Wild Affair, The

Date: 1963
Director: John Krish
Production Company: Seven Arts Pictures

Stars: Nancy Kwan, Terry-Thomas, Jimmy Logan, Gladys Morgan, Bud Flanagan
Location(s): London



As her wedding day approaches a secretary begins to panic, afraid that she will sink into the obscurity of marriage.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with comparison shots provided by Peter


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On her last day at work before marriage, Marjorie Lee (Nancy Kwan) arrives at the office. Facing northward on a bedecked Regent Street, London W1. In 'Live It Up' the street is seen from the opposite direction.

image no 1

The Christmas lights were also up when Peter arrived on the scene.

Craig take Marjorie on a shopping expedition. This is Piccadilly in W1. The entrance to Green Park station stands behind the bus on the right and is where a scene from 'Monsieur Ripois' was shot.

image no 2

Peter moved on to Piccadilly.

The two take a taxi and head for Knightsbridge. Looking east along Knightsbridge SW1.

image no 3

The route is followed by Peter.

The cab pulls up on Knightsbridge. In the distance is Scotch Corner formed by Knightsbridge and Brompton Road. The junction was seen in 'The Statue' and 'Two Weeks in September'

image no 4

Taken from a little further back, a nice red telephone box stands in the way.

Time for a break from shopping and to get something to eat. Berkeley Square House on Bruton Street in Mayfair W1 with trees in Berkeley Square in the right background. Turning the other way brings into view a location used in 'Allez France'.

image no 5

Peter provides this comparison.

After attracting the attention of nearly every man at the office, the young woman makes her escape. Facing towards Regent Street on Great Marlborough Street with Liberty's to the left. The area was seen in 'The Sandwich Man' and 'Three Steps to the Gallows'.

image no 6

With an added delivery van, this is Great Marlborough Street now.

Marjorie descends into a public convenience. Great Marlborough Street at the north end of Carnaby Street in W1 with The Marlborough Head public house on the left.

image no 7

Peter discovered an updated toilet entrance and the area looking decidedly grubby, but the lamp-post remains on the left to add a nice touch.