You Must Be Joking

Date: 1965
Director: Michael Winner
Production Company: Ameran Films

Stars: Michael Callan, Lionel Jeffries, Denholm Elliott, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Bernard Cribbins, Terry-Thomas
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


A group of soldiers are set loose on swinging London when they take part in an initiative test that requires them to collect a selection of items.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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  • 'Now' required

Army psychologist Major Foskett (Terry-Thomas) arrives at Northdene Air Base. IMDB advises that this is RAF Northolt, Ruislip, Middlesex.

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A Senior Airman (Ed Bishop) challenges the Major at the gate. The old entrance to RAF Northolt on Western Avenue, Ruislip.

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After an altercation, the Airman allows Major Foskett into the base to recruit Tim Morton for his initiative trial. RAF Northolt in Middlesex. More of the location can be seen in 'The Duke Wore Jeans' and 'The Iron Petticoat'.

  • 'Now' required

Sergeant Major McGregor (Lionel Jeffries) arrives to take part in the initiative test which requires the participants to obtain six status symbols of the British way of life. High Canons on Buckettsland Lane, Well End in Hertfordshire. The same place was seen in 'Rentadick', 'The Boys in Blue' and 'The Devil Rides Out'.

After escaping from a maze at the start of the test, Lieutenant Tim Morton and his girlfriend, Annabelle Nash, arrive at a library.

image no 5

The Library is now a Day Nursery, The Square, Carshalton SM5 (RL)

Tim and Annabelle drive away from the library, almost running down a cyclist.

image no 6

Carshalton Pond, Pound Street and part of the Greyhound Hotel. Carshalton, Surrey. SM5 (RL)

The camera pulls back to reveal more of the scene.

image no 7

Carshalton Pond, Pound Street and the Greyhound Hotel but less of the scene now due to vegetation growth. Carshalton, Surrey (Greater London) (RL)

Annabelle spots Sergeant Major McGregor heading for a large conservatory. Is this Syon Park?

image no 8

I agree, it does look like Syon but it's Avery Hill in Greenwich, SE9. Director Winner returned to this location for 'The Big Sleep' twelve years later. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Sergeant Clegg (Bernard Cribbins) has tunnelled his way out of the maze, but hasn't got far. High Canons in Hertfordshire. The location was also used in 'Murder on the Orient Express', 'To The Devil a Daughter' and 'Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World'.

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The doorman approaches a taxi as it pulls up outside a hotel. Tony Kutner names the hotel as The Mayfair in Stratton Street, London W1 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Captain Tabasco (Denholm Elliott) checks into the hotel from where persuades others to obtain the items required to complete the test. The Mayfair hotel, Stratton Street, London W1 as identified by Tony in Capture10. (RL)

To prevent him from completing the task, Annabelle persuades the Sergeant Major to accompany her to her flat.

image no 12

Looking west across Earl's Court Road towards Earl's Court Square, SW5. SJ

After Annabelle takes his clothes, McGregor leaves the flat wearing only a towel.

image no 13

Bramham Gardens, SW5. I've been meaning to prove this for years. TV's Collateral (BBC 2018) awakened my memory. SJ

Tim visits a high rise block in an attempt to obtain a 'flight' of three plaster ducks.

image no 14

Shelley House and Keats House, Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico SW1. SJ

General Lockwood (Wilfrid Hyde-White) relaxes whilst the competitors gather the required items.

image no 15

Another shot from Geoff Dodd taken a couple of years back when he didn't know that it would be required. (RL)

The start of a zoom-in to where Tim is attempting to remove the 'Spirit of Ecstacy' from a Rolls Royce.

image no 16

This is the Hilton with Park Lane in between, W1. SJ

Lieutenant Tim Morton (Michael Callan) is caught and advised that he needs to find an older model.

image no 17

Still a lot of cars parked outside the Hilton, W1. SJ

Having found the plaster ducks, Annabelle arrives to pick up her boyfriend.

image no 18

Quite a few architectural changes here. SJ

Tim gets into the car and the two set off in search of an old Rolls Royce.

image no 19

Changes here too. SJ

Annabelle Nash (Gabriella Licudi) spots a likely vehicle.

image no 20

Looking north on the corner of Hans Crescent and Pavilion Road, Knightsbridge SW1. SJ

Leaving Tim in the car, Annabelle runs over to the Rolls Royce and starts to remove the bonnet ornament.

image no 21

As above. SJ

The Cave Men, a band who own the Rolls, try to prevent Annabelle from stealing from their car.

image no 22

The block in the left foreground has been rebuilt. Looking south down Pavilion Road. SJ

Tim drives through the band, picking up Annabelle on the way.

image no 23

The junction of Herbert Crescent and Pavilion Road, SW1. SJ

The Cave Men jump into their car as Tim and Annabelle make their getaway.

image no 24

A mixture of old and new building. SJ

A policeman is almost knocked down as Tim approaches a corner.

image no 25

Looking north up Pavilion Road, as it intersects Hans Street, SW1. Only the building with the chimney on the far left gives this away. A slightly, but only just, improved shot on my last poorer effort, which missed the No Entry sign. SJ

When The Cave Men catch up with Tim and Annabelle at traffic lights, a group of fans flock towards their car.

image no 26

Peter captured a similar shot from ground level.

The Lieutenant and his girlfriend make their escape.

image no 27

The same location from Peter, with the steps of an ever moving Eros to the right now.

Tim suggests that they need something to eat. National Gallery in the background?

image no 28

Peter says he should have been closer, but yes, that is the National Gallery in the background. (RL)

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That evening, the two drive towards Lloyds of London to steal the next item on the list, the Lutine Bell.

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After the bell is successfully loaded into the boot, Sergeant Major McGregor jumps into the car from above as Annabelle starts to drive away.

  • 'Now' required

The next morning, Annabelle calls to collect Tim but is told that he has left with Sylvie.

  • 'Now' required

Annabelle reverses away and, with the collected items in the car, starts to drive to the finish line.

  • 'Now' required

Having obtained a lock of hair Sylvie Tarnet (Patricia Viterbo), Tim and the singing star wait for the Lutine Bell to be recovered from the Thames.

Annabelle overtakes the ambulance that is taking Captain Tabasco to the finish line.

image no 34

Watford Way with Uphill Drive, London NW7 to the right. Even for RS I was not prepared to leap into the middle of the road during this very brief break in the traffic. (RL)

A police van carrying Staff Sergeant Mansfield corners on it's way to the finish line.

image no 35

Lawrence Street and Mill Hill Circus, London NW7. Also seen in "The Scamp". (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Tim and Sylvie also head for the finish line.