Without a Clue

Date: 1988
Director: Thom E. Eberhardt
Production Company: Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

Stars: Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley, Jeffrey Jones, Lysette Anthony
Location(s): Cumbria, Gloucestershire, London, Oxfordshire, Somerset

Region(s): , , ,


A drunken Sherlock Holmes is really just a cover for the real detective – Dr Watson.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Lionel and Cynthia Sear draw our attention to the fact that the stills that involve water, other than those specifically located were taken on Keswick Water and this Website http://www.fast-rewind.com/locations_withoutaclue.htm

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After thwarting a robbery at The Royal Gallery, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson make their way back to Baker Street.

image no 1

From Dean's Yard, looking south, SW1. SJ

Sherlock Holmes (Michael Caine) and Dr Watson arrive home to be met by reporters.

image no 2

Barton Street, SW1. Also appearing in 'Murder by Decree' which features Holmes too. SJ

A merry group of journalists, but probably not outside 221b Baker Street. JT.

image no 3

Barton Street more peaceful than the roar of Baker Street. SJ

Sherlock Holmes, in reality a drunken actor named Reginald Kincaid, is thrown out by Dr Watson.

image no 4

This looks at the Murder By Decree Holmes. The Holmses could wave to wave to each other. SJ

After throwing Reginald Kincaid out, Doctor John Watson reinvents himself as 'The Crime Doctor' and goes to solve the case of a fire at a paper mill. Gary York identifies this as the southeast corner of the former Canon's Marsh Gasworks on Lime Kiln Road / Gasworks Lane in Bristol. A listed building that has since been "brought back into use". (RL)

image no 5

The renovation completed. (PW)

'The Crime Doctor' is on the case with Baker Street Irregular, Wiggins (Matthew Savage). The eastern wall of Canon's Marsh Gasworks, wall looking south located by Gary York. (RL)

image no 6

The same wall. (PW)

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After failing as 'The Crime Doctor', Dr John Watson (Ben Kingsley) arrives at The Criterion, a bawdy drinking house, to ask Kincaid to return. Nice doorway, but, do you know where? JT.

Inspector George Lestrade (Jeffrey Jones) and Lord Smithwick (Nigel Davenport) leave 221B Baker Street.

image no 8

In reality, Barton Street, London SW1.

Outside the Royal Mint, Dr Watson walks with Hadlers (Richard Henry) and Lord Smithwick as Inspector Lestrade follows. Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

image no 9

All a little more casually dressed today. (RL)

Holmes is prompted to speak with Peter Giles. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

image no 10

The statues are back and the lamppost has gone. (RL)

Lestrade and Lord Smithwick look shocked as Holmes only just remembers that the Psalms are in the Bible. Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

image no 11

An "extra" waits to be called. (RL)

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Holmes and Watson visit the home of Royal Mint printing supervisor, Peter Giles. Steve G advises that this is Crescent Grove in Clapham SW4.

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The pair knock at the door of Peter Giles' house. Crescent Grove off Clapham Common located by Steve G.

After finding a clue at the vacant home of Peter Giles, the game is afoot. Holmes and Watson travel to the Lake District and arrive in Windermere. Lakeside station on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria.

image no 14

This is Lakeside Station on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. Lionel and Cynthia Sear are looking south towards Haverthwaite. (RL)

Lord Mayor Gerald Fitzwalter Johnson (Harold Innocent) and his daughter Christabel (Jennifer Guy) accompany Holmes and Watson.

image no 15

This is Lakeside Pier looking south from Lionel and Cynthia. (RL)

The Mayor rides with Holmes and Watson towards the finest hotel in town.

image no 16

The Derwentwater Hotel, Portinscale, Cumbria. I could only muster a reverse pov, as Street View limits access! Google copyright. TonyK. At least a good clue.

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Holmes and Watson arrive at their hotel, a rather dilapidated Shakespeare Arms. Fawe Park, Portinscale, Cumbria identified by british-film-locations.com

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Dr Watson surveys the view from the hotel balcony. Unconfirmed location.

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Professor Moriarty's henchman, Sebastian Moran (Tim Killick), watches and waits outside The Shakespeare Hotel. Unconfirmed location.

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Holmes and Watson visit The Plough Inn to eat. Unknown location.

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Dr Watson leaves Holmes drinking and spinning yarns with the locals.

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A pleasant thought occurs to Watson, when the case is solved he can be rid of Kincaid.

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Holmes and Watson visit the cottage that Giles rented. Unconfirmed location.

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Mayor Johnson greets Holmes and Watson. Unconfirmed location.

An engine shunts as Watson goes to the station booking office. Looks like the station in Lakeside, Cumbria.

image no 25

By coincidence it is "Lakeside Station" on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. Lionel and Cynthia Sear were looking south towards Haverthwaite when they too this. (RL)

Watson sees Moran at the station after buying tickets to London.

image no 26

Lionel and Cynthia provide Lakeside Pier again but looking north. (RL)

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Holmes and Dr Watson return home by train. Unidentified location.

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After Dr Watson divulges that the evil mastermind Professor Moriarty is involved, Holmes pulls the communication cord and stops the train before running into a field. Unknown location.

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An impostor arrives at Peter Giles' home by cab one night and claims to be his daughter when met by Holmes and Watson. Unidentified location.

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Another night time shot. Two heavies escape after attempting to snatch Miss Giles. Unknown location.

The fake Lesley Giles (Lysette Anthony) watches outside 221B Baker Street as Holmes and Watson ride away. Barton Street in SW1.

image no 31

From Barton Street to the corner with Cowley Street. SJ

Wiggins waits for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Great College Street, London SW1.

image no 32

At the east end of Barton Street. SJ

Wiggins clambers into the hansom cab when Holmes and Watson turn up. Great College Street in SW1.

image no 33

Now. SJ

And again . . . . without the actors or hansom. Great College Street, London.

image no 34

Same season. SJ

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Holmes, Dr Watson and Wiggins arrive at Southwark Docks. This appears to be the Docks on the River Severn in Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

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Holmes and Dr Watson make their way into the docks. IMDB states Gloucester as a location and this looks suspiciously like the docks there.

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After learning of Dr Watson's apparent death, Holmes makes his way from the docks. Highly likely to be Gloucester Docks.

Wiggins finds a five pound note in the river. Camden Lock on the Regent's Canal between West Yard, off Camden Lock Place, and Jamestown Road, London NW1.

image no 38

The same location now. (PW)

Holmes, Wiggins and Housekeeper Mrs. Hudson arrive at the Orpheum Theatre. A suitably dressed building on Corn Street in Bristol.

image no 39

A coffee shop, and looking nothing like a theatre. SD

Professor James Moriarty (Paul Freeman) arrives outside the theatre with Moran. A location that may be a studio set.

image no 40

A real street. All Saints Lane, Bristol, off Corn Street. SD

Wiggins does a runner from the theatre. british-film-locations.com identifies this location as Corn Street in Bristol, Somerset and a look at Streetview confirms it.

image no 41

And now I confirm it too. SD

An explosion destroys Professor Moriarty's hideout.

image no 42

See image wac038, Camden Lock in London NW1. (PW)

Holmes and Dr Watson return home after solving the case. Barton Street in London SW1.

image no 43

From a lower level. SJ