White Squall

Date: 1996
Director: Ridley Scott
Production Company: Hollywood Pictures

Stars: Jeff Bridges, Caroline Goodall, John Savage, Scott Wolf, Jeremy Sisto, Ryan Phillippe
Location(s): South Carolina, Georgia, St Vincent, St Lucia, RSA

Region(s): , ,


True story where young Americans find themselves on board ship and into more adventure than bargained for. A lot of shots at sea or in tanks off Malta, RSA and maybe Bermuda. SJ

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USA in the south. Could be South Carolina or Georgia. Is it a real Greyhound depot? Parents send off their son to become a man at sea.

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No actors but a nice airfield somewhere in the West Indies, probably the St Vincent area.

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And panning left from above

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By the coast in the Caribbean.

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Hilly as the boys approach the Bridge's brig in the harbour.

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Same-ish place from the sea.

This is Soufriere, St. Lucia

image no 7

And the jetty was used before in Water (1985). SJ

Frederick Clarke Street looking towards the jetty, Soufriere

image no 8

Now. SJ

Bridges supervises his crew. See that knobbly cliff by Jeff's shoulder?

image no 9

Looking towards Petit Piton, St Lucia, and there's the knobbly bit. SJ

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The brig approaches "Delicious Landing".

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A close-up

Petit Piton to the left and Gros Piton on the right, symbols of St Lucia. Superman II flew between the two.

image no 12

Wrong angle: I should be much further south around the other side.SJ

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This is La Soufriere, St Vincent, which the boys climb.

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And again.

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Got a good ante-bellum look. South Carolina I expect.

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As above. Bridges after his hearing.