Young Americans, The

Date: 1993
Director: Danny Cannon
Production Company: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, StudioCanal, Working Title

Stars: Harvey Keitel, Iain Glen, John Wood, Terence Rigby, Keith Allen
Location(s): London



An American cop travels to London to apprehend a gangster who has formed a new gang of sociopathic teenagers.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Outside the Temple nightclub, a group of teenagers watch as gangster Frank Pierce and his Bodyguard approach . . . . before the youths shoot them dead. Facing southward on Stoney Street SE1 with Borough Market to the left.

image no 1

Peter took this clearer shot of the same location.

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When London's police call on assistance, Detective Brian Carver (Geoffrey McGivern) and his partner collect experienced LA cop John Harris at the airport.

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Detective Harris is driven into London where a briefing is held outlining a series of killings of known gangsters.

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Acting as advisor to the London police, John Harris (Harvey Keitel) asks Carver and Louis Carnegie (Dave Duffy) to take him to Frank Pierce's funeral.

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Mourners line the former gangster's graveside.

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When they arrive at the cemetery, Carnegie points out underworld characters including Sidney Callow and Jack Doyle.

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As Billy Cohen (Christopher Adamson) and Jack Doyle (Keith Allen) leave, Callow suggests to Carver and Carnegie that Pierce was killed because he wouldn't get into drugs.

Carver follows a pair of police motorcyclists who speed ahead as he drives Carnegie and Harris back into town. Ian Hedgcock tells us that this is the southern end of Lower James Street W1, looking down Sherwood Street. The location was seen in 'Pit of Darkness' and 'The Next Man'.

image no 8

And here's the proof, also from Ian.

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The three come across an injured Lionel Stevens and his friend Chris O'Neill outside a club.

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Chris accompanies Lionel as he's taken to hospital in the detectives' car.

The next morning, Carver points out the murder scene to Harris before he and Carnegie enter the Temple nightclub.

image no 11

Ray and Ron Glenister place this as Stoney Street, London SE1 looking towards its junction with Clink Street. A closer view than Capture 15. (RL)

As Harris examines the site of Pierce's demise, Carver and Carnegie accept a payoff from club owner Doyle. Stoney Street opposite Borough Market with The Market Porter public house on the corner of Park Street in the centre of the shot.

image no 12

Peter grabbed this comparison.

Dermot O'Neill (James Duggan), Chris's father, passes Harris after leaving the Temple. Stoney Street SE1 with the corner of Winchester Walk to the left. The area was seen in 'All Night Long'.

image no 13

A few changes in this modern view by Peter.

Harris returns to the car as the corrupt detectives leave the club. Stoney Street in SE1. A similar view was seen in 'O Lucky Man!'.

image no 14

And Peter also captured a similar view.

A motorcycle approaches the car and a petrol bomb is thrown through the windscreen, burning Carnegie and Carver to death.

image no 15

Stoney Street, London SE1 looking towards Clink Street. (RL)

After being recruited by Harris and pointing out Lionel's assailants, Christian O'Neill (Craig Kelly) walks from the police station. Stoney Street with Borough Market to the right.

image no 16

Peter revisits the spot.

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After picking up his wages from the market, the teenager heads home to find his father asleep on the settee.

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Chris goes up to the roof of the building and watches the dawn. This is the roof of a building on Redcross Way SE1 that was also used in 'O Lucky Man!'.

Whilst wandering through the city, Waterloo Bridge is crossed. London SE1.

image no 19

This time in daylight by Peter.

As Harris questions Dwayne Henry, trying to link him with an American who he is familiar with, Chris looks along the Thames before going to visit Lionel in hospital.

image no 20

Compare the skyline in this shot submitted by Peter.

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In the street, Chris waits for Lionel's cousin, Rachael Stevens (Thandie Newton) as she talks with her friends.

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As Rachel crosses the road, Chris approaches and invites her to his dad's wedding.

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Dwayne and his Friend (Matthew Marsden) leave their flat.

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His friend and Dwayne Henry (Norman Roberts) get into a car where they tell their boss, Carl Frazer, that they haven't talked.

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Early the next day, Harris is taken to where Dwayne and his pal have been found in a ditch.

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At the hospital Lionel is discharged and collected by his Mother (Joan Hooley) and Father.

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Lionel's Mother tells Chris to stay away from her son.

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The day after his wedding, Dermot O'Neill is found dead. The south bank of the Thames in Rotherhithe with a ventilation shaft for Rotherhithe Tunnel visible just right of centre.

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Harris arrives on the scene with Detective Edward Foster (Iain Glen). The Thames shore at Rotherhithe in SE16. Beyond the background lies Rotherhithe Street which has since been redeveloped.

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Detectives Gray and Clark (John Forgeham and Clifford Predgen) brief Foster as they look at the body. Looking towards the entrance of the former Surrey Docks on the south bank of the Thames in SE16.

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After spending the night together, Chris and Rachael go up to the roof. Facing north from the roof of the property on Redcross Way.

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Chris spots a police car heading towards the flat. The junction of Park Street and Redcross Way SE1. The location was seen in 'O Lucky Man!'.

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Following his fathers funeral, Chris is collected by Harris and Foster after agreeing to help capture Frazer. The Columbarium in the City of London Cemetery on Aldersbrook Road E12.

After surviving an attack at his house, Sidney Callow (Terence Rigby) tells Harris that he wants to help catch the killers. Avenell Road in N5 with Arsenal Stadium in the left background.

image no 34

Peter took this match for the same location.

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Chris leaves the Temple Nightclub to attend a party with Carl Frazer (Viggo Mortensen) after the teenager has been fitted with recording equipment. Ray and Ron Glenister place this as an un-named lane off Park Street, London SE1 opposite No 18b. See also Capture 47. (RL)

Following an offer of work from Carl, Chris makes his way from the party. The escalators from the ticket hall to the mezzanine level at Holborn Underground station on Kingsway WC2.

image no 36

Without arousing suspicion by lying on the station floor, Peter took this shot of the same spot.

Nervous, Chris appears on the platform after walking through the deserted station. The northbound Piccadilly Line platform at Holborn station.

image no 37

Peter finds an equally quiet moment. (RL)

Just as he's about to remove the tape recorder, the Temple's head barman Mark Byrne appears. Platform 4, Holborn station on Kingsway.

image no 38

Peter wasn't going to send this blurry shot in case we thought it was his hand shaking, as it was just a slow shutter speed he feels more relaxed about it. But not satisfied so here is another with a faster shutter speed.(RL)

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After the recorder is handed over to Harris, Mark Byrne (Huggy Leaver) walks with Chris through a market. Berwick Street W1 with Peter Street and Walker's Court in the background. The location was seen in 'The Small World of Sammy Lee', 'Make Mine a Million', The Final Appointment' and 'Sid and Nancy'.

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Chris tells Byrne that he wants to score something. Berwick Street looking northwards.

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The two turn into Tyler's Court to do a deal. Facing southwards on Berwick Street W1.

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But they emerge in the now demolished Falconberg Court in W1.

The deal is done. Falconberg Court looking through to Charing Cross Road. The area is currently a construction site for Crossrail's Tottenham Court Road expansion.

image no 43

This is what is now seen from the former end of Falconberg Court. (PW)

A police car speeds into the alley as officers appear from doorways. Falconberg Court facing the rear of Knightway House on Falconberg Mews.

image no 44

Not the best comparison, but this is the doorway seen in the screen capture background. (PW)

Chris leaves the alley as Byrne is arrested. Falconberg Mews off Sutton Row in W1 with Falconberg Court on the right.

image no 45

Dodging construction equipment and workers, this is the same place now. (PW)

That night, Harris and other officers wait outside the Temple in unmarked cars.

image no 46

Another find by Ron and Ray, Stoney Street, London SE1 looking north towards a railway bridge. (RL)

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Carl Frazer appears at the club's side entrance to accept a delivery. Ray and Ron Glenister place this as an un-named lane off Park Street, London SE1 opposite No 18b. See also Capture 35. (RL)

Armed police units descend on the club.

image no 48

Ray Glenister locates this as the so familiar Clink Street, London SE1 and further points out that it is virtually a reverse POV of Capture 25 "London Nobody Knows". (RL)

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Soon after Frazer is shot and killed by Callow when he appears during the raid, Detective Harris heads home to the States.