Date: 1955
Director: Ken Hughes
Production Company: Merton Park Studios

Stars: Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue, Joseph Tomelty, Peter Arne, Donald Gray, Vic Perry
Location(s): London



A near-lifeless body is recovered from the Thames, shot in the back. Science reporter Delaney identifies the victim as Stephen Rayner, a nuclear physicist who works at a nearby research institute but when he visits the institute he’s shocked to find Rayner alive and well! Hot on the story of his career, Delaney is plunged into a drama of international espionage and the all-to-real threat of nuclear destruction.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘The Atomic Man’ (US Title)

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Found in the river at Duggan's Wharf, an unconscious man is taken to the Northern District Hospital. Looking across to properties on Kingston Road from Merton Park Studios in Wimbledon SW19,

image no 1

Difficult to know the exact shops revealed in the screen capture but these would certainly be seen from all the Studio windows facing Kingston Road. (RL)

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After recognising the injured man as nuclear physicist Stephen Rayner in a photograph taken by a colleague, magazine reporter Mike Delaney arrives at the Brant Nuclear Research Institute.

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Mike Delaney (Gene Nelson) enters the building to discover that Rayner is at work on creating synthetic tungsten as usual.

When the Editor sends Delaney and his photographer Jan north to Stevenage, the Science Writer instead heads south of the river to the Northern District Hospital. On Westminster Bridge, looking south towards the since rebuilt St. Thomas' Hospital in SE1.

image no 4

The bridge was a little busier when Peter arrived.

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Discovering that the man working at the Brant Institute isn't Rayner, Delaney drives Jan back home.

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After kissing her fiancé goodnight, Jill Rabowski (Faith Domergue) enters the house where she has rooms.

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Mike Delaney parks up and crosses the road to the building where he lives.

image no 7

The bus stop has been moved but the taxi is almost in the right place. Woburn Place, London WC1. (RL)

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When shots are fired from a parked car, the journalist turns before being wounded.

image no 8

Russell Court, Entrance A, Woburn Place, London WC1 with the addition of a central handrail. (RL)

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As Delaney slumps to the steps outside the apartment block, the car carrying the would be assassin speeds away.

image no 9

Woburn Place, London WC1 opposite Entrance B, Russell Court. Quite how they managed to shoot him at all from there remains a mystery.

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The camera follows the car until it's out of view.

image no 10

A much redeveloped Woburn Place, London WC1 (RL)

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At the Brant Institute, preparations are made for an important experiment.

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After phoning Delaney, Jan leaves the bar where she has been waiting for him.

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Jan hails a cab to take her to fictional Kanandel House where the United Tungsten Corporation have offices.

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Mike's investigations lead him to Duggan's Wharf in Rotherhithe, but the sign says "Apply:- OFFICE Wapping High Street"!