To Catch A Spy

Date: 1971
Director: Dick Clement
Production Company: Capitole Films, Les Films de la Pléiade, Ludgate Films

Stars: Kirk Douglas, Marlène Jobert, Trevor Howard, Tom Courtenay, Patrick Mower, Angharad Rees, Wilfrid Brambell
Location(s): Argyle & Bute (Scotland), Bucharest (Romania), London

Region(s): , ,


Spy spoof in which a newly wed couple are honeymooning in Bucharest when the husband is arrested by the secret police. The wife attempts to get him released but it is revealed that he is actually a Soviet spy.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.

Also known as ‘Keep Your Fingers Crossed’ and ‘Catch Me A Spy’ (US Title)

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  • 'Now' required

Establishing shot of the church where Fabienne and John Fenton get married. Unidentified location.

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John Fenton (Patrick Mower) and Fabienne (Marlène Jobert) leave the church after the ceremony. Unknown location.

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Fabienne runs from the honeymoon hotel in Bucharest after John is arrested. Unknown location.

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Outside Fabienne's London house. Unidentified location.

Fabienne and Victoria (Angharad Rees) walk past the Albert Memorial. Kensington Gardens, London SW7.

image no 5

Being tarted up. SJ

Baxter Clarke (Tom Courtenay) follows Fabienne towards the Royal Albert Hall. Kensington Gore, London SW7. The famous landmark appears in 'Interlude', 'Seven Keys', 'Quest for Love', 'The Mutations', 'The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)' and 'The Ipcress File' amongst many.

image no 6

Now. SJ

Baxter chases Fabienne around the Royal Albert Hall but loses her. London SW7.

image no 7

The west side of the Hall. SJ

San Lorenzo on Beauchamp Place in London SW3.

image no 8

Now. SJ

San Lorenzo's business has since expanded into the premises of 'Little Things' seen in image tcas008. These steps are now the trade entrance to the restaurant. Beauchamp Place in London SW3.

image no 9

Ooops, sorry, a bit blurred. SJ

Andrej watches Fabienne refereeing a school football match. Vincent Square, London SW1 identified by Simon James.

image no 10

Once of my easier identifications since I work here. This is the east corner. SJ

Fabienne notices Andrej. Vincent Square in Westminster.

image no 11

Looking west. The police stables in the middle of the row have been replaced by housing. SJ

The pair talk. Vincent Square, London SW1.

image no 12

Looking south. SJ

One of the pupils looks on. Vincent Square is owned by Westminster School and is used as playing fields.

image no 13

Westminster Cathedral Tower above the goal's upright. Looking west. SJ

Vincent Square with New Lodge in the background. London SW1.

image no 14

This is the cricket pavilion, possibly the oldest in London. There are also two lodges within the 13 acre square. Many a famous face has changed here, e.g. H Blofeld, H. Pinter, J. Snow, S. Tendulkar. A cricket game can be seen in Two Gentlemen Sharing. SJ

Andrej departs. Vincent Square, London SW1.

image no 15

Looking towards the south point. SJ

Fabienne sends two pupils to tail Andrej and they follow him to the London Hilton Hotel. Park Lane W1.

image no 16

New block in the background. SJ

The pupils surprise the doorman and enter the hotel. London Hilton, Park Lane W1.

image no 17

Jazzier frontage. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The pupils (Ashley Knight and Philip DaCosta) return to Fabienne's home and the door is opened by Webb (Wilfrid Brambell). Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

French actor Bernard Blier is credited with the role of Webb in all references to this film including the end titles!! But this is definitely Wilfrid Brambell. See the next image.

  • 'Now' required

Compare the actors. Left Wilfrid Brambell - Right Bernard Blier.

  • 'Now' required

Fabienne calls down to Webb and the pupils. Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

Establishing shot of Bucharest. The Dambovita River still flows through the city but the buildings were demolished in the 1980's partly due to an earthquake in 1977 and partly because of political reasons.

  • 'Now' required

Stock shot of Eastern Bloc social housing in Bucharest.

Fabienne's pupils in . . . . is this Lincoln's Inn Fields?

image no 24

Tree and bandstand confirm Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2, looking west. SJ

Fabienne and Baxter in what appears to be Lincoln's Inn Fields.

image no 25

from the above Panning to left, this is the spot. SJ

  • 'Now' required

After being taken captive, Andrej and Fabienne escape somewhere in Scotland. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Loch Awe station on the West Highland Line that runs between Glasgow and Fort William and Mallaig or Oban. Argyle.

  • 'Now' required

On the station platform, Andrej gestures towards Loch Awe Hotel near Lochawe Village, Dalmally, Argyll.

  • 'Now' required

Andrej and Fabienne go fishing on Loch Awe with Kilchurn Castle in the centre background. Argyle.

  • 'Now' required

Loch Awe Hotel, Argyle.

  • 'Now' required

Andrej walks along the shore of Loch Awe with the hotel in the background.

  • 'Now' required

Fabienne walks along the track at Loch Awe station. Argyle.

Andrej and Fabienne escape in their pursuers van and head for a ferry. The old ferry slipway near the Ballachulish Hotel on the A828, Highland, Scotland. The ferry has been replaced by a bridge over the Lochs.

image no 33

Alan Watt provides this comparison from 2014.

The van makes the ferry just in time. Near Ballachulish.

image no 34

The replacement bridge can be seen in this modern view from Alan Watt.

Looking landward from the ferry. Ballachulish, Highland, Scotland.

image no 35

Alan Watt couldn't get to the exact spot for a more accurate shot as large concrete blocks were in the way, but its clear that this is the same building.