Who Done It?

Date: 1956
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Michael Balcon Productions, Ealing Studios

Stars: Benny Hill, Belinda Lee, David Kossoff, Garry Marsh, Ernest Thesiger, George Margo
Location(s): London



A fired ice rink worker becomes a private detective and gets embroiled with an enemy plot to wreak havoc with the weather.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Just sacked from his job as an ice-rink attendant, Hugo Dill is dragged along the street after winning a bloodhound and a cash prize in a detective magazine competition. A studio set included to help the story flow.

With the prize money, the would be detective establishes himself as a private investigator in London. The view eastward along Fleet Street in EC4.

image no 2

The same view now in this image by Peter.

Police are called when Hugo is mistaken for a robber whilst choosing a weapon in a gun shop. Christopher Matheson places this as Harrow Road with Sutherland Avenue off to the left behind the JKM 841 that also appears behind the credits of "Blue Lamp". It is likely that they were part of the same filming sequence. Christopher provides this Google Earth capture. (RL)

image no 3

The junction of Sutherland Avenue with Harrow Road, London.

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The Shop Assistant (Ronnie Brody) meets Detective Inspector Hancock's car on the street.

Assistance is called and a nearby officer responds. Ian Hedgcock identifies this as St James's Square in SW1, looking east from the junction with Duke of York Street.

image no 5

Peter was at the junction too.

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On his first job, Hugo Dill (Benny Hill) is spotted by Zacco as he looks through the window of the 'Uralian' consulate across the road. Another studio set.

Hugo heads to meet Frankie, a girl that he first met at the ice-rink and encountered again at his new office.

image no 7

The Broadway in Ealing W5. (PW)

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Zacco engages Hugo when it's noticed that the private detective resembles Otto Stumpf, a defecting scientist.

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The Uralian plans call for a double of Stumpf to be killed during the demonstration of a weather controlling machine.

Hugo arrives at the Royal Scientific Institute accompanied by Wilhelm Gruber. Pitzhanger Manor House, Ealing W5.

image no 10

Being renovated with work to finish in 2018 so we'll be back then for a better shot. SJ

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Pitzhanger Manor in Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, Ealing. The back of the property was used in 'Dead of Night'.

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Sir Walter Finch (Ernest Thesiger) talks with Hugo, disguised as Professor Otto Stumpf. Pitzhanger Manor, redesigned and rebuilt in the early 1800s by Sir John Soane.

Hugo runs from the demonstration as Gruber is killed when the plan goes wrong. Pitzhanger Manor in Walpole Park, Ealing.

image no 13

Simply dreadful now, to be replaced when the works are over. SJ

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When the real professor is later killed by mistake, Zacco decides that a microfilm in Stumpf's possession must be transmitted to Uralia.

Hugo and Frankie head to a radio show being held at Earls Court when they deduce Zacco's intention. Kensington Park Road in W11.

image no 15

Looking south-east. SJ

With Fabian the bloodhound looking out from the boot, the pair continue their journey. The corner of Elgin Crescent and Kensington Park Road.

image no 16

Turning east. SJ

A policeman stops traffic for pedestrians to cross the road. Westbourne Grove W11 at the junction with Colville Road and Denbigh Road with Westbourne Grove Church in the right background.

image no 17

The same block now. SJ

Hugo disturbs Frankie whilst she is driving and the officer is bumped into. Colville Gardens W11 at the junction with Lonsdale Road looking towards All Saints church in the distance.

image no 18

The crossing is still there. SJ

As Hugo dons a disguise, the policeman picks himself up and approaches the car. Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.

image no 19

Now: the old post office, seen to the far right of the then is hidden behind the bus-stop and it no longer sticks out as its neighbour has extended its frontage. SJ

A nearby police box light flashes as Detective Inspector Hancock puts out a call for Hugo to be found. Westbourne Grove W11.

image no 20

No call-box. SJ

When the officer answers the call, Frankie drives away. Facing Talbot Road from the junction of Colville Gardens and Lonsdale Road.

image no 21

And a clearer shot of All Saints Church. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The Detective Inspector heads towards Earls Court when news of Hugo's whereabouts is broadcast.

Earls Court Exhibition Centre where Dr. Fedor Broznik is demonstrating the transmission of pictures and film by radio. Warwick Road, London SW5.

image no 23

A good comparison of the same location by Peter.

Hugo and Frankie finally arrive at Earls Court. Warwick Road SW5.

image no 24

Looking north with Earl's Court tube (Warwick Road exit) out shot to the right. SJ

When Fabian isn't allowed into the show, Hugo finds Frankie Mayne (Belinda Lee) just as she notices Zacco arrive with Barakov. To the left of the Lillie Road entrance of Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

image no 25

Peter found what looks like a bit of refurbishment.

Zacco (David Kossoff) and Barakov (George Margo) get out of their car to enter the show and find Dr. Broznik.

image no 26

The car park at the Warwick Road entrance to Earls Court. Picture by Peter.

Detective Inspector Hancock (Garry Marsh) arrives on the scene soon after. The New Inn on Saint Mary's Road, Ealing W5 serves as the backdrop.

image no 27

The same pub almost opposite St. Mary's Church. (PW)

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During a fight inside the exhibition centre, Barakov is thrown through a window. Looking along the east side of Earls Court Exhibition Centre from the Lillie Road entrance.

Zacco and Barakov run from the show. Earls Court Exhibition Centre from Warwick Road.

image no 29

Peter captured the same location.

The two Uralians head for a truck shaped as a beer barrel. Saint Mary's Road in Ealing.

image no 30

The New Inn now. (PW)

Detective Inspector Hancock watches with Police Constables Coleman (Stratford Johns) and Roberts (Warwick Ashton) as Zacco and Barakov escape in the truck.

image no 31

Earls Court from Warwick Road by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Police all over the city are alerted. Christopher Matheson places this as looking west along Upper Thames Street, EC4. The bollards at the left are in the middle of Queenhithe and the narrow street at right is Little Trinity Lane.

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Police cars set off in pursuit, their occupants eager to find the beer barrel.

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Hugo and Frankie join the chase.

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Hancock spots the beer truck as it speeds through the streets. Ledbury Road facing the junction with Westbourne Grove with Westbourne Grove Church to the right.

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A police car comes up behind Hugo and Frankie's car. Ladbroke Grove W11 with a gasholder at Kensal Green gasworks in the left distance. The road was seen in 'The Blue Lamp'.

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The beer truck turns off the main road. This is Bramley Road in W10 with St. Ann's Road heading off on the left.

A Lady (Helene Burls) attempts to cross the road as the convoy races through. Colville Road opposite Westbourne Grove in W11 with Portobello House in the background.

image no 38

An impressive match after so many years. SJ

The beer truck takes a sharp corner. The corner of Wornington Road, centre, and Portobello Road, to the right, in W10 with Kensal Dye Works on the extreme left.

image no 39

Looks a bit different now. (PW)

Hugo and Frankie follow the truck. The former northernmost extent of Portobello Road in W10. This rarely captured part of the street was lost beneath the Wornington Green estate, construction of which was started in 1964.

image no 40

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

Fabian follows faithfully. The corner of Wornington Road, left, and Portobello Road, right, with The Prince of Wales public house standing at 424 Portobello Road. The location also appears in 'The Blue Lamp'.

image no 41

No drinks to be had here now. (PW)

The police close in on Zacco and Barakov. Facing north west on Wornington Road W10 with the gas holder seen in image 036 to the left.

image no 42

The building is named Murchison House, after one of the streets that disappeared in the redevelopment. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

The barrel shaped truck approaches a stadium. Stadium Road in Canning Town E16 with Ripley Road to the left.

Zacco turns into the stadium where stock car trials are being held. Sterne Street in W12, also seen in 'The Blue Lamp'.

image no 44

The same location now. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Police near the stadium as the beer truck gets caught up with stock cars on the race track. Looking towards the junction with Caxton Road on Tadmor Street W12.

  • 'Now' required

Zacco and Barakov are captured when the truck, Hugo's car and the police cars collide. West Ham Stadium on Stadium Road E16, now Nottingham Road, was home to stock car racing in the 50s and 60s and closed in May 1972 to be demolished soon after. The location is where Atkinson Road, Croombs Road, Young Road and Wilkinson Road now stand.