Date: 1989
Director: Michael Tuchner
Production Company: The Rank Organisation, LWT, Picture Partnership

Stars: Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith, Alison Steadman, Diana Quick, Jeremy Clyde
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London, Norfolk

Region(s): ,


A frustrated teacher fantasizes about murdering his dominant, non-attentive wife and becomes a suspect when she disappears.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Also known as ‘The Misadventures of Mr. Wilt’ (US Title)


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Students arrive at Mid Anglia College as Henry Wilt speaks with the Principal in his office. Jim R. advises that internal shots were filmed at the Bounds Green campus of Middlesex Polytechnic in London N11 but this, for now, is an unknown location.

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Henry is turned down for promotion . . . . again.

Listening as she talks about Kura-San, her martial arts instructor, Henry Wilt (Griff Rhys Jones) walks through town with his wife Eva (Alison Steadman). The corner of Gentleman's Walk and Davey Place in Norwich, Norfolk.

image no 3

With Norwich Castle just visible, top right corner. (SD)

Gentleman's Walk on the edge of the Market Square in Norwich.

image no 4

Gentleman's Walk was pedestrianised in 1988. (SD)

Henry comments that Kura-San is Norman Hewitt from Multivision. Looking towards the corner of Guildhall Hill, Exchange Street and London Street from Norwich's Market Square.

image no 5

The busy market area now. (SD)

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After buying bread, the two make their way back to the car park.

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As Eva continues, talking about his lack of developement, Henry turns . . . .

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Displaying his own martial arts abilities, Henry throws his wife from the car park . . . . . . . before waking from his dream.

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Speaking out another of his fantasies, Henry walks home along the canal.

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Further along the tow path, Inspector Flint (Mel Smith) is on the verge of arresting Macari (Jeffrey Chiswick).

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Thinking he is witness to a mugging, Wilt intervenes and unwittingly helps the drug dealer to escape.

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The story moves on three weeks and Inspector Flint is seen arriving at the Police Station.

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Once inside, the Inspector is called away to the Mid Anglia College where it seems that a body has been found.

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Officers head to a construction site on the campus. The Bounds Green campus of Middlesex Polytechnic.

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With his wife missing and evidence mounting against him, Wilt is taken to the Police Station to help with the investigation. Middlesex Polytechnic in N11.

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Dave (Roger Allam) escorts Wilt inside where he tells his version of what has occured over the last three weeks.

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Wilt explains that he and his wife went to a party. Greg Chapman places this as Chenies Manor in Chenies, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 6ER that he says also appeared in "Devils Of Darkness" (1965) and some TV series including, briefly, "Lovejoy" as well as interesting the Time Team in 2004. (RL)

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Guests enter the home of Hugh and Sally West-Roper as Wilt parks the car. Chenies Manor in Chenies, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 6ER as advised by Greg, see Capture 17. (RL)

After a horrified Eva finds him in a compromising situation with a blow-up doll, Wilt drives away from the party. St. Giles Street in Norwich with Upper Goat Lane to the right.

image no 19

Now with a much wider pavement. (SD)

As the car corners, the doll pops up from the rear seats and into Wilt's view in the rear view mirror. St. Giles Street at the junction with Lower Goat Lane.

image no 20

No movement from this car. (SD)

Wilt repeatedly hits the doll as he drives through town. St. Peters Street with Norwich City Hall to the left.

image no 21

A night-time shot of Norwich City Hall was also seen in 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa'. (SD)

At another corner, Wilt loses control of the car and careers into a telephone box, destroying it. The Green, Winchmore Hill, London N21.

image no 22

Peter was also at this corner.

Wilt recovers and drives to the college where he leaves the car in the grounds and dumps the doll into a construction hole. The Green, Winchmore Hill N21.

image no 23

A closer view of The King's Head public house in this shot from Peter.

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Inspector Flint arrives at the West-Roper's house. Chenies Manor in Chenies, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 6ER once more, as advised by Greg, see Capture 17. (RL)

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Hunting for clues, Flint and Dave search the garden. And Chenies Manor in Chenies, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 6ER again, as advised by Greg, see Capture 17. (RL)

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Peter gives Henry Wilt a lift home when the body in the hole is confirmed to be the doll.

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The disconsolate teacher heads for the front door, still not knowing where his wife is.

Spending time with the West-Ropers on their boat, Eva heads ashore when she learns that Sally arranged the situation with the doll. St. Benedicts Church and Vicarage on Church Road, Horning, Norfolk.

image no 28

St. Benedicts Church viewed from the other side of the fence behind the vicarage, as there is no access for a view of that part of the house. (SD)

After Eva calls her husband from the Vicarage, Wilt heads to find her, getting a lift from a motorcyclist.

image no 29

The Well, and one of the cottages around The Green, Woodbastwick, Norfolk. (SD)

The bike speeds through villages whilst Eva speaks with the Reverend, not realising that he is a strangler.

image no 30

Another of the cottages by The Green, Woodbastwick. (SD)

Reverend Froude (David Ryall) walks behind Eva, holding a knotted stocking. St. Benedicts Church, just north of the River Bure in Horning.

image no 31

On the north side of the church. (SD)

Wilt arrives at the Vicarage and searches for his wife. The church yard and Vicarage at St. Benedicts.

image no 32

Viewed from the front gate. It doesn't look much like a vicarage now. (SD)

Having been driven to the point of insanity by the case, Flint appears from behind a headstone. In the background stands St. Benedicts Church on Church Road in Horning, Norfolk.

image no 33

Facing the south side of the church. Some of the headstones appear to have been props. (SD)