Date: 1928
Director: Anthony Asquith
Production Company: British Instructional Films (BIF)

Stars: Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen, Norah Baring
Location(s): London



Two men are attracted to the same woman on the same day at the same Underground station.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with uncredited ‘now’ images by Richard Lovejoy.


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The title of this silent film is displayed after the credits.

image no 1

Putney Bridge station in London SW6. (PW)

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A drivers eye view is seen as a train enters the station where Bill works. The film is set on what is now the Northern Line but this is the southbound Bakerloo Line platform at Waterloo station in London SE1.

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On her way to work in a department store, Nell (Elissa Landi) alights from the train. This appears to be one of the trains delivered in 1920, known as 'Joint Stock', which was used on the Bakerloo Line as well as LMS Railway services in the Watford area.

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Bert (Cyril McLaglen), a railway power station worker, catches up with Nell after she leaves the platform. Unidentified location.

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Railway porter Bill (Brian Aherne) is attending the new escalators at the station and watches as Bert follows Nell towards street level.

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Nell reaches the top of the escalator as Bert is delayed by fellow Underground employee Bill.

On another day, a Street Artist sits against a fence in this establishing shot of a Thames side location. Cheyne Walk just north of Cremorne Gardens says Christopher Matheson, showing Battersea Church to the right. The jumble of buildings to the left of the church include the Battersea Flour Mill (which seems to have been known as 'Mayhew Mark Ltd, Millers' at some time) and the Morgan Crucible factory which fronted on Battersea Church Road.

image no 7

And here's an up to date image to show the changes in the location from Peter.

After both Underground workers have made approaches towards the young shop assistant, Bert bumps into Nell and the pair walk alongside the Thames. The railway's Grosvenor Bridge can just about be made out to the right. Christopher Matheson identifies Battersea Church much more to the left of the shot. The railway bridge in the distance carries the West London Extension Railway and is variously known as Chelsea Bridge, Battersea New Bridge, Battersea Railway Bridge or Cremorne Bridge.

image no 8

And here's the comparison from Peter who notes that the railings have been replaced by the Thames Embankment. Originally uploaded 25/10/2013.

The two continue walking after Bert shows off by throwing coins at the Street Artist. Thistle Grove runs between Old Brompton Road in London SW5 and Fulham Road in SW10 but the sign here reads SW10.

image no 9

There is no sign for Thistle Grove at the SW5 end today, and all the signs along the alleyway now show SW10. I walked the length of Thistle Grove about six times and most remains as it would have been seen in 1928 except for what is clearly modern. I am fairly certain therefore that this is the right location.

Bert catches up with Nell after she has said goodbye to make her way to meet up with Bill. This could be Thistle Grove but for now is an unconfirmed location.

image no 10

The high wall shown in the screen capture does not feature anywhere along "Thistle Grove" now, so I believe that redevelopment has taken place. The curve in the path appears identical and it may be just a little more than co-incidence that the lamp post is still in the same position.

Nell makes her escape after being amused by Bert's proposal of marriage.

image no 11

If the continuity is anything to go by, the wall with doors is only a few metres on.

Bill waits for Nell at a bus stop outside the King William IV public house on Grosvenor Road in SW1.

image no 12

Both the public house and the bus stop remain but the pavement has been widened.

Nell crosses the road towards Bill. Grosvenor Road in SW1 with Chelsea Bridge visible behind Grosvenor Railway Bridge in the background. The location was seen in 'Herostratus' and Victim'.

image no 13

The trees have certainly grown.

Bill and Nell board a number 24 bus and take a ride. No back projection in the 1920s and if the continuity is correct, this is still Grosvenor Road. St George's Square on the right. Christopher Matheson

image no 14

I cannot be absolutely certain on this one but any further east and the river side is built on, the curve in Gloucester Road appears about right and I am not so sure that it is not Claverton Street exit to the left of Bill's hat.

The next frame or two pulled by Christopher Matheson which includes part of a building in the hope/ belief that it is still there.

image no 15

And Christopher pulled this shot from Google Street View with his daughter's help.

The couple share a box of chocolates as the journey to Hampstead Heath continues. Peter advises that this is the disused Morley's Hotel in Trafalgar Square. The site is now occupied by South Africa House, built in 1935. You can see the hotel sign in the screen shot and also St. Martin in the Fields church standing to the extreme left.

image no 16

And here's today's view. Also provided by Peter.

A pub window is smashed by a billiard ball as Bert and Bill fight over Nell inside. Outside The Balloon Tavern on Lots Road.

image no 17

Another from Peter who notes that the pub is now called 'Lots Road Pub and Dining Room' and the fancy window that was broken in the screen shot has been replaced by a sash window with a bench seat added beneath.

The same pub in image under016, seen from the opposite angle. A passer by walks around the curve of the pavement outside The Balloon Tavern in SW10.

image no 18

The same location now by Peter who found a pole instead of a passer by!

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Bill checks the time as he stands in the street after a jealous Bert has taken vengeance. Above the clock face reads Gaydon & Sons who had premises at 12 Thames Street, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. The ironwork is still extant above the RBS. (RL)

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With his position as a porter in jeopardy, Bill waits for Nell to appear from the shop where she works. Unknown location.

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A Street Musician entertains children.

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Bill spots Nell across the street. Note the railings and grooved design on the wall.

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Nell looks towards the man she that has fallen in love with.

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The two walk as Bill explains the compromising position that he has been placed into. Unidentified location.

After Nell helps to uncover the the wrong doing, Bert's girlfriend Kate Moy (Norah Baring) takes Bill to the power station. Lots Road SW10.

image no 25

The pillars and wall are still there, looking at the shape of the hoarding. At least the cobblestone and road are correct. The concrete squares set into the ground are recent and numerous and probably for the new tower block. Information and picture from Peter.

Lots Road power station in London SW10.

image no 26

Spotted and captured by Peter who adds "The west end of the now defunct power station and the same chimney. The clue being in the window spacings".

Kate runs towards the main building of the plant. Lots Road power station in Chelsea.

image no 27

It's the same chimney and that is about it. The guyed stacks and housing were removed long ago, while the site has been waiting for development for years. Information and image from Peter.

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Bill pursues Bert onto the roof of the power station. The view from Lots Road power station with Cremorne Bridge crossing the River Thames in London SW10.

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A fight breaks out and Bill falls from the power station roof into Chelsea Creek.

Bill climbs out of the water. Chelsea Creek looking towards the River Thames.

image no 30

Peter went on an expedition and found the same location. This image replaces an earlier one where building work and fencing spoilt the view.

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As Bert runs from the scene, Bill chases after him . . . . and on towards the resolution of the story.