Whispering Smith Hits London (aka Whispering Smith Investigates)

Date: 1952
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Hammer-Lesser

Stars: Richard Carlson, Greta Gynt, Herbert Lom, Rona Anderson, Alan Wheatley, Dora Bryan
Location(s): Berkshire, London

Region(s): ,


A well known American investigator arrives in the UK for a holiday but reluctantly gets drawn into an investigation in London. A New York publishers daughter had been pulled out of the Thames three weeks earlier and he believes she was murdered.

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Whispering Smith (Richard Carlson) arrives at his hotel and books in. It perhaps looks more like a block of flats that have been used. Also used in Mantrap a year later.

image no 1

Maitland Court, Gloucester Terrace, London W2.

Smith and Anne (Rona Anderson) leave the "Plaza Hotel".

image no 2

Actually Maitland Court, Gloucester Terrace, London W2.

An attempt is made to run down Smith and Anne. Compare the background buildings to Mantrap 011 a year later.

image no 3

Not quite the right angle as I forgot to include it on the day.

He is met by Anne (Rona Anderson), the publishers London Representative and manages to interest Smith into investigating the circumstances of the daughters death. After the attempt to knock them down as they leave the hotel, they hail a cab. The housing terrace is also seen in Mantrap at 007.

image no 4

Looking down Lancaster Terrace, London W2 towards Kensington Gardens.

Hearing more of the story as “they drive around” Smith signals an agreement to accept the invitation and orders the cab to Golden Square, London W1 to drop in on a lawyer.

image no 5

I am sure the old method of parking was easier.

Smith gets out and sends the taxi off. Golden Square, London W1.

image no 6

A white van spoils the shot once again.

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The lawyer, Reith (Alan Wheatley) has left for the day and is playing at his club, “The Greenfields” near Windsor and Smith goes to visit him there. Unknown location.

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Smith catches up with Reith.

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Eventually Reith remembers the address of the daughters friend Louise Balfour (Greta Gynt) and he heads off to her address. Unknown Location.

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Having spent the evening with Louise he heads back to his hotel. Unknown location.

He walks through a railway station but is followed. The exit of Windsor & Eaton Central station at the top of Goswell Hill in Windsor. The location was seen in 'From Beyond the Grave' and 'Allez France!'.

image no 11

A widened flight to accommodate what is now a shopping center.

And starts to run away from his pursuer. Goswell Hill in Windsor, Berkshire. Also seen in 'The Quatermass Xperiment'.

image no 12

Now a little less sinister.

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Capturing his pursuer Smith finds that he had been hired via the “Star Opaque Nursing Home” and decides to pay it a visit. Unknown location

The scene is set for his meeting the following morning at Scotland Yard with Supt. Meaker (James Raglan).

image no 14

It is unusual to have less greenery in a Now shot.

Smith establishes that Louise is actually the “murdered” daughter who took the identity of the friend that she murdered because she knew too much. Other guilty parties being shot dead Smith and Anne head off for an holiday from Paddington Station.

image no 15

Platforms 1 and 2 awaiting arrivals.