When Eight Bells Toll

Date: 1971
Director: Etienne Perier
Production Company: Winkast

Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Robert Morley, Jack Hawkins, Derek Bond
Location(s): Hebrides, Mull, Tobermoray, Scotland, and Co. Antrim ? Ireland.



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Nice house.

image no 1

The old favourite, Heatherden Hall, at Pinewood. Neil Rigby And here's a link which confirms much about other stills. http://www.scotlandthemovie.com/movies/fbells.html

Nice portico, nice sailor.

image no 2

Nicer sailors, 54mm lead figures made in the 1970's, thousands more on www.soldierssoldiers.com

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Tobermoray Harbour steps, Isle of Mull, Argylle & Bute, Scotland.

...and the town.

image no 4

Taken by David Lippiatt in February 2018, with thanks (SJ)

A wild and winswept cemetery. Maybe above Tobermoray?

image no 5

An additional then still provided by Peter Giles but bear with ...: This is Dervaig Burial Ground, Mull, grid reference NM436517. Note the four, bright white Commonwealth gravestones visible...

Different angle

image no 6

Dervaig Burial Ground, Mull. Note the four, bright white Commonwealth gravestones visible above. These match with four of the five (now greyer) stones in this Streetview photo. Plus other features on the skyline match. Sent in by Peter. (SJ)

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Tobermoray again, to the left of 002

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...and a bit to the left.

A lighthouse.

image no 9

Tobermory lighthouse, sent in by Neil Rigby.

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....with a causeway or bridge.

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Duart Castle , imdb.

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Tobermorey again, and always a bit to the left.

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Staffa, says imdb. Fingall's Cave. Looks much like the Giant's Causeway in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.

Duart Castle, Mull

image no 14

Virtually unchanged view of Duart Castle. This is supplied by David Macleod with our thanks (SJ)

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...and its entrance.

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OK, one more time, all together...TO BER MOR AY. Can't hear you.......louder!

A fisherman's pier, jetty and house.

image no 17

Grasspoint Cottage, Mull, 50 metres away from the Old Ferry House (see webt012). Info and pic from Peter Giles with our thanks. (SJ)

A pretty house.

image no 18

This is the Old Ferry House, Grasspoint, Mull. 2.75 miles due south of Duart Castle. Also provided by Peter (see above) and taken in 2012. (SJ)

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A cardboard cut-out of Duart castle, with twin lights on the left, you will observe.

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A studio mock-up, but, this time with the twin lights on the right! Oh! Calamity!...... and do you recall who used thas catch-phrase?