World is Not Enough, The

Date: 1999
Director: Michael Apted
Production Company: Danjaq, Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Robert Carlye, Sophie Morceau, Judi Dench, Denise Richards, John Cleese
Location(s): London, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire (England), Dornie (Scotland), Snowdonia (Wales), Bilbao, Navarre, Cuenca (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey), Baku (Azerbaijan), Chamonix (France).

Region(s): , , , , ,


Tycoon, impervious to pain, wants to blow up pipeline and damage Europe while Bond looks after a murdered colleague’s daughter. SJ

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Brosnan on the Calle Henao/Henao Kalea, Bilbao, Spain.

image no 1

A lookalike strutting his stuff. Well done, David Lippiat. (SJ)

Bilbao again.

image no 2

And again!

Crossing the Puente de la Salve with a suitcase of money.

image no 3

I like the invisible case of money! With thanks to David for this trio of shots in Bilbao. (SJ)

The action switches to London and MI6, no longer an official secret, which moved from the corner of Pearman Street, Lambeth to the newly built MI6 at Vauxhall, SE1, shot from Millbank SW1.

image no 4

Now. SJ

A bit of trickery here as Bond's boat is launched onto the river just to the east of MI6.

image no 5

Now looking across the river the other way from above. Note the new block being constructed at the far end of Vauxhall Bridge to replace the 60s model. SJ

Shad Thames: it's a dead end. Also seen in Jubilee and A Fish Called Wanda.

image no 6

A 2105 now, showing the reality from a Thames boat. SJ

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Now suddenly in Millwall Dock, E14.

The Glengall Bridge, E14, and still the opening credits have yet to start.

image no 8

The bridge is closed, I'm off centre (wishing to stay dry) and it's 2005ish, but here's a now for now. SJ

Traffic wardens receive some just deserts. Ornamental Canal, Tobacco Dock, Wapping E1.

image no 9

Hard place for a car to get to, let alone to be parked. SJ

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And again as Brosnan prepares to jump onto the road.

Is this still Wapping?

image no 11

Yes, Wapping Lane with Tobacco Dock just behind to the right. The wall, the door and a lamp post all remain amongst the many changes. (RL)

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And this?

Defintely now Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent

image no 13

Also seen briefly in Les Miserables. SJ

Diners about to be rudely interrupted by a speed boat.

image no 14

I think the window seen in the then belongs to the church in Chatham Historic Boatyard. But this angle needs severe improvement. SJ

And Brosnan ends up at the Millennium Dome, still being constructed at the time of filming. It later became the O2 Arena.

image no 15

The Arena, SE10, taken from Trinity Buoy Wharf, E14, itself a popular location, as London Movie Guide will tell one. SJ

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Now in SE10 as the speedboat chase comes to a halt.

And now we are finally post-opening credits. Gothic Temple, Stowe Park, Buckinghamshire.

image no 17

A couple of this avenue's trees to the right/north have fallen down since. Gothic Temple is to the east of Stowe School. SJ

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Another MI6 HQ, Castle Eilean Donan, Dornie, Scotland. Seen in Entrapment, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Highlander and others.

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Los Callejones near Cuenca, Spain

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Still in the Cuenca region of Spain.

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A brief foray into the Alps, Chamonix, France standing in for the Caucasus mountains.

Supposed to be in Baku but actually Turkey. Küçüksu Palace, Beykoz, Istanbul

image no 22

Matthias sent this image of the same building.

Accepting that we do not normally include interiors, but as we have done so at wine014, Nick Knight has provided this additional capture to support the shot he took during a recent visit to Luton Hoo. (RL)

image no 23

Nick noticed that for the purposes of the film the statue was removed, two curtains were hung and deployed lighting to make the corridors look like windows. (RL)

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The casino is played by Halton House, Halton, Buckinghamshire also seen in What a Girl Wants and The King's Speech

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The interior of the casino.

Nick Knight provides this additional screen capture showing terrorist Renard emerging from a cave at "The Devil's Breath". In reality, a folly by the lake at Pinewood (a few metres from where Red Grant received his massage on the lawn in "From Russia With Love". (RL)

image no 26

It's a little cave, now overgrown with ivy but still recognisable, says Nick.......and so is he! Captured by his wife Debbie. (RL)

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Back in Spain. Bardenas Reales near Tudena.

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Brosnan with Richards in Spain.

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Still in the Navarre region of north-east Spain.

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Motorola Building, Swindon, Wiltshire.

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A quick shot so that Wales doesn't feel left out. The Cym Dyli pipeline in Snowdonia.

Kiz Kulesi aka Maiden’s Tower aka Leander Tower in the Bosphorus near Istanbul.

image no 32

Matthias took this picture of the same tower.

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Brosnan and Richards have a dip in the Bosphorus.