammy decide to take the day off work to meet Lisa's plane at Heathrow Airport. The sign reads Port of London Authority but Tony Dunster recognised the Criterion Car assembly plant which was on Slough Trading Estate.

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After almost running into their old friend Sid Marks' (Sid James) taxi, the two get a ride to the airport. Slough Trading Estate identified by Tony Dunster.

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Flora flags down the taxi after changing her mind about going with the boys. Tony goes on to say that a new road layout has seen the buildings and the railway system on Slough Trading Estate disappear.

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The taxi approaches the airport. Tunnel Road West outside Heathrow Airport in the London Borough of Hillingdon. A similar shot was seen in 'Hennessy' with the construction work completed.

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Fans wait for Lisa as she flies in for the premier of 'One Day in Rome'. The observation deck was also seen in 'Alfie Darling'.

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After getting to meet the star, Johnny goes up onto the observation deck for a song and dance routine.

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The dancing continues. This appears to be the roof gardens on Terminal 2. The terminal closed in 2009 and was demolished the following year.

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Flora and Sammy watch as the song comes to an end. In the right background stands the airport's old Control Tower which is also seen in 'I Could Go on Singing' and 'Blind Date'.

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The three leave the airport building and find Sid's taxi. The Europa Building which became part of Terminal 2.

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Lisa Milan, her Father and the PA Mr Pepper are driven into London.

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The taxi follows Lisa's car into town.

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Great West Road, London W6.

Facing Hammersmith Flyover on the Great West Road. A similar shot was seen seen in 'Strange Bedfellows'.

image no 28

Replacing an earlier attempt in summer. This is taken in late winter but still the church is obscured by tree growth. SJ

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Johnny shouts and waves as Sid overtakes Lisa's car. Flying over Hammersmith in W6.

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Johnny looks back towards the Rolls Royce as, inside, Pepper outlines Lisa's schedule.

Whilst held at traffic lights, Lisa Milan (Sophie Hardy) gets out of her car and climbs into Sid's taxi after deciding to take the day off to add to her hat collection.

image no 31

Peter took this image of Talgarth Road, London W14.

Pepper (Peter Bowles) fails to catch the taxi before it drives away. Ahead is Cromwell Road as seen from Talgarth Road at the junction with North End Road W14. The same location was seen in 'Trainspotting'.

image no 32

The same corner now by Peter.

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Pepper gets back into the Rolls and sets off in pursuit.

Sid turns off the main road. The West London Air Terminal in Cromwell Road, Kensington SW7. Also seen in 'Billion Dollar Brain' and 'Subterfuge'.

image no 34

About here. SJ

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The Rolls misses the turning. Cromwell Road, London SW7.

Sid carries on into the terminal. The West London Air Terminal in Kensington.

image no 36

A match with the buildings on the right. SJ

Worrying about the schedule, Pepper searches for Lisa in the cab. London Transport's District Line tracks pass to the left at the back of buildings on Cromwell Road.

image no 37

More elevation and less sun needed in my March 2015 shot, so here's an update. SJ

After a chase around the terminal, Sid loses Pepper and parks up near the Albert Memorial where Lisa announces that she would like to see London.

image no 38

The same spot facing Kensington Gardens, London W2 by Peter.

The tour begins.

image no 39

Peter snapped The Wellington Arch on Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, London W1.

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A run down back street is driven along after passing Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

Berwick Street market is glimpsed before the cab heads along London Wall in EC2. The location appears in ''Go to Blazes', 'Sebastian', 'Ladies Who Do', 'Three Hats for Lisa' and 'Blow Up'.

image no 41

The same place now by Peter who adds that the area has had three rebuilds since the 1960's.

Grosvenor Road next, to view Battersea Power Station on the opposite bank of the Thames. Facing the the accumulator tower for Churchill Gardens Estate in Pimlico SW1. The area also appeared in 'Dance Hall' and 'Genevieve'.

image no 42

Hiding behind the now grown tree is the accumulator tower, found by Peter.

Leaving Sid in the taxi, the youngsters get out on Festival Pier. Off Belvedere Road in SE1.

image no 43

In a busier location, Peter found that County Hall hasn't moved but all the rest has.

Flora, Sammy, Lisa and Johnny head to the river bus. Waterloo Bridge crosses the river to the right.

image no 44

Peter provides this comparison with the river at a lower level.

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Sid follows, gesturing for payment. In the background stands London's Royal Festival Hall on Belvedere Road.

The river bus departs leaving Sid on the pier.

image no 46

Festival Pier on the south bank of the Thames taken by Peter.

More singing from Johnny as the river bus passes St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

image no 47

Looking from Blackfriars Bridge, Peter took this shot.

Sid chases after the river bus. Waterloo Bridge with Somerset House on the north bank of the Thames in the right background. What a strange journey! A similar shot was seen in 'The Final Appointment'.

image no 48

Peter captured the same location now.

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Sid catches up and runs down onto the pier. Tower Pier, Lower Thames Street EC3.

As Johnny finishes his song, Sid starts singing about Bermondsey, across the river. Tower Pier, London EC3.

image no 50

Peter found that the pier and jetties have been redeveloped.

And now the dance routine. Tower Bridge stands across the Thames down river from Tower Pier.

image no 51

Sid James would be dancing on water now! Comparison shot by Peter.

Following a brief visit to the studio's Bermondsey Docks, the gang sing their way through more of London. All Hallows by the Tower on Byward Street EC3.

image no 52

The same location by Peter.

A less familiar part of town.

image no 53

Claverton Street SW1. Looking north. SJ

The camera swings across the road.

image no 54

The east side of the Churchill Gardens Estate, Claverton Street. SJ

Looking across The Mall at the base of the Duke of York Memorial in SW1.

image no 55

A lovely shot of the same location from Peter.

Sid drives Lisa and her new friends to start gathering three hats for her collection. The Market Hall in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

image no 56

The King's Arms of Old Amersham seen in the background. SJ

The first hat to get is a bowler. Market Square in Amersham.

image no 57

More pedestrian-friendly paving now. SJ

The gang wait outside 'pneumonia arches' to steal the hat from a likely candidate.

image no 58

More convenient with a bench now. SJ

In the background can be seen the junction of Church Street and Market Square, a location from 'The Jigsaw Man'.

image no 59

Same paintwork: impressive after all these years. SJ

The wind catches a Gent (Kevin Barry) as he walks through the arches and his bowler hat is blown into the hands of Johnny. Looking through the Market Hall towards The Broadway in Amersham.

image no 60

Now. SJ

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Lisa wears the new addition to her collection.

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Behind the actors stands the remains of the medieval tower of St. Alphage church.

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Flora watches Johnny and Sid enjoying time with Lisa. The walkway above London Wall in EC2. The centre background block has been replaced.

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Sammy brings four cups of coffee whilst Flora feels left out. St. Alphage Highwalk which features in 'Sebastian' and 'Life at the Top' whilst the streets around are seen in ‘Ladies Who Do’, ‘The London Nobody Knows’,'The Sandwich Man' and ‘Go to Blazes’.

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Lisa consoles Flora. With St Alphage Gardens below to the right.

The second hat to collect is a busby. Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1 with the former BOAC Airways Terminal to the left. JT advises that busbys or busbies are only worn by Hussars and the Royal Horse Artillery, Footguards wear bearskins.

image no 66

The same stretch of road now from Peter.

As the guards pass, the taxi draws away to enter Victoria Coach Station. Buckingham Palace Road.

image no 67

A few changes here but still recognisable. Image by Peter.

Victoria Coach Station at the corner of Buckingham Palace Road and Elizabeth Street SW1.

image no 68

Peter shot the same location now.

To collect the next hat, Sid suggests a trip to Lock's.

image no 69

Peter captured a nice image of inside the coach station with added control booth.

St James's Street, London SW1. Also seen in 'The Breaking of Bumbo' and 'Brandy For The Parson'.

image no 70

The same spot by Peter.

The taxi pulls up outside Lock & Company's shop. St James's Street SW1.

image no 71

Parking is still suspended! Captured by Peter.

A Guards Officer (Jeremy Lloyd) leaves the shop as Johnny watches. St. James's Street is also seen in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'.

image no 72

Lock & Co now by Peter.

The gang drive away after obtaining a busby (or even a bearskin) from the officer. Looking north on St James's Street SW1.

image no 73

The same location now from Peter.

Sammy runs to the others with a newspaper. The Italian Garden in Kensington Gardens, London.

image no 74

Peter found the location looking much the same today

He breaks the news that Johnny and Lisa's antics have made the headlines. Noel Coward was here in 'The Astonished Heart'.

image no 75

And Peter was here too, taking a picture for Reel Streets.

Johnny points out the statue of Peter Pan before another song and dance. Kensington Gardens, London W2.

image no 76

Peter Pan is OK but still with a scruffy background. Image by Peter.

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Off to find the final hat, a policeman's helmet.

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Sid parks the taxi and makes a plan. On the left stands the Victoria Arms public house in Grosvenor Place, Windsor, Berkshire. The pub was seen in 'On the Beat'.

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After buying a top hat from a junk shop, Sid follows Police Constable Jones (Dickie Owen). Facing Peascod Street from Oxford Road in Windsor.

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Sid catches the Policeman's attention by pretending to chase an escaped budgie. Oxford Road with with the corner of Grosvenor Place to the right.

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After the imaginary bird is caught, the bobby's helmet is 'borrowed' to catch another. Oxford Road facing the junction with Grosvenor Place with Peascod Street on the extreme right. The junction is now covered by Charles Street. An identical shot was seen in 'On the Beat'.

  • 'Now' required

A Sergeant (Michael Brennan) catches Sid out and returns PC Jones' helmet. Grosvenor Place looking towards Oxford Road in Windsor. The area has been redeveloped.

When they lose the helmet and realise that the police could identify them, Sid drives to the Post Office Tower to hide out until after dark. The junction of Fitzroy Street and Howland Street in W1.

image no 83

The same corner looking north along Fitzroy Street from Peter.

The base of the Post Office Tower, now known as the BT Tower, Cleveland Street W1.

image no 84

From Cleveland Mews by Peter who adds "There are so many streets you can view it from and there has been a lot of rebuilding".

Johnny looks up at the tower that is still under construction and being looked after by Sid's brother-in-law.

image no 85

Taken by Peter from Cleveland Street at the junction with Howland Street W1.

Sid and Johnny admire the view from the top of the Tower. Jean Winchester provides this additional screen capture and points out that the view is actually taken from Millbank Tower.

image no 86

Jean also provides this shot as proof, showing Lambeth Palace to the left of centre. Image copyright Google.

  • 'Now' required

Lisa wonders if the police have caught the budgie yet as they enter the building.

After finally obtaining a policeman's helmet during an early morning sing along in a Covent Garden set. The gang arrive at the Hilton Hotel in Sid's father's old horse drawn cab.

image no 88

Park Lane in London now by Peter.

Johnny escorts Lisa to the hotel entrance. The London Hilton on Park Lane W1.

image no 89

Peter got the wrong angle but the Lamborghini put him off. That's his excuse!

Lisa and her father, Signor Molfino (Seymour Green), wave from their suite. The Hilton Hotel.

image no 90

Not much change here. Image from Peter.

  • 'Now' required

The film star watches as Johnny, Flora and Sammy are driven away by Sid. Park Lane, London W1 with Hamilton Place to the left.