Withnail & I

Date: 1987
Director: Bruce Robinson
Production Company: The Cannon Group, Hand-made Films, Cineplex Odeon Films

Stars: Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths, Ralph Brown, Michael Elphick
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): , ,


Couple of North London layabouts head up to the Lake District in order to lay about. JT

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Possibly in North London, where the action commences. Nice railings ... methinks these are the railings of London Zoo: that's a wolf. SJ

image no 1

Right railings, wrong angle with the increased vegetation. This is on the east side of the zoo. SJ

Possibly the same park, nice benches. And is that a monument or statue in the distance?

image no 2

Opposite the now-ex wolf cages. That's the Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney fountain on Broad Walk in Regent's Park. SJ

Was at 41 Tavistock Crescent, St Mark’s Grove, W11, facing St Luke’s Road, in front of the Westway and W10's famous Trellick Tower. Information from movie-locations.com. As Tony Rice reminds us, it was the original Frog and Firkin in the early 80s but later went through many name changes, viz Crescent House, Babushka and even took on its movie appearance name in a bold effort to survive. The pub had reverted to it's original name, The Tavistock, at the time of closing. (SJ)

image no 3

Too late, except to illustrate the extraordinary ignorance or nonchalance of this building firm, with complete disregard for anything quirky, individual or interesting in search of a quick buck. SJ

A pretty street... indeed and this is, in the film, the approach to Monty's pad, so I hope this answers your question posed in wit016b, JT.

image no 4

But this does not seem a felicitous match: there is a cut before Withnail and I arrive at the front door, seen below, so we're open to suggestions. SJ

Monty's London pad, all very dark. Griffiths welcomes his dear nephew Grant and, he hopes, a dear friend-to-be McGann.

image no 5

A change of door and knocker now. West House, 35 Glebe Place, SW3. SJ

Bit of tatty North London?

image no 6

Tatty West London, Bard Road W10. (31/5/11). But I may be wrong about this as imdb cites Ansleigh Place, W11 not too far away. There is a clever cut between this still and the next which had me fooled. SJ

No actors in view but the bridge may give a clue to the last pic.

image no 7

Yes, it was a big clue and we've seen this Latimer Road bridge before. The road is now known as Freston Road. SJ

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"Scrubbers!" Kilburn Park Road near the corner of Rudolph Road in NW6. Tris tells us that the background building, which also appears in 'Three and Out' was demolished during the first few months of 2018.

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A school?

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Perhaps the famous cottage, sold a couple of years ago, amidst a blaze of publicity. ‘Crow Cragg’: Sleddale Hall, near Penrith, Cumbria.

Probably the same place as 10.

image no 11

Taken in 2015 before renovation started and sent in by Paul Griffiths. (SJ)

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A lane, perhaps in Cumbria, near the cottage?

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Sleddale Hall, Crow Cragg, Penrith, Cumbria.

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Sledd'l 'all, as they seem to say, locally.

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Same place, same rain, different viewpoint.

Again. Still raining!

image no 16

Not raining but an overcast day. Paul G again (SJ)

Another view.

image no 17

And another from Paul (SJ).

A phone box, quite probably placed for the film.

image no 18

For once it would appear not... "The phonebox is still there. Address CA102RQ, the village of Bampton on the road out to Butterwick." Great find from Neil Rigby and Google.

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Another lane near the phone box from 010.

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Pretty bridge ... over the river Lowther (SJ)

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The cottage, again.

This is probably Stony Stratford, Bucks, according to Tony Reeves and imdb.

image no 22

Adrian Wild confirms, Market Square. Google pic.

Stony Stratford, The ‘Penrith Tea Room ’in the background. Cox and Robinson, Chemist, Market Place. Tony Reeves.

image no 23

Actually it's a hairdresser's on Silver Street. This is looking south-west from Market Square. The "tea room" chemist is behind me. SJ

The ‘King Henry’ pub: The Crown, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire. movie-locations.com

image no 24

The Crown, Stony Stratford. SJ

Probably Stony Stratford, Bucks. Jez Firth tells us they have stills in the pub.

image no 25

A lot more street furniture now. SJ

"Balls. We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!"

image no 26

Interestingly we never see the exterior of the chemist/tea room but this is it on the north side of Market Place, Stony Stratford. SJ

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Grant decides to do some driving back home while McGann snoozes. A famous shot depicting the M25 (opened in the 80s) despite this being set in late 1969. Some Cumbrian interiors were apparently filmed at Stocker's Farm, Rickmansworth so this was close by.

A flyover.

image no 28

Westway. just to the west of John Aird court, also seen in Entertaining Mr Sloane. SJ

....and nearby. But why didn't our still-puller, our grabber, our "then" pic researcher, select Uncle Monty's London pad? Do you want to add some more stills from this cult film?

image no 29

and closer in. SJ