When the Bough Breaks

Date: 1947
Director: Lawrence Huntington
Production Company: Sydney Box Productions, Gainsborough Pictures

Stars: Patricia Roc, Rosamund John, Bill Owen, Brenda Bruce
Location(s): London



A young mother hands over her baby to foster parents, but struggles to let go emotionally.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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The hospital where new mother Mrs. Lily Gardener learns from a Police Officer that her husband has been arrested for bigamy. Identified by RL, this is the Middlesex Hospital on Mortimer Street W1.

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The shot tilts down the building. The hospital stood opposite Berners Street and closed in 2005 to be demolished two years later.

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Reverting to her maiden name, Lily Bates (Patricia Roc) takes baby Jimmy to a day nursery before setting off to find work.

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Inside the nursery, Lily learns that Jimmy shares a birthday with Frances Norman's deceased baby.

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After all of the babies have been collected, Mrs. Norman returns home from the nursery.

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Frances parks the car and enters the house where her husband is waiting.

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After Frances informally adopts Jimmy, Lily goes on holiday with her friend Ruby and husband George. The south entrance to Butlins' Filey Holiday Camp on Moor Road between Filey and Bridlington, North Yorkshire.

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Butlins' Filey Holiday Camp in North Yorkshire. The sequence was also used in 'Holiday Camp' also shot in the same year.

Having met Bill Collins whilst away, Lily returns to the department store where she has been working. The former John Lewis department store on Finchley Road NW3.

image no 9

Tris provides the scene today, the John Lewis Partnership still occupies the site. (RL)

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Years later, Lily returns to the Norman's house where she meets Jimmy (Cavan Malone) on the driveway.