Date: 1979
Director: John Schlesinger
Production Company: CIP Filmproduktion GmbH

Stars: Richard Gere, Vanessa Redgrave, William Devane, Rachel Roberts, Lisa Eichhorn
Location(s): Cheshire, Conwy (Wales), Greater Manchester, Kent, London, West Yorkshire

Region(s): , , ,


From early 1942 until the invasion of Europe over a million Americans landed in Britain. They came to serve on other battle fronts or to man the vast U.S. bases in England. Hardly a city, town or village remained untouched.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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From early 1942 until the invasion of Europe, over a million Americans landed in Britain. The Angel & Soldier statue, part of the War Memorial on Trinity Street in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.

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A convoy of American army vehicles passes through the small Lancashire town en route to the 1st Army Ordnance Depot. Facing south on the Victoria Bridge on Trinity Street, Stalybridge.

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The population watches as the Jeeps and trucks are directed by Special Constable Jim Moreton (Tony Melody).

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Titles roll as the convoy heads away from the town centre. Supporting the web site wheredidtheyfilmthat.co.uk Neil Rigby confirms the location as Southowram Bank, Halifax and adds that Halifax Minster and the gas holder are still there although the foreground buildings are not. A little higher up the hillside is Beacon Hill Road which appears in 'Life at the Top'.

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Trucks continue up a steep hill and the camera pans to follow.

Whilst queuing for bread, women of all ages wave at the passing Americans.

image no 6

Neil Rigby in his productive "first trawl" of this film identifies Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, SK152AB with the aid of Goggle. (RL)

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Menfolk peer from windows as their wives watch the procession.

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The convoy passes workmen on bicycles. Neil Rigby believes this to be further down Market Street from yank006 by virtue of detailed stonework beyond the lamp post and the widening pavement. (RL)

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Bombed streets are driven through.

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The rumble of the trucks wakes young Geoffrey Moreton who calls to his sister Jean. Looking along Woods Lane from The Square in Dobcross, Saddleworth, Greater Manchester.

The GIs wave and cheer at Mollie (Wendy Morgan) as she watches from the platform of her bus. Looking south-eastward on Sugar Lane, Dobcross.

image no 11

Phil Brooks sends this shot of Sugar Lane as it really is, without film location enhancements. (RL)

There's more banter between the soldiers and the bus conductress before the convoy heads into the countryside. Sugar Lane looking towards The Square in Dobcross.

image no 12

Whilst in Sugar Lane, Phil took this shot as well. (RL)

As the sound of engines fade into the distance, Sergeant Matt Dyson comments that the country is pretty.

image no 13

Neil locates another with the aid of Google Images, this shot viewed from Standedge Road A670 looking towards Huddersfield Road with Carr Lane in view Diggle OL35ND. (RL)

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Outside the Ordnance Depot, Sergeant Henry (Arlen Dean Snyder) walks over to a Plumber (Joe Gladwin) and his mate who are having another tea break whilst restoring the water supply. Neil Rigby advises that Wikipedia states that the factory in Steeton West Yorkshire is now a Damart warehouse.

As the new arrivals settle into the camp, Jim Moreton arrives home from the night shift to open his shop. The Square in Dobcross, Saddleworth, Greater Manchester.

image no 15

Philip Brooks shows the demise of another village store. (RL)

Captain John drives to the home of Helen, a very active volunteer. Scotney Castle near Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

image no 16

Less greenery, more "castle". (RL)

Helen (Vanessa Redgrave) runs back to the house to take a phone call from her son as John (William Devane) digs up leeks. Scotney Castle located between Kilndown and Lamberhurst to the south east of Tunbridge Wells.

image no 17

This particular area has been remodelled and without daring to tread on the "wild orchids growing on terrace lawns", this is the best possible shot. (RL)

After speaking with his mother, Tim (Simon Harrison) returns to his schoolmates.

image no 18

Neil Rigby used Google Earth to hover over Charterhouse School, Charterhouse Road, Godalming, Surrey GU72DX. (RL)

John sits in the audience as Helen plays cello in an orchestra at the local church.

image no 19

Neil Rigby found, that the "local church" was Saint Thomas church, Church Street off Huddersfield Road, Newhey, Greater Manchester OL163QS and Philip Brooks sends his own shot to replace the Google Image. (RL)

The camera pans through the church yard.

image no 20

Neil pans Google Earth to reveal St Thomas churchyard. (RL)

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A couple of GIs play dice in the back of their truck. Located by Neil Rigby as St. Thomas church, see 019 and 020. (RL)

After Jean Moreton and Sergeant Matt Dyson have been out on a date, the two spend time together.

image no 22

Neil sends this matching Google Image of March Haigh reservoir below yank022a. (RL)

Jean Moreton (Lisa Eichhorn) tells 1st Sergeant Matt Dyson (Richard Gere) about her boyfriend Ken.

image no 23

Neil Rigby locates this with the aid of Google Images as March Haigh hill rock formation along the A640 above Denshaw at the intersection with the B6114. (RL)

Schoolgirls cross the square as Sally heads to the Moreton's shop. Facing Platt Lane from Woods Lane in The Square, Dobcross.

image no 24

Philip Brooks send this shot of a more colourful square. (RL)

Sally is told that the queue is for oranges. Woods Lane runs off to the right from The Square in Dobcross.

image no 25

Another shot from Philip showing the changes of the "corner shop". (RL)

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Jim lets up the window blind before opening his shop. Looking out onto The Square in Dobcross, which was previously situated in Yorkshire's West Riding.

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John stands near as Helen plays golf with her Friends (Caroline Blakiston and Donald Pickering). Stamford Golf Club near Mossley in Greater Manchester advises wheredidtheyfilmthat.co.uk

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Helen tells them that her son is unhappy at school. This appears to be a view of Hartshead Power Station between Printworks Road and the River Tame in Heyrod, Greater Manchester. The plant closed in October 1979 and was demolished in the late 1980s.

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Mrs. Shenton (June Ellis) welcomes Ken (Derek Thompson) when he comes home on leave. Woods Lane in Dobcross, Oldham.

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Jean and Ken get engaged whilst he's on leave but he soon has to return to the Far East. Keighley station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in West Yorkshire.

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The London train is announced as soldiers say goodbye to their loved ones. The platform of Keighley station on Bradford Road, Keighley. The location was also seen in 'Pink Floyd - The Wall', 'Fairy Tale – a True Story' and 'Escape from the Dark'.

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Ken looks back as Jean waves him off. Keighley station, Keighley in West Yorkshire.

As 1944 dawns, Jean and Matt leave the town's New Year celebrations together.

image no 33

And Neil Rigby finds that they actually left Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick W44JN and supports with this Google View. (RL)

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Helen waves as Tim and her daughter Ann (Harriet Harrison) depart for Manchester and onward to their boarding schools. Oakworth station on Station Road, Oakworth, West Yorkshire.

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The children look back towards their mother. Oakworth station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. The location was used in 'The Railway Children'.

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As land girls go about their business on the estate, John turns up to take Helen to Ireland. Scotney Castle in Kent.

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As more American soldiers arrive, the golf course is turned into an army base.

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As Jean and Matt kiss on a hillside, a U.S. Navy ship moves along the nearby canal. Moore Lane Swing Bridge on the Manchester Ship Canal near Moore in Cheshire.

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As the ship passes, the crew throw oranges at watching children. The Manchester Ship Canal at Moore.

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The ship continues on it's way. Alongside the Manchester Ship Canal at Moore with Fiddlers Ferry Power Station on the horizon to the right.

Jean and the Sergeant enjoy a cycle ride before returning home to find that Ken has been killed in action. The corner of Market Place and Mealhouse Brow, Stockport.

image no 41

David Boocock provides us with an up to date shot of the same corner from the best available angle. (RL)

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The Captain and Helen take a trip to the seaside. Llandudno Pier off Happy Valley Road in Llandudno, Conwy County, Wales.

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Other guests are met as John and Helen arrive at the hotel. Outside The Grand Hotel on Happy Valley Road, Llandudno.

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The camera lingers after the two walk towards the hotel entrance. Llandudno Pier was seen in 'The Card' and 'Hindle Wakes (1952)'.

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Helen corrects John when he comments that England is a beautiful country. Hill Terrace, Llandudno with The Grand Hotel in the background.

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Jean and Matt walk through the church yard after she has added Ken's name to the book of condolence. Looking out from St Mary's Church towards the Market Place in Stockport, Greater Manchester. The location was seen in ' A Taste of Honey'.

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As even more troops arrive, Jean tells Matt that she wants to get away. The junction of Millgate and Churchgate in Stockport with Market Place and the Market Hall to the right.

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The two kiss. St Mary's Church in Stockport.

Telling her mother that she's staying with Aunt Maud, Jean goes away with Matt to a hotel.

image no 49

Neil Rigby finds that the hotel is the "Midland Hotel", Peter Street, Manchester which he now supports with his own shot replacing a Google Image. (RL)

After returning borrowed books and learning that Helen's husband is coming home, John leaves Helen preparing for a concert. Ian Hedgcock advises that this is Godolphin and Latymer School on Iffley Road in Hammersmith W6. The location was seen in 'The Angry Silence'.

image no 50

And behind the gates is the same location. Image by Ian, who adds "My sister was attending the school at the time of filming which caused much excitement among the staff and girls".

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The Captain drives through town and back to camp, where he gets ready to leave for the front. Facing St Mary's Church from the junction of Market Place and Mealhouse Brow in Stockport.

The town is quiet as the GIs are confined to camp prior to departure.

image no 52

Neil says that as mentioned on other websites, this is Market Street, Stalybridge with only the pillars left of the once Town Hall. Google mage. (RL)

MPs patrol the streets. Outside the Bull's Head public house on Market Place in Stockport.

image no 53

A more colourful shot from David on a warm summers day. (RL)

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Dawn breaks on a train loaded with guns waits in sidings.

After pulling down their base, the Americans leave town. The Square in Dobcross, Saddleworth,

image no 55

Enjoying being back in Dobcross, Phil Brooks took this shot for us. (RL)

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Women walk with flowers and wreathes towards the church where Mrs. Moreton is to be buried as the trucks rumble past.

Geoffrey Moreton (Martin Smith) watches the convoy. The Square, Dobcross.

image no 57

And another from Phil whilst in The Square. (RL)

The trucks pass mourners outside the church where Geoff and Jean's mother's funeral is taking place.

image no 58

Philip Brooks sends his own shot to replace Neil's Google Image Holy Trinity church, Woods Lane, Dobcross. (RL)

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Troops march through the streets as the townsfolk wish them well and the young women look out for their one time lovers. As pic 006, Melbourne St, Stalybridge.

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As Clarrie Moreton's wake gets under way, the troops head to the railway station. Looking along Trinity Street and Victoria Bridge over the River Tame in Stalybridge formerly in Cheshire.

Ted (Paul Luty), the pub landlord, gives a crate of beer to the soldiers as they pass by.

image no 61

Neil finds another Google Image to match, being Market Place corner with Mealhouse Brow, Stockport. (RL)

The truck pulls away as Jean takes delivery of a parcel back at home.

image no 62

Also identified by Neil with this Google Image as Market Place corner with Mealhouse Brow, Stockport. (RL)

Jim Moreton tells his daughter to go after Matt when he sees her open the box containing a cake inscribed "So long, love you".

image no 63

Woods Lane, Dobcross says Neil and Philip Brooks replaces the Google shot with one of his own. (RL)

The convoy pulls into the railway station yard.

image no 64

Neil Rigby took the Google Street View into Sainsbury's car park to look back to the Victoria Hotel on Cavendish Street and the corner with East Parade BD213RU. (RL)

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The GIs climb out of their trucks as Jean gets a lift to the station.

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The troop train arrives. Keighley station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in West Yorkshire.

More of the population run to the station to see off the Americans.

image no 67

Neil identifies this as Haynes Street, Keighley and supports with this Google Image from a slightly different angle. (RL)

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Jean makes her way into the station. The front entrance to Keighley station on Bradford Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

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Matt looks around as Sergeant Danny Ruffelo (Chick Vennera) hopes that Mollie has come to see him off.

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Mollie and Jean meet on the crowded footbridge bridge and shout their farewells to Danny and Matt as the train passes underneath.