Whistle Down The Wind

Date: 1961
Director: Bryan Forbes
Production Company: Allied Film Makers (AFM), Beaver Films

Stars: Hayley Mills, Bernard Lee, Alan Bates, Norman Bird, Elsie Wagstaff, Diane Holgate, Alan Barnes
Location(s): Lancashire



Little Kathy discovers a man wanted for murder hiding in her family’s barn. When she askes him who he was, he says Jesus Christ just before he goes unconscious. Kathy and her siblings are convinced that he is Jesus and try to hide him from grown-ups.

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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Unknown, no actors, no prizes. The New Line Reservoir, Bacup. Information from Richard Parker, thanks Richard.

image no 1

Now, photo Richard Parker. Well found.

Railway bridge on the Bacup to Rochdale line. Info Richard Parker.

image no 2

Now. Photo by Richard Parker. But again no actors, so no prizes, but, our thanks.

Unidentified by address, a railway tunnel

image no 3

Now. Photo by Richard Parker, Rick to his friends, Well done.

Nick Gilbey tells us "These four pics are at Britannia, south of Bacup in Lancashire, looking from Stubbylee Moss Moor towards Bacup. Mostly everything has now gone. Adrian confirms the location and tells us, with proof (!) that this 'Bacup Shed' signal-bos looking towards Rochdale. - Newline tunnel is to the rear of the camera. (RL)

image no 4

Derek Allen provides us with an a up to date shot following the sad demise of the railway. The house terrace remains. (RL)

Downham Village, Main Street, near Burnley in Lancashire.

image no 5

Now. Pic by Robin Asthwaite. Thanks Robin

The bridge in Downham.

image no 6

Now, Robin took the first photo, followed by Richard and then Nick Gilbey. Thanks to all three, but the prize goes to Robin. I keep telling you all that because of a mound of photos that we still have to load, to check with me first. But do you? Course not.

The home of Keith and Mary Hall. Mary was in the film, and also in the TV series Born and Bred, with Michael Sheldrake, also made in Downham, and the skinny one of the Likely Lads, James Bowlem.

image no 7

Now. Same house, same village, new window, some ivy and the same three photographers.

Worsaw End Farm, Pendle Hill. Info from Tony Reeves' Book on UK film locations

image no 8

Robin found it first. Another tenner. Well spotted.

"This capture must be stock footage, as an identical clip was used in the opening sequence of 'So Well Remembered' from 1949. Nick Gilbey suggests that the location could be Burnley but it has been reported that 'So Well Remembered' was filmed in Macclesfield, Cheshire." Rick Parker.

image no 9

This image from Nick Gilbey confirming Rick Parker's information that the footage was taken from ‘So Well Remembered’. Nick advises that "This is a shot of Macclesfield town centre looking down from the Town Hall with the station on the extreme left. The angle is slightly different as trees now obscure the view from the original position."

image no 10

Now. King Street, Clitheroe, Lancs. Look at the station at the end of the street. Nick Gilbey sleuthed this one, well spotted

Then a series perhaps from Worsaw End Farm

image no 11

Now. Yes Worsaw End Farm, Robin again, Thanks

image no 12

Now. Worsaw End Farm, Spotted and snapped by Robin

image no 13

Now. Downham, Main Street, the school, far left. Robin and Nick took the pics. But Robin beat him to it. Miss Barton was the mistress and her birthday fell on the same day as the late Queen Mother's.

Mary Hall was the little girl looking into the police car with a black and white scarf.Most of the kids received 10/-, 50p, a day, but Mary netted a whole pound!

image no 14

Now, same as pic 13, no more prizes.

image no 15

Now. Yes, Worsaw End Farm. Robin again.

image no 16

And the same corner of the wall!!! Fantastic, thanks Robin.

  • 'Now' required

Probably gone. But probably Worsaw End again. Oh, and by the way, greetings to the little girl at the farm.

image no 18

Worsaw End again. Nick Gilbey took this. Splendid

  • 'Now' required

Nick says that this is a path leading west from the farm.

The bridge again, over Downham Beck.

image no 20

Now shot from Nick Gilbey. Much the same as pic 6 though, so no award.

Nick Gilbey suspects that this is Burnley and Michael Heyslop adds that "The kid is heading for Abel Street, next to Barden Secondary Modern School and chapel, where the Vicar and a policeman watch him walk through puddles".

image no 21

Nick Gilbey provides this image of Cameron Street in Burnley confirming Michael Heyslop's identification and adds that both the church and school hall have since been demolished to be replaced by a supermarket.

  • 'Now' required

Nick Jay thinks that that this was Salthill Quarry in Clitheroe, however, Martin Wrigley advises that it's Bellmanpark Quarry, roughly where the Pimlico link road now cuts through it, with B. Dugdale's working one half of the site and Hanson Cement quarrying the other.

  • 'Now' required

Bellmanpark Quarry or Salthill Quarry near Clitheroe in Lancashire. Nick spoke with Keith Clement, the boy in the shot, who still lives and works in Clitheroe and he confirmed that the quarry shots were filmed at the Saltburn Quarry between Clithroe and Chatburn. The Quarry is now an Industrial site and there is no visible evidence of the features seen in the film.


image no 24

Now. Nick Gilbey found this one. The Cemetery, Waddington Road, Clitheroe. Thanks, well done.

  • 'Now' required

John Slinger tells us that this is outside The Stable café on Todmorden Road at Townley Park in Burnley which is confirmed by Michael Heyslop.

  • 'Now' required

Michael Heyslop advises that this is the window of The Stable café where, during a break from filming he met Haley Mills. "I told her that she was beautiful and she kissed my cheek . . . it stayed unwashed for a few years!".

The playground that used to be in Barden Lane, Burnley says another Nick, Nick Jay. Will a photo prove it?

image no 27

Now. Nick Gilbey suggests that this is the bridge over the railway line from Burnley to Colne. But the then pic doesn't have a pyramid on the end. MMMmmm?

<?php echo 28; ?>

A repeat of Capture 27 as Adrian, who sends the up to date "now", confirms that this is indeed Heald Road, Burnley and tells us that the playground has been moved to the other side of the road. The Barden Lane bridge wall is totally the wrong shape and goes over the canal and with no space for a playground. In addition the railway goes over the top of Barden Lane but the screen capture shows it in a cutting. (RL)

image no 28

From Adrian courtesy of Google Earth. To resolve the "pyramid" mystery in Capture 27 Adrian tells us that Network Rail are replacing parapet tops with pointed ones. (RL)

Despite what the other Nick says, the new Nick, Jay, seems to disagree. But the buildings, spire and remaining chimney seem to confirm.

image no 29

Now. Nick says that this is the same area as pic 27. Look at the skyline, and believe.

<?php echo 30; ?>

Capture 29 repeated in order to clarify the location and view. (RL)

image no 30

Adrian provides this Google Earth overview with the comment that it shows the playground, football goal-posts and St Andrew's church steeple. The church and the football pitch are still there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Colliery, now gone.

<?php echo 32; ?>

Same wall as before.

image no 32

Unable to stand where the boy is in Capture 30 and 32, say 10 metres to the left, Adrian provides this Google Earth view to cover the two Captures. The area of the pit is now a concrete firm. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Gone. Yes indeed, Adrian confirms this as Heald Road bridge looking at Reedley Colliery with the playground behind and bottom left. (RL)