Two a Penny

Date: 1967
Director: James F. Collier
Production Company: World Wide Pictures (WWP)

Stars: Cliff Richard, Ann Holloway, Dora Bryan, Geoffrey Bayldon, Peter Barkworth, Avril Angers
Location(s): London



Drug dealing Cliff is slow to accept his girlfriend’s conversion to Christianity. SJ

Additional Information:

Filmed in 1967 but released in 1970.


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Richard joins Holloway in St Dunstan in the East churchyard, London EC3.

image no 1

Goodness, what a howler. Actually it's Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate Street, EC1. And this is Richard Lovejoy's (RL) photo in proof. The planting is much more ordered, even winnning the City of London small park award in 2012.

The Wren tower seen in Children of the Damned. No, that was in EC3. This is EC1, just north of St Paul's.

image no 2

Difficult to get that exact angle with a conventional camera lens. RL

Richard, centre of still, crosses Piccadilly Circus, W1.

image no 3

From ground level. SJ

On the west side of Piccadilly Circus.

image no 4

Lot more clutter. SJ

Jermyn Street, SW1.

image no 5

Looking west. SJ

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Richard calls up to Holloway in a mews.

Admission Free! But then maybe Billy Graham is not the Brits Awards. Earls Court Exhibition Centre, SW5, threatened, as writing in 2013, with demolition. The exterior is also seen in Virtual Sexuality and Confetti.

image no 7

But still standing at the moment. SJ

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The Drum is the sign out of shot at the top.

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Battersea Park, SW11.

Close up of Holloway back at the bombed out Christ Church Greyfriars.

image no 10

If only I had had a pretty foreground subject. RL

More bombed out churchyard, EC1.

image no 11

But much tidier now. RL

Eye-catching street arrangement. Sussex Place on the Outer Circle near Regents Park, London, says Robbie Higgins.

image no 12

A somewhat blander facade now, showing where no.20 Sussex Place, NW1, used to be. SJ

E. Richard's Locksmith. Robbie suggests, Hogarth Road junction Hogarth Place SW5 looking towards Earls Court Road.

image no 13

RICHARDS were at No13, all rather overwhelmed with advertising signs now! (RL)

Tilting down from the above.

image no 14

......and now. (RL)

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Back at the mews.

Richard at Earl's Court to see Billy Graham.

image no 16

I think this is the correct angle, as Cliff's inside the grounds, with Warwick Road behind him. The Exhibition Centre was razed during 2015. SJ

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Graham addresses the crowd inside The Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, SW5.

A back street and notable lamppost. World's End Passage SW10 found by Alan F on the britmovie web site and reported by Robbie Higgins.

image no 18

Peter took this shot from ground showing the changes that have taken place over 50 years.

Holloway runs to a church. Bit dark isn't it? Fortunately that is very recognisable as St John's, Hyde Park Crescent, W2. Also seen in Dangerous Parking (2007).

image no 19

Taken from Southwick Place, W2. SJ

A closer shot of the above.

image no 20

Taken from Hyde Park Crescent, W2. SJ

Same as twoap012. Sussex Place, near Regents Park, London, Robbie Higgins.

image no 21

Now, depressingly. SJ

Richard hides behind a wall. Sussex Place again, claims Robbie.

image no 22

Could this be the same wall? Roughly where 19 Sussex Place used to place. SJ

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A dark church interior but not St John's.

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End of the mews where Holloway lives.

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Holloway is about to be propositioned in possibly Soho, W1. A double-fronted Home and Colonial Store, one of about 100 in its heyday. Christopher Matheson found the one in one hundred, it being 1 Dartrey Terrace, Dartrey Road, London SW10, here looking south along the west side with Ramsay Street off to the left, extreme left. The current road layout is much changed. (RL)

A house. Sussex Place, Robbie says.

image no 26

Back at the erstwhile 19 Sussex Place. SJ

Priest Barkworth and Holloway in a lighter church interior. Looks like the interior of St John's W2.

image no 27

The pews have gone: in fact it looks distinctly spartan, but yes this is the interior. SJ

Richard and Holloway at the National Gallery, WC2

image no 28

The wall on the right has been knocked through. SJ

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A park scene.

A letter box. Robbie says; Sussex Place.

image no 30

The letter box is alive and well. SJ

Same as twoap012 but another angle. Sussex Place, Robbie.

image no 31

The lamppost's still wonky. SJ

Quite a doorway, no 20. Again.

image no 32

Now. SJ

And another angle. One more time. This shows no. 21 Sussex Place as was.

image no 33

Yes Robbie is correct. Sussex Place, NW1 now rebuilt as the London Business School. Also seen in Derby Day and Une Ravissante Idiote. SJ

Regent's Park? Outer Circle next to Regents Park, London. Robbie.

image no 34

Now. SJ

Richard does a lot of running. Now back at Jermyn Street, SW1.

image no 35

Looking east, filmed in the early morning. I was there in the afternoon. SJ

No 97 Jermyn Street at the corner of Duke of York Street, SW1.

image no 36

At least the scaffolding is not too intrusive. SJ

Richard in front of St James's Church, SW1.

image no 37

Turning around from 97 Jermyn Street. SJ

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Richard and Holloway in another park.

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As above.

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This reminds me of Battersea Park.

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On the 25 bus route. John MC identifies this as Newgate Street, London looking towards Greyfrairs Churchyard, where postmen use to sit on the wall whilst waiting for the bus to go on their rounds. It just had to be, given the No 25 bus and the other shots from there. (RL)

Back at the church, also glimpsed in The Human Factor (1979).

image no 42

Much the same as all those years ago. RL

Pulling back.

image no 43

This shot will have to serve for 043 and 044: the East wall and presumably part of the South wall were demolished in 1962 to make way for a widening of King Edward Street. RL

Nice aerial shot.

image no 44

As above, until someone hires a helicopter.