Tomb of Ligeia, The

Date: 1964
Director: Roger Corman
Production Company: Alta Vista Productions

Stars: Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd, John Westbrook
Location(s): Norfolk, Surrey, Wiltshire



A man’s obsession with his dead wife drives a wedge between him and his new bride.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The coffin containing the body of Lady Ligeia is carried through the ruined abbey that was once her home. This is the 11th Century Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk.

image no 1

Martin Skipper took this and other shots Castle Acre Priory remains in September 2017 before he discovered Reelstreets, amazingly on angle! (RL)

The procession approaches the tomb where she will be laid to rest. Castle Acre Priory to the north of Swaffham in Norfolk.

image no 2

Martin captured the same scene without the procession. (RL)

A Minister arrives, calling out that Lady Ligeia may not be buried in consecrated ground.

image no 3

Martin's view of the location showing the care of English Heritage in who's hands the Priory now rests. (RL)

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Verden Fell (Vincent Price) turns on the Minister, telling him that the ground is his and that his atheist wife is not dead.

During a hunt, the Lady Rowena Trevanion and Christopher Gough break away from the other riders. In the background stands Castle Acre Priory.

image no 5

A closer and clearer view of the Priory from Martin. (RL)

Leaving Gough behind, Lady Rowena Trevanion (Elizabeth Shepherd) enters the abbey ruins.

image no 6

Another capture from Martin showing that little has changed, nor should it have, in 50 years. (RL)

When the tomb of Lady Ligeia is discovered, a black cat frightens the horse and Rowena is thrown to the ground.

image no 7

It would seem that Martin had the Priory to himself that day. (RL)

Hearing a scream, Gough races to find his companion.

image no 8

Another well angled shot from Martin. (RL)

Gough comes across Verden Fell as he rises from Rowena's side.

image no 9

Martin Skipper provides this now shot showing that the ground has been levelled since the "burial". (RL)

When Rowena recovers from the fall, Verden carries her through the abbey.

image no 10

No such activity during Martin's visit. (RL)

Gough is left at the tomb as the two pass through the ruins.

image no 11

Castle Acre Priory as seen by Martin in September 2017. (RL)

Rowena is taken into Verden's quarters where he tends to her wounds. Castle Acre Priory in the Norfolk village of Castle Acre.

image no 12

Martin's view of Castle Acre Priory from the same angle. (RL)

The next morning, Lord Trevanion can be heard calling for his manservant Peperel.

image no 13

Polesden Lacey, Great Bookham, near Dorking, Surrey. The location also appears in 'The File of the Golden Goose' and 'The Truth About Women'. (SD)

Peperel (Frank Thornton) waits as Gough prepares to leave for the assizes while Rowena and her father Lord Trevanion (Derek Francis) finish their breakfast.

image no 14

Polesden Lacey, the south side of the house. (SD)

Lady Rowena returns to the abbey. Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk.

image no 15

Martin found that the growth on the stonework had gone, or was it a prop? (RL)

Looking up at the West Front of the church at Castle Acre Priory.

image no 16

Martin provides a wider angle shot so that the quality stonework can be appreciated. (RL)

Lady Rowena enters to find Verden Fell. A doorway of the Prior's Lodging House, next to the West Front of the church.

image no 17

Martin didn't try the door to see if entry was still possible. (RL)

To Gough's disappointment, Verden Fell and the Lady Rowena are married.

image no 18

No wedding today. St. John The Evangelist, St. John's Church Road, Wotton, Surrey. (SD)

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The couple honeymoon around the country, talking about their childhoods.

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Verden Fell takes his wife to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

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The history of the stones is related to Rowena.The location also appears in ‘The Small Back Room’, ‘Night of the Demon’ and 'Naked as Nature Intended'.

Dining with Gough in the ruins, Rowena tells her friend that it feels like the Lady Ligeia is still alive. Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk, also seen in 'Glorious 39'.

image no 22

The last shot from Martin before he returned home to dine. (RL)