Time Without Pity

Date: 1957
Director: Joseph Losey
Production Company: Harlequin Productions Ltd.

Stars: Michael Redgrave, Ann Todd, Peter Cushing, Leo McKern, Renée Houston, Paul Daneman
Location(s): London



On the day before a man is to be executed for committing murder, his father arrives from Canada and tries increasingly desperate measures to prove his son’s innocence.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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On the day before his son Alec is due to be hanged for murder, a disheveled David Graham (Michael Redgrave) gets off an overnight flight at London Airport. This is Heathrow Airport, then in Middlesex, now in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

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Solicitor Jeremy Clayton (Peter Cushing) meets the author in the terminal.

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With a little over twenty six hours until the execution, the two head straight to a waiting car. The various buildings at Heathrow Airport are seen in 'Au Pair Girls', 'The Alphabet Murders', 'Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River', 'Jet Storm', 'Quest for Love', 'Three Hats for Lisa' 'I Could Go on Singing', 'Blind Date' and 'Hot Millions'.

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David’s luggage is swiftly loaded and the car pulls away from the terminal.

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The camera pans to follow the Austin A40 Somerset as David asks "What happened?".

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The recovering alcoholic is shown the transcript of his son’s trial. Entering the tunnel on Tunnel Road East to the north of Heathrow Airport.

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On the journey into London, Jeremy outlines the main points of the case. Tunnel Road East which also appears in 'Hennessy' and 'The Vicious Circle'.

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The lawyer explains that that Alec was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Jenny Cole in the flat of a friend, Brian Stanford. The West Ramp leading to Bath Road in Sipson, West Drayton.

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The car nears the prison where Alec Graham is awaiting his fate. Heathfield Square alongside the railway running between Earlsfield and Clapham Junction with the rear of properties on Windmill Road to the top right.

image no 9

A substantially changed scene. (RL)

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A final corner is turned to bring the prison wall into view.

image no 10

And a scene in the course of change. (RL)

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In silence, David and Jeremy get out of the car and enter to speak with the Governor. Outside Wandsworth Prison on Heathfield Road in SW18.

image no 11

As accurate a shot as possible with walls, vans and lorries. (RL)

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The entrance to Wandsworth Prison also appears in ‘The Cracksman’, 'Law and Disorder', ‘There Was a Crooked Man’, ‘Out of the Fog’, ‘The Criminal’, ‘Daybreak’, 'Calculated Risk', ‘Emergency’, ‘Ooh, You Are Awful’, ‘The Dock Brief’, ‘Up in the World’, 'Get Santa', 'The Scarlet Web' and ‘The Mail Van Murder’.

image no 12

Not such a bad comparison shot after all. (RL)

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An Officer leads David Graham from the Governor's office to see his son.

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In an attempt to uncover new evidence, David seeks out Jenny’s sister Agnes. Facing southward on Great Windmill Street W1.

image no 14

Captured on a quiet Saturday morning. (PW)

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The camera pans to the Windmill Theatre at the corner of Archer Street and Great Windmill Street. The famous theatre also makes an appearance in 'The Gelignite Gang', 'Rag Doll' and 'The Small World of Sammy Lee'.

image no 15

It seems that naughty nudes still tread the boards inside. (PW)

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Around the corner, David finds the stage door.

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Once inside, the desperate man questions Agnes but feels that she's hiding something.

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David looks for Brian Stanford at his father's car showroom. Looking out onto Berkeley Street W1 from the Rootes showroom. The location was also seen in 'Jump for Glory' and later became an Audi dealership.

image no 18

With thanks to the management and staff of Metro Bank. (PW)

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Brian Stanford (Paul Daneman) hears that David wants to save his son from the gallows. Outside Devonshire House on Berkeley Street.

image no 19

Not quite the same spot as work was progressing to convert the showroom into a branch of Metro Bank. (PW)

<?php echo 20; ?>

As the two drive away, Brian tells David that his son was always talking about him. Facing Piccadilly from Berkeley Street W1.

image no 20

Looking the same obstructed way now. (PW)

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The Austin Healey arrives on Lowndes Street in SW1. The since demolished archway at the entrance to Harriet Walk stands on the left.

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The camera tilts to find Brian bring the car into Harriet Walk. Looking across Lowndes Street toward the junction with Motcomb Street.

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Abruptly, Brian tells David that he hopes that he hasn't taken him out of his way. Harriet Walk off Lowndes Street.

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David follows Brian to the building where he lives. Facing the since redesigned number 1 Harriet Walk.

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Brian leads David to the flat where Jenny was killed. The entrance to number 24 Lowndes Street in SW1.

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As clues pointing to his son's innocence begins to mount, David and Brian's adoptive mother Honor Stanford attend a press conference called by campaigners against capital punishment. The often seen Westminster Bridge with the Houses of Parliament across the River Thames.

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Realising that the campaigners can't help, David leaves the conference followed by Honor. The gateway to New Palace Yard at the east side of Parliament Square in SW1. The location features in ‘Press for Time’, ‘V for Vendetta’,

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The shot follows David onto Parliament Square. Looking north outside the Houses of Parliament with the junction of Parliament Street and Bridge Street to the left.

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Struggling to cope, David heads for a nearby pub and begins to drink. Bridge Street in SW1 with St. Stephen’s Tavern to the right.

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Given a lift from the prison by Robert Stanford, David arrives at the Home Office.

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The desperate father enters the building to meet with Clayton and the Under-Secretary.

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When the Under-Secretary refuses to reprieve Alec, Robert Stanford (Leo McKern) accompanies David to a bar. The Daily Express Building at the corner of Fleet Street and Shoe Lane in EC4 which is also seen in ‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire’ . . . with Leo McKern outside.

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Armed with new knowledge about Jenny, David searches for Agnes once again.

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Following a call from David, Jeremy Clayton waits outside the Under-Secretary's office.

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Later that evening, David follows Robert Stanford to his test track. Flanked by two sphinxes, these steps lead up towards the television mast from the Upper Terrace in Crystal Palace Park, London SE19.

image no 35

Th red lions now have a green background that hides the television mast. (PW)

<?php echo 36; ?>

David pleads with Stanford as he prepares to drive a new car around the circuit. Upper Terrace in Crystal Palace Park off Thicket Road, Crystal Palace.

image no 36

Not a car in sight. (PW)

<?php echo 37; ?>

An agitated Stanford speeds around the track in his Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

image no 37

A tidier view from the same spot. (PW)

<?php echo 38; ?>

David heads for the far side of the circuit. The steps lead down from Upper Terrace.

image no 38

No urns or statues adorning the steps now. (PW)

<?php echo 39; ?>

Looking southward from Grand Centre Walk in Crystal Palace Park with the motor racing track passing beneath Terrace Bridge out of sight to the left.

image no 39

From a similar position. (PW)

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Stanford narrowly misses David after he climbs down from the bridge. Terrace Bridge carries Grand Centre Walk over Terrace Straight of the racing circuit.

image no 40

The bridge disappeared long ago. (PW)

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The drunken author watches the sports car as it continues around the track. The race circuit at Crystal Palace also features in ‘The Italian Job', 'Soapbox Derby’ and ‘Rush’.

image no 41

The line of the former circuit is easily seen. (PW)

<?php echo 42; ?>

Stanford brings the car back to the Upper Terrace in Crystal Palace Park.

image no 42

The same terrace. (PW)

<?php echo 43; ?>

David follows the automobile magnate towards his office. A good view of Crystal Palace Park in SE19.

image no 43

A little closer to the lions, otherwise nothing would be visible through the trees. (PW)

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Inside the office, David Graham pulls Stanford's revolver from his pocket.