Two Weeks in September

Date: 1966
Director: Serge Bourguignon
Production Company: Films du Quadrangle, Les, Francos Films, Kenwood Productions

Stars: Brigitte Bardot, Laurent Terzieff, Jean Rochefort, James Robertson Justice, Michael Sarne
Location(s): London, East Lothian (Scotland)

Region(s): ,


The story of a beautiful woman who finds herself torn between two desirable lovers.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Also known as ‘À coeur joie’ (original French title)


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  • 'Now' required

When she arrives from Paris, Cécile is driven from London Airport for a 6-day photography assignment with Dickinson. The roundabout to the north of Heathrow Airport's Tunnel Road East in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The limousine nears the Windsor Hotel. Lancaster Gate W2 with buildings on Craven Terrace in the right distance.

image no 2

Those buildings on Craven Terrace have all added storeys. SJ

Cécile (Brigitte Bardot) and fellow model Patricia (Georgina Ward) enter the hotel. Lancaster Gate in Paddington and yes, it was The Windsor Hotel at the time of filming.

image no 3

Now. SJ

The first session gets underway and Dickinson takes photos as his assistant Larry (Murray Head) stands by. Hungerford Bridge spans the Thames in the background.

image no 4

The same location by Peter.

Dickinson (Michael Sarne) takes more pictures. London Bridge serves as the backdrop.

image no 5

Peter took this from the new pier.

Vincent (Laurent Terzieff), a young geologist, appears with his dog. Ivybridge House and the Savoy Hotel stand in the distance.

image no 6

A similar view from Peter.

Cécile leaves a museum after another shoot. and crosses the road to where Vincent is waiting in his Mini.

image no 7

That's no museum, that's the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall Court, London SW1 before armed guards, slopes and bollards were necessary. (RL)

After confronting her stalker, Cécile shouts at Vincent to leave her alone. Located by Peter, this is Horse Guards Avenue looking west from Whitehall Court in SW1 which is also seen in 'The Sexplorer', 'The Jokers', 'Tomorrow at Ten' and 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire'.

image no 8

Peter took this image of the same spot with changes to the forecourt on the right.

Cécile and Vincent come out of a nightclub after Dickinson leaves the pair together. Lancaster Gate in W2.

image no 9

No mistaking the iron work of the railings. SJ

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The two are accompanied to "the nearest police station" when caught trespassing on a building site.

  • 'Now' required

Vincent arrives during a photo session at the zoo. London Zoo in Regent's Park NW1.

  • 'Now' required

At the end of a day spent together, Vincent fights off two thugs before taking their moped and driving Cécile to safety. This appears to be somewhere inside St. Katherine's Dock in E1.

The models ascend from Traitor's Gate after another photo-shoot. St. Thomas's Tower within the Tower of London EC3.

image no 13

Peter captured the same steps but from a different angle as there is no public access.

Wearing the wedding dress that she has been modeling, Cécile walks with Vincent. Various parts of the Tower are seen in 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow', 'The Jokers' and 'No Place for Jennifer'.

image no 14

Water Lane in the Outer Ward of the Tower of London by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Dickinson's aide spots that Cécile is leaving whilst still wearing the Pierre Cardin creation. The Outer Ward of the Tower of London.

The couple get into Vincent's Mini and drive away. Looking towards the gateway in the Byward Tower at the Tower of London.

image no 16

The same location from Peter.

Facing towards Coventry Street on Haymarket with the corner of Shaver's Place to the right of centre.

image no 17

Peter captured teh same view.

Looking towards Strand from Trafalgar Square in WC2.

image no 18

Taken from the safety of the kerb by Peter.

The pair leave London and head north. Facing Charing Cross SW1 from Trafalgar Square with Strand to the left and Northumberland Avenue to the right.

image no 19

From the safety of the pavement. SJ

After driving through the night, a small village is passed through. The bridge over the River Tyne on Mill Wynd in East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland.

image no 20

Now. A still from a video made on my smartphone from a train window as it crossed the railway bridge. SD

The mist clears on a new day and the journey continues. The Square in East Linton.

image no 21

I am most grateful to the owner of a van who kindly moved it out of view. (SD)

When the Mini runs out of petrol, the two get a lift from a Laird who takes them to the ruins of Dunure. Tantallon Castle near North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland.

image no 22

This road is on a farm off the A198 just north of the castle. With thanks to the farm owner for permission. SD

McClintock (James Robertson Justice) offers his castle as accommodation for Vincent and Cécile. Tantallon Castle, North Berwick.

image no 23

Now with a fence to keep Lairds and visitors away from the cliff edge. SD

The Laird leaves the couple and makes his way from the ruin. Facing south from Tantallon Castle.

image no 24

Nice view from the top of the castle. SD

McClintock returns on the following morning. Tantallon Castle off the A198 in East Lothian.

image no 25

The fence restricts access down the bank so camera had to be placed on the grass to achieve a similar effect. SD

Cécile and Vincent run along the sea shore after declaring their love for each other. On the shore east of North Berwick, East Lothian with Tantallon Castle in the distance.

image no 26

Seacliff beach. On the rocks near the tiny harbour. SD

Following their few days of excitement and adventure, Vincent and Cécile return to London. Facing west on Lancaster Gate in W2 with the entrance to Heron Court to the right.

image no 27

A less crowded street on a damp February day. SJ

Choosing to stay with Vincent instead of returning to Paris and her husband, Cécile takes a cab to the airport to catch up with her departing lover. Scotch Corner, the junction of Knightsbridge to the right and Brompton Road to the left.

image no 28

Peter notes that The Scotch House is now occupied by Burberry.

  • 'Now' required

Cécile arrives at the airport too late and misses the plane carrying Vincent to the Far East. Heathrow Airport, also seen in 'The Statue'.