Witchfinder General

Date: 1968
Director: Michael Reeves
Production Company: Tigon British Film Productions, American International

Stars: Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Hilary Dwyer, Rupert Davies, Robert Russell, Tony Selby, Patrick Wymark
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk



In the middle of the English Civil War, Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins takes advantage of the breakdown in social order to impose a reign of terror on East Anglia.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with uncredited ‘now’ images by Richard Lovejoy.

Also known by its alternate US title of ‘Conqueror Worm’


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A suspected witch is taken from her village to be hanged. Unknown location.

image no 1

Martin Skipper provides this recent shot of what is an un-named lane or public footpath in the small village of Kersey a short drive from Lavenham. Changes have been made to the property on the left. (RL)

The church at Brandeston and the house where John and Sara Lowes live. St. John’s Church, Rushford near Thetford in Norfolk.

image no 2

Little has changed except the greenery in 25 years.

Cornet Richard Marshall (Ian Ogilvy) arrives at the Lowes' house. Rushford, Norfolk.

image no 3

Nobody answered the bell when I called to ask if I could take this shot from the grounds of the College.

Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) and John Stearne (Robert Russell) lead the villagers to the Magistrates House with the suspected witches. Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk.

image no 4

I could have done with a crane jib to get the angle so a full frontal it is.

Hopkins oversees the trial of the witches. Kentwell Hall.

image no 5

Again, a crane jib would have helped but I was there before the crowds.

John Lowes (Rupert Davies) is hanged as a witch. Kentwell hall.

image no 6

I was the only person hanging about.

  • 'Now' required

Stearne leave the inn at Hoxne. An unknown locationbut possibly a set.

Richard Marshall rides with his platoon. Ixworth Mill, Suffolk, near Thetford advises Neal Sutton.

image no 8

The river bank remains and if you look very carefully one can see the mill house through the trees. A fine shot from M Skipper. (RL)

Hopkins talks with the local magistrate (Peter Haigh). In front of The Guildhall, Lavenham, Suffolk.

image no 9

The Guildhall now receives a lime-wash every five years.

One of the locals, Elizabeth (Maggie Kimberly), about to be burned as a witch. The Market Square looking towards Barn Street, Lavenham.

image no 10

Are they waiting for the next public burning?

The witch burning. Market Square, Lavenham.

image no 11

Hardly any room for one sheep these days.

Hopkins and Stearne plot to capture Richard Marshall. Lavenham.

image no 12

No plotting going on today!

Hopkins leads Richard Marshall to be tortured. Orford Castle, Suffolk.

image no 13

A temporary stock shot of the Castle taken last month when I didn't realise that it featured on Reel Streets.