Date: 1985
Director: Dick Clement
Production Company: Handmade Films

Stars: Michael Caine, Billy Connolly, Leonard Rossiter, Valerie Perrine, Brenda Vaccaro, Dick Shawn, Jimmie Walker
Location(s): St Lucia, London, Devon

Region(s): , ,


Water is discovered on a Caribbean island threatening the comfortable life of the resident British diplomat. SJ

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Soufriere, St Lucia, standing in for the fictional island of Cascara.

image no 1

Now. SJ

South end of Bridge Street, Soufriere

image no 2

Now. SJ

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Bridge Street.

Caine gives a high five on High Street.

image no 4

Looking west towards Soufriere Bay. SJ

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Suddenly this seems to be Devon or maybe Cornwall even though it's supposed to be the same fictional island of Cascara... Solved! See below

Back in London with Rossiter.

image no 6

Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster, SW1. SJ

Richard Pearson with Rossiter in SW1

image no 7

A familiar location, also seen in Hennessy, Looking for Richard and Chromophobia. Further details in London Movie Guide. SJ

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Shawn in the southwest of England (maybe)... Definitely, north Devon. See below for Nick's detective work.

Back in Soufriere, on the west coast of St Lucia.

image no 9

Sir Arthur Lewis Street. SJ

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The southwest of England, I think ... Some of the scenes including the drill rig sequence were filmed,with the aid of a few palm trees,at Hartland Point in North Devon - part of the Hartland Abbey Estate http://www.hartlandabbey.co.uk/Filming.htm Info from Nick Gilbey with our thanks.

Down at Soufriere Jetty

image no 11

Corner of Bay Street, Frederick Clarke and Baron Drive. SJ

Soufriere Bay, north end

image no 12

Rocks rarely let one down. SJ

The jetty again

image no 13

Now. The crew in White Squall docked here as well. SJ

Baron Drive, Soufriere

image no 14

Now. SJ

Caine and Rossiter on Soufriere Jetty.

image no 15

Petit Piton in the background. SJ

Above the north side of Soufriere Bay

image no 16

Think I just about nailed this one, maybe a few steps to the left, but thriving vegetation denied me. SJ

Down on the jetty

image no 17

Now. SJ

corner of Bridge and Sir Arthur Lewis Street.

image no 18

Looking south. SJ

The jetty again. Note the prop Port Agnes, Cascara sign.

image no 19

A simpler gate. SJ

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Caine's residence.

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Perrine and Caine in "Cascara:" we think the southwest of England...North Devon in fact.

Corner of Frederick Clarke and Bridge Street, Soufriere.

image no 22

Alice's supermarket. SJ

Closer shot.

image no 23

Now. SJ

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A cliff face, prob the sw of England.

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And again.