Where the Bullets Fly

Date: 1966
Director: John Gilling
Production Company: Alastair Films, Puck Films

Stars: Tom Adams, Dawn Addams, Tim Barrett, Michael Ripper, Tom Bowman
Location(s): London



Secret agent Charles Vine, is charged with preventing various parties stealing the Spurium Apparatus, a device that allows a plane to fly fueled by nuclear power.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards

The production received the assistance of the Royal Air Force (RAF) who allowed a number of scenes to be shot at the RAF Biggin Hill Aerodrome.

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Before the credits roll, we are taken to the South Bank opposite the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London.

image no 1

I realise now that I should have been further East but wait until you see the crowds. (RL)

A large removal truck is guided towards the wall alongside the River Thames. River Walk, since renamed Queen's Walk, in SE1.

image no 2

No room for a lorry. (RL)

Walking towards the truck are a group of seemingly innocent American tourists. Hungerford Bridge crosses the Thames in the background.

image no 3

Rule number one, don't go at Half Term. (RL)

The back of the truck opens to reveal a missile aimed at The Houses of Parliament. The location is now occupied by the London Eye and features in several films including 'Saturday Night Out'.

image no 4

Avoiding the London Eye, Peter took this shot from the up river Golden Jubilee Bridge.

The "innocent party" of American Tourists are heavily disguised British Agents, including Charles Vine (Tom Adams).

image no 5

Spot the disguised British Agents. (RL)

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Later in the movie we see Felicity 'Fiz' Moonlight (Dawn Addams) pull up outside a building with Charles Vine waiting outside.

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Charles gets into Felicity's car.

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Charles and Felicity drive off.

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The camera moves to follow Charles and Felicity as they continue to leave the area.

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Meanwhile in London, Seraph (Tim Barrett) walks towards the "Sunset Strip".

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Seraph and Charles leave Headquarters.

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Seraph and Charles having a conversation whilst heading for their car.

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Charles in the driving seat is joined by Seraph.

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Seraph in a car, pulls up to a gate. See Capture 15 (RL)

The gate is opened. Steve Cook identifies the location as Catherine Wheel Road, Brentford advising that 'The Brewery Tap' pub is still open for business. (RL)

image no 15

In support Steve provides the Google Earth View. (RL)

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Having arrived at the same place, Charles begins to pursue Seraph, chasing him across a bridge over a lock. Brentford lock complex says Steve Cook. (RL)

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Seraph steadily crosses a pair of lock gates. Brentford lock advises Steve. (RL)

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Charles still in hot pursuit across the same lock gates . . . Another of Brentford lock

. . . then across a bridge over this weir . . . Brentford Weir also located by Steve. (RL)

image no 19

A shot that I took of the weir whilst I was there for 'The Marked One" in 2017, so photographically impressed I was with the location. Very happy to have this substituted at the correct angle. (RL)

. . . then over another bridge . . . Again thanks to Steve. (RL)

image no 20

Another shot that I had "in the can". Happy to have replaced. (RL)

. . . running alongside a lock with Seraph hiding . . .

image no 21

Brentford lock identified by Steve Cook and another shot that I had "in the can" from 2017. Very happy to have replaced but as I recall access to many parts is very restricted. (RL)

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. . . Seraph running out of places to go . . . Brentford lock complex, Steve Cook. (RL)

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. . . doubles back . . . Brentford lock complex, Steve Cook. (RL)

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. . . still with Charles in pursuit armed and shooting at Seraph. Brentford lock complex, Steve Cook. (RL)

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Finally, Seraph disappears down a hole which Charles discovers before following. Brentford lock complex, Steve Cook. (RL)

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Seraph emerges from a manhole amongst a Salvation Army Band.

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A Russian Colonel (Tom Bowman) arrives to meet Seraph.

Charles arriving at a mortuary.

image no 28

St. Margarets Road, Twickenham, from The Barons with Baronsfield Road in the background. A similar shot seen in 'The Ghost Camera'. (RL)

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Back at Headquarters, Charles is seen leaving heading for a taxi.

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Charles, mid-shot, walking towards Platform 5 & 6 at Waterloo Mainline Station, London.

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Charles having his ticket checked whilst entering the platform at Waterloo Mainline Station, London.

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Charles looking for a member of Platform staff. Glyn Horton advises that this is Staines West station, it closed to passenger trains in 1965 so probably had just become disused when filming took place. (RL)

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Charles arrives by train at the station to find Angel (Michael Ripper) armed and waiting.

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Top Brass arriving at the airfield.

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Top brass entering the airfield. IMDB.com makes reference to RAF Biggin Hill being used for some movie scenes.

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Charles arrives by Land Rover adjacent to a Spurium fitted Dakota.