Value for Money

Date: 1955
Director: Ken Annakin
Production Company: Group Film Productions Limited

Stars: John Gregson, Donald Pleasence, Leslie Phillips, Joan Hickson, Derek Farr, Diana Dors
Location(s): London, Middlesex, West Yorkshire

Region(s): , ,


A young man from Yorkshire inherits a sizeable legacy from his deceased father and decides to try the nightlife of London where he meets a girl performing in a theatre.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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The Town Band (Hanwell Silver Band) plays a rousing tune as they march along a wet and dreary Yorkshire street. Taylor Street, Batley in West Yorkshire.

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The Bandmaster orders armbands to be put on. Taylor Street in Batley, Kirklees.

The tempo changes and the Band continues in somber mood towards the premises of J. H. Broadbent & Son, rag merchants in fictional Barfield. Back Station Road looking towards Spurr Street.

image no 3

Clive Dawson provides this modern shot showing changes in the distance.

The Band approaches the warehouse as, inside, the funeral party gathers to see John Henry Broadbent off on his final journey. Station Road.

image no 4

This comparison from Clive shows that the street's buildings have survived intact.

After his father's funeral, Chayley Broadbent (John Gregson) promises to look after his inheritance. Batley Cemetery on Cemetery Road.

image no 5

Only the distant chimney appears to have altered the view in this picture from Clive Dawson.

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Looking out of his parlour window, Mayor Higgins asks Chayley for a gift of land to enable Barfield's new Civic Centre to be built.

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Duke Popplewell (Derek Farr), Mayor Higgins (Frank Pettingell) and the rest of the party wait to return from their day out in London as Chayley says farewell to dancer Ruthine West (Diana Dors). A studio set included for sake of completeness.

The Wives of the excursionists gather as the charabanc returns to Barfield early on Sunday morning. Market Place, Batley with the Library to the right.

image no 8

Clive provides this modern view of the location.

Facing Commercial Street from Market Place in Batley with Batley Central Methodist Church in the background.

image no 9

Again, not much has changed in Clive Dawson's comparison.

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Husbands are dragged and chased home from the Market Square.

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Chayley sleeps in the back of the charabanc as the Market Square clears.

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Zion Street. The street ran alongside Batley Central Methodist Church but has now disappeared.

Chayley's fiancée Ethel (Susan Stephen) looks into the charabanc.

image no 13

Clive Dawson captured the Library in Batley's Market Place.

Instead of attending church, Chayley returns to the warehouse. Station Road.

image no 14

The street appears tidier and brighter in Clive's up to date shot.

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Chayley and Ethel spend time together at the park. Wilton Park on Bradford Road in Batley. The quaint pavilion has been replaced with a not so quaint car park.

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Ethel realises that she is no match for Ruthine and the engagement is called off. Looking over Wilton Park's boating lake towards Bradford Road.

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After Chayley becomes a Councillor and gives his plot of land to the town in an attempt to win Ruthine, he heads for London to find the dancer and ask her to open the new Civic Centre. Market Place, then known as Market Square.

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The train bringing Ruthine from London arrives in Barfield.

Chayley runs onto the platform to meet the train. Looking south at Batley railway station in Yorkshire.

image no 19

Apart from the curve of the track and platforms, the scene looks quite different in this image from Clive.

Outside Batley railway station on Upper Station Road.

image no 20

Clive Dawson provides a modern view of the same doorway.

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The sight that greets Ruthine's eyes as she leaves the station is not one that she is used to.

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Chayley points out the last remaining green patch in the town.

Ruthine is driven to Chayley's home. Facing north on Mill Lane, Batley.

image no 23

Changes in the distance but a recognisable foreground in Clive Dawson's picture of the location.

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The car pulls up outside the dilapidated house. Mill Lane opposite the junction with Bromley Road.

Mill Lane. The junction with Bromley Street can be seen on the left.

image no 25

Clive's modern shot shows that every building still stands.

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A crowd gathers to see the glamorous Ruthine.

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Chayley appears from the house to escort Ruthine to the opening ceremony at the Civic Centre.

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Lord Dewsbury (Ernest Thesiger) and Ruthine are the guests of honour as the ribbon is cut at the Civic Centre. Looks very much like a studio set.

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Guests and the press line the new Centre's pool. Isleworth Swimming Baths on Twickenham Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

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Ruthine appears and Barfield Times photographer, Robjohns (Leslie Phillips), is knocked into the water.

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Lord Dewsbury looks on as Ruthine starts to ascend the steps of the diving board. Isleworth Baths, Twickenham Road, Isleworth.

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The Band pauses to watch as a suitably clad Ruthine dives into the pool.

Robjohns (Leslie Phillips), snaps the occasion. Isleworth Leisure Centre & Library, Twickenham Road, Isleworth, Greater London.

image no 33

Diana Dors in a very smart car outside an office block, somewhere. Photo from 'Movies from the Mansion: History of Pinewood Studios' by George Perry. Published by Pavilion Books 1976 (Revised 1986) Copyright Pavilion Books.

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The now engaged pair head to Upper Barfield after Chayley is coerced into buying a new house.

The couple enter the garden of the house. 23 Fife Road in East Sheen SW14 advises Ian Hedgcock.

image no 35

Ian provides this picture as proof. Image copyright Google.

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Chayley refuses to buy when he finds that Ruthine has already agreed to pay for the property out of his money.

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After a scandal ensues and realising that he really wants to be with Ethel, Councillor Chayley arrives at the Town Hall to meet with the Mayor. The steps of Batley Library.

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Duke Popplewell arrives at the Town Hall. Facing north in Market Place, Batley.

Chayley persuades Duke to date Ruthine as the two girls appear on the steps. Batley Library in the Market Place, Batley, West Yorkshire.

image no 39

A comparison of the Library steps from Clive Dawson.