Wings of the Dove, The

Date: 1997
Director: Iain Softley
Production Company: Miramax Films, Renaissance Dove

Stars: Helena Bonham Carter, Linus Roache, Alison Elliott, Elizabeth McGovern, Charlotte Rampling
Location(s): Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, London, Veneto (Italy)

Region(s): , ,


Henry James novel in which a schemer uses her boyfriend to seduce a dying heiress to re-establish her position in society. SJ

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An underground: Dover Street, the old name for Green Park. I wonder which tube this is. TonyK adds "Wikipedia states that the underground scenes are studio mockups."

10-11 Carlton House Terrace, SW1

image no 2

Home to the British Academy. Also seen, as mentioned in London Movie Guide, in Holocaust 2000, The Golden Bowl, Dorian Gray. Pity about the bin-truck. SJ

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I wonder if that fir is still standing. Possibly Hampstead Heath, NW3. Or Painshill Park as suggested in the end credits.

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hmmm again.

image no 5

Temple Avenue, London EC4. Amazing what a bit of post-production magic will do. Google screenshot. tonyk

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The Five Bells?

Bonham Carter on a bus at the old Greenwich Naval College, SE10.

image no 7

The angle would have been better had I been on a bus. (RL)

More Greenwich.

image no 8

The stonework must surely have been whitened for the film. (RL)

And some more.

image no 9

The small blemish to the wall far right is still to be seen. (RL)

Bonham Carter no longer at the Naval College.

image no 10

"St Andrews Hill, London EC4. Following its makeover as Shaws book shop in the film, the owners of the Pub actually decided to change its name to Shaws Booksellers. Life imitating art, or what?" TonyK and Google. Many thanks and well observed.

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Nice interior. Tonyk is "pretty sure this is interior of Freemasons Hall."

Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens.

image no 12

Taken from the north-west. SJ

In front of the Santa Maria della Salute, Venice.

image no 13

Now. RJ

And again.

image no 14

And RJ has the now.

St Mark's basilica in the Piazza San Marco.

image no 15

With scaffolding, but not too much. SJ

The interior.

image no 16

Now. RJ

McGovern, Bonham Carter, Elliott and Roache inspect an interesting nook.

image no 17

Now. RJ

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Back in the fresh air with Roache and McGovern.

Heading towards the Grand Canal.

image no 19

Well, to be more precise, the Canale di San Marco which lies between the square and the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore. SJ

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Roache and Elliott at one of Venice's many crannies.

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Spreadeagled at a fountain.

Roache and Elliott.

image no 22

Well, great alignment with the lamppost, not quite so the stake, but worst of all, no address though there's a sign, too small. RJ

As above. Ponte della Salute, Fondamenta Salute.

image no 23

Could be a different stake. RJ

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Knebworth House, Hertfordshire. The stately pile was also seen in 'She'll Have to Go', 'The Lair of the White Worm', 'Wilde', 'Horror Hospital' and 'The Big Sleep'.

Piazza San Marco. Piove a catinelle!

image no 25

The south side. SJ

Drier inside.

image no 26

Now. SJ

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Another bridge over another canal. Ponte dei Frari, Fondamenta Frari.

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Still Venice. San Michele in Isola.

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Palazzo dei Camerlenghi, Fondamenta Vin Castello.

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Crikey, I missed a few of these: perhaps some were interiors only.